Thursday, July 19, 2007

Errico Malatesta, "L'Anarchia", 1891

«Man, like all living beings, adapts and accustoms himself to the conditions under which he lives, and passes on acquired habits. Thus, having being born and bred in bondage, they believed that slavery was an essential condition of life, and freedom seemed impossible to them. Similarly, workers who for centuries were obliged, and therefore accustomed, to depend for work, that is bread, on the goodwill of the masters, and to see their lives always at the mercy of the owners of the land and of capital, ended by believing that it is the master who feeds them, and ingeniously ask one how would it be possible to live if there were no masters.

In the same way, someone whose legs had been bound from birth but had managed nevertheless to walk as best he could, might attribute his ability to move to those very bonds which in fact serve only to weaken and paralyze the muscular energy of his legs.

If to the normal effects of habit is then added the kind of education offered by the master, the priest, the teacher, etc., who have a vested interest in preaching that the masters and the government are necessary; if one were to add the judge and the policeman who are at pains to reduce to silence those who might think differently and be tempted to propagate their ideas, then it will not be difficult to understand how the prejudiced view of the usefulness of, and the necessity for, the master and the government took root in the unsophisticated minds of the laboring masses.

Just imagine if the doctor were to expound to our fictional man with the bound legs a theory, cleverly illustrated with a thousand invented cases to prove that if his legs were freed he would be unable to walk and would not live, then that man would ferociously defend his bonds and consider as his enemy anyone who tried to remove them.»

Monday, July 02, 2007


An excerpt of a meeting between Gordon «Gordy» Brown, and one of his shadier, unnamed advisors a few weeks ago:

Brown: I need a bit of… a show. People see me as more moderate than Tony in the fight against terror, surveillance and security measures and all that shit, and I need justification for continuing on the Path. I will be very restrained, of course, when I tell the public that we shouldn’t rush legislation of new security laws, and then, after a few months, when we are doing them anyway, people will nod and be very understanding, and we get what we want without hassle from the public. Except for the usual troublemakers from the Civil Liberties Union and bunch, but no one listens to them, anyway.

Advisor: I understand, sir. Put your mind to rest, we will put the necessary forces in motion. I am confident you will be quite pleased with the result.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Christianity versus Sony

Sony has used the Manchester Cathedral in England as a setting in one of their new PlayStation video games, Resistance: fall of Man. The Church of England says Sony didn’t obtain permission to use the interior, and is considering «legal action». The game has sold more than one million copies (god knows why), and shows a virtual shootout in the cathedral’s nave in which hundreds are killed. Sony, in quite its usual abrasive style says it believed it had sought all necessary permits for the game.

The world is a very funny place sometimes.

This is clearly a case where none of the contenders are right or deserve any support. It’s hilarious, really. Two of the most powerful and tyrannical forces today are butting heads, and we can sit back in our deep chairs, and enjoy the show.

It is great fun when christian sensibilities are stirred (or better). We see here the quite common christian hypocrisy in action. They have waged war against Freedom throughout the centuries and killed millions of people while doing so, and continue that holy practice today. But still, when someone is being ironic and revealing their true colors (probably unintentionally) feathers are ruffled badly.

And Sony is merely yet another multinational corporation that has fucked with people since its very creation. And they have used the law and «legal action» to do so, do so countless times, and waged a relentless war against «pirates» costing them their hard earned cash, and even chipped away quite a lot of their power.

They will probably settle. It will be in both their interest, as it often is between such major forces. But it will be funny while it lasts. At least we can hope for some fireworks. Hope springs eternal, like any christian could tell you.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Ten Commandments

1. Have as many gods as you wish. It’s what God wants, anyway. Of course it is. Like the kind, merciful god he is he wants you to have variety and freedom of choice in life. And just forget the crap about the sins of the ancestors. God just had a hangover and was vengeful again.

2. Take God’s name in vain as much as you desire. He just loves being mentioned, being remembered on birthdays, during drunken speeches and all. In fact he turns quite annoyed if you don’t mention him at least once a day.

3. You may photograph God as much you want, if you actually run into him that is. He’s very camera shy and hasn’t really been around for thousands of years. Even Paparazzies have been unable to snap a picture of him and they are trying very hard. Howard Hughes and the other similar reclusives becomes party lions compared to the good God. We don’t know if he has finally cut his hair or shaved off his beard or if he has finally gotten rid of that ridiculous dress. We don’t really know anything after the infamous incident two thousand years ago, when he beat up his son pretty badly. Even the various spokesmen he has employed throughout the years have been pretty quiet recently. The few things we do hear are mostly a recap of old news. People await the word of God. Where is he? What will be his next, major movie project? Will he be playing the main part this time, or will he once again leave that to a subordinate, yet another in his vast ensemble? The world is waiting in breathless anticipation.

4. Keep no day holy. Have many holidays, and make sure to whore a lot and be as active as possible and do everything you may want to do on all days and nights. Idle, as God is he works as little as he possibly can, and we, his children should certainly follow his excellent guidelines, in this as well as in all other matters.

5. Laugh (a lot) at your mother and father. Listen to them if they say something sensible, but usually they don’t really do that. If you listen to them and respect them when they do all those stupid things, you will only encourage more such behavior in the future, and you shouldn’t do that. And if you’re not very, very careful you will even emulate them, and then you will be laughed at, by your children, when the time comes, so take heed.

6. Murder as many as you possibly can. The more the merrier. Great men and women have killed people in large numbers. Especially prophets and christian soldiers have been very eager when it comes to following this commandment.

7. Commit adultery as much as you possibly are able to. You shouldn’t marry at all, but if you have been so stupid you shouldn’t allow one silly impulse to ruin your entire life. After all, God was pissed drunk on holy beverages when he created the institution of marriage, and many of his worshippers are once again repeating his mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with getting drunk, mind you, but we must all admit that the mind doesn’t work very well in such circumstances.

8. Lie as much as you possibly can. Once again you should use the Holy Bible as inspiration. There is quite the crowd of great liars and backstabbing heroes in The Good Book.

10. Desire your neighbor’s land as much as you want. Steal as much as you can from the sick wealthy bastard in the palace next door. But steal most of all from your poor constituent and the beggars knocking on the door of your mansion. Property rights are, after all quite the inexact science. God has probably been drunk or had a hangover yet again. No one is free of sin, when it comes down to it, you know.

11. Fuck your neighbor’s lovely wife as much as you please. I mean, if she is wagging her tail or if you quite simply desire her, fucking her is certainly the only right thing to do. And, as stated: marriage is a drunken man’s game. You shouldn’t fuck your neighbor’s donkey, though. We should all draw the line somewhere.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

A world where greed rules

Mercury Energy on New Zealand cut the power to the Muliaga family because of an unpaid bill, even though Folole Muliaga, the disabled mother of four told them, and the employee of the firm coming to turn off the power supply that she needed it for her respirator in order to survive. He told her that he was «just doing his job», and ignored her pleas. She died few hours later.

The police say it will look into the matter. The family and many others are understandably calling for an independent inquiry.

Is there any excuse for this… this murder? Of course not. Mercury Energy will probably defend themselves with that it’s «just business» and get away with it, like many other firms have been doing in similar and other circumstances. This is a case showing, revealing beyond doubt what the world has come to. It’s not a unique case, but for some reason it got some publicity, probably caused by a slow news night or perhaps because the editor of a paper or television station had a bad day at work, or something.

If he had had a good night he wouldn’t have published this, wouldn’t have published real news.

There are countless cases such as this. Victims beyond numbers have died because of small men’s greed.

The cry should go out all over the world: Murderers.

And they are, far more than people killing others with a bullet, a knife or a fist.

And yeah, they should be named, and never get a moment’s peace, for the rest of their lives.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Unworthy

I’ve recently realized something that I’ve always been aware of on some level, but not consciously perhaps: People don’t see their own worth. When asked to offer their opinion they don’t have any or at the very least not one they care or dare or bother to voice. This is a state of mind most pronounced in old people, but also in a growing number of young. «I’m too old, ask somebody younger. You’ll receive better answers there». Or: «Nobody cares about what I think, not even I».

They are beaten, downtrodden and feel unworthy, exactly as they are supposed to. This is the modern society, as the tyrants envision it. When most people are riled with inferiority complexes, they are exactly as they have been taught to be, easy playthings, easy buttons to push and rule. The old haven’t much independence left, and the young are eager and willing to loose theirs.

This is the world desired by those seeing themselves as the masters. It is said that freedom and independence are valued today, but that’s merely yet another illusion or mirage, in a world «thriving» on such things. The true currency in the current world is deception, submission and codependence, a fact turning ever more obvious as time passes by. What do people do when being confronted by their servitude, their inability to make up their own mind and make their own, true choices, to act on their own, deeper impulses? Oh, yeah, they grow angry, hurt, and many don’t even do that, but pull further into the shell, the armor they have erected around themselves, to protect themselves from the world.

The ivory tower is the preferred manner of living today. I could say you should picture it in your mind, but that shouldn’t be necessary, since you see it around you wherever you look today… the proud building of The Unworthy.

The unmoving

Various surveys across the world have recently pretty much confirmed what we all already knew: Driving a car is detrimental to people’s health. Those owning a car tend to use it on most occasions, even for short trips, and they don’t get to move around much. The distance they actually walk on their feet each day is growing increasingly shorter. I can attest to that. I stopped using a car when I observed how people drove the short distance to their neighbors, about fifty meters at the shortest.

But it’s far worse than that, I’m afraid. This is only the beginning of a condition described by several science fiction writers, where people stay put in their chair all day. Machines tend to their needs. They do nothing, except eating and staring at the flashing screen in front of them. Slowly, inevitably they become only the mouth and secondary the hands and eyes and ears, and everything else become redundant, in the true sense of the words. We are fed like babies, and just as able to think and act for ourselves.

I see people take the bus two short stops or up a hillside or even down it. It seems sweating has become unfashionable, and quickly becomes even more so. When I meet people in the forest, I can smell perfume and deodorant, antiperspirants on them. They have showered before their professed exercise. The aim is to look and smell good, not to get in shape or to really use the body. So these are examples of a greater, major problem, one that keeps growing worse, exponentially. If this keeps up I will be in much better shape when I am sixty than most teenagers, which is good for me, at least in a short-sighted sort of way, but certainly not for humanity as a whole.

Civilization makes us all helpless. That’s its function and its aim, its ultimate goal. As I’ve stated before: If this keeps up we will all, fairly soon be unable to dress and undress ourselves, both literary and literally. This is yet another inevitable result of the seed we have sown.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two for the price of one

We’re getting rid of two major assholes in power soon. It won’t change anything, but it will feel good, will be quite satisfying, temporarily at least.

Tony Blair and Paul Wolfowitz are both set to step down by the end of June.

The soon-to-be ex prime minister of Great Britain and chief of the World Bank are two sides of the same bad coin.

Wolfowitz had to go because he openly used his position to give favors to his own girlfriend and Blair because of his unpopularity caused by his decision to invade Iraq, but none of that really matters.

They say Blair, «Teflon Tony»’s record was stained by the invasion in Iraq, and that is true, but the truth of the matter is that what he did domestically should have stained him even more. By triumphing through a number of oppressive laws both before and after 9/11 and 7/7 he helped make Britain even more of a police state than it already was.

Wolfowitz got the job in the World Bank because he was a member of the criminal elite taking power in the United States in the November 2000 election. Those people were already powerful, but they grew even more so on that day. The United States’ government, like all governments was already corrupt, of course, but it grew a notch worse the moment George W. Bush and bunch moved in. So the fact that Wolfowitz «screwed up» by giving his girlfriend obvious favors, that his tenure in the United States administration made him too overconfident is totally incidental. He has participated in a long list of things, of true crimes far worse by far.

There is little doubt that people like Wolfowitz are «right» for the World Bank. It has always been corrupt and served the masters of the world. The reason he had to go was that he inconvenienced his masters, and became an embarrassment to them, not the act itself.

Two bad men have been forced to step down. The thoroughly destructive system they serve, with its billions of servants, one hostile to all mankind and all life, remains and thrives.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Calls from the wilderness (II)

I walk past the gutted nature, the naked slope where a piece of the forest once was. The guy living in the house below has felled every tree. I keep shaking my head. I wonder what he was thinking, if indeed he was, is thinking. There seems to be no reason, no rhyme to this wanton destruction, as usual. He cuts down all the trees above his house, eventually removing all roots, everything binding the soil. I am sure most of you have seen what clean hillsides look like. I don’t have to paint a picture. Or, if you haven’t seen it, you should make sure you do, to see yet another example of what people do in your name, in humanity’s name.

Does this guy deserve to have the upcoming, inevitable landslide landing right into his living room? You bet!

This is so very symptomatic for everything that is wrong with current humanity that it’s almost funny. I want to laugh and cry, and it’s made worse by the fact that I can’t decide which.

Life is cut down at the very beginning of the growth season, discarded like ruined clothes. The fucker took one look out of his window one day, and decided he didn’t enjoy the view, and he decided to redecorate.

And it looks like hell. And this isn’t even that much of a destruction, not compared to what the big lumber companies are doing regularly. This is how they make their big bucks. This is what human greed and big bucks and modern human «invention» do to the world every second of every day. This is what we fail to stop, what we allow to go on.

Calls from the wilderness (I).

Monday, April 30, 2007

Calls from the wilderness (I)

In an ongoing, persistent plot I tried to lure my out of shape friend with me into the wilderness yesterday. I told him that I was in bad shape these days, and that he could easily keep up with me, which is true, to a point. I haven’t really been exercising much the last few months, due to a prevailing injury.

But afterwards, on my first trip to the wilderness for weeks I began thinking. Thinking always improves when I am out there, a breath of fresh air, an infusion of energy, in a present day world pretty much lacking such an essential component.

I walk up the hill, on the ragged trail, through the forest, and in spite of my fairly uncharacteristically ragged breath my footing is fast and firm. I don’t stumble in roots or waver in the uneven terrain. My body remembers better than my mind how to move here, here, in nature. I don’t need to consciously consider each step, not anymore.

It wasn’t always like this. Growing up I was pretty much a typical child of civilization. I was out of shape until my late teens and early twenties, until I finally began exercising, and as an additional bonus I began learning what we all have forgotten. I didn’t join a sports team or anything, like most people would, but my friends and I took off for the forest. We stayed for days and nights, and found something far greater than mere physical prowess.

I began learning. It took me years. I remember constantly stumbling in roots and falling on uneven and wet ground. Learning, understanding came slowly, painfully, but we did learn, did find awareness, and the insight that had eluded us. We could walk through the forest fairly easily in pitch darkness and that, at least to some of us was just the beginning.

So it takes time. For one that has never or hardly or only for sport ventured into the wilderness, mankind’s true home it feels awkward and hard beyond belief at first, to merely walk there. It took me about two years, in my estimate to learn basic moves, to get physically comfortable enough with myself to begin learning the true essence of the wilderness.

And that is something that never goes away, now. It was only slumbering in me, like it does in all humans. Persistence, stubbornness and longing made it return to me, after a prolonged battle, not with myself, but with the horrible surroundings we all grow up in, with the machinations of the World Grinder blinding us to all alternatives. And now it is the city streets that are unfamiliar territory to me, like it always was, like it is for all human beings.

It takes time today, to learn, relearn… how to be Human.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Grief? Respect? Nausea

Some bloggers and others, all over the world feel we bloggers should keep our mouth shut on the thirtieth of April in grief and respect for those killed at Virginia Tech.

This happens every time something like this and similar transpires. People are elevating themselves as chief mourners to increase their own importance and anyone not following their clue is usually chastised for it. It just hypocrisy all of it, and the chief mourners grow angry because they are exposed as the hypocrites they are.

Do a single one of them know any of those killed? Do they feel grief? Do they have any reason to express grief over the death of complete strangers? I wonder what those who were shot did to deserve the world’s respect. Is it because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time? Is there another, indefinable reason?

This happens every time, and very few make any real attempt at understanding what happened and why it happened.

One can ascertain that grief and respect is a very selective thing these days. Why pick this particular case? Is it to protest against the United States’ arms policy? Are the arms to blame? Isn’t it possible, isn’t there a slight, slight possibility that there is a far more probable reason why people are dying like flies in the present day world?

Anyway, this, to quote Hannibal Lecter is incidental, a distraction to hide the deeper, true reason. Events like this will always happen in a world where both individuals and society as a whole are treating people like garbage. And I just have to express my deepest joy over the fact that they are happening, that the wild beast isn’t dead in us, that it is very much alive. Introduce the most rigid attempts at control over human life. There are those that will fold easily. The sheep will always do that. While others will grow enraged, like everybody should. I, for one see the murderer as the victim, at least as much as those he killed.

I didn’t know the dead. Very few did. Did one or more of them harass the murderer beyond the point of any return? Some of them certainly did. I am not saying any of them deserve to die. No one do. But that the murderer was provoked, and provoked to a degree sending him over the edge through days, weeks, months and years of harassment is an undeniable fact. How much can a human being take, before it says enough? This is what the blogs should discuss, before, during and after April 30.

Soldiers kill, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and everywhere, really. NATO troops, butchers kill indiscriminately and people in the member states beat their chests in pride. It is quite sickening or rather beyond sickening. Soldiers become heroes for killing children and older people. Individuals, «freelancers» killing in justified rage are typically condemned.

A massive amount of speeches are held, as usual, about what excellent students and human beings the dead were. A few of them was CLEARLY not that. That doesn’t mean they deserved to die, but people shouldn’t stand on a dais (or write a lot of crap in a blog) and praise people that fuck so much with a human being that he or she go totally bananas.

It is hypocrisy all of it, all the crap. If this is an example of bloggers (some has given this as one of the reasons for the suggested silence) dignity and reflection I won’t have anything to do with it.

I will blog like hell on the thirtieth, and I will keep seeking alternative and unofficial explanations in a world where the official and mainstream stink like months old horse dung, and I hope others will do the same. That is what I would like people to do. That is what I ask of them.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snapshots of a Life

That, to me, is modern existence in a nutshell. Imagine a camera with an enormously powerful lens, seeing only a slice of what your eyes see a given moment. That’s the narrow perspective we are taught to perceive from our earliest memories. This is the way we are forced to look at reality.

The stern teachers, deceivers have two main tools at their disposal. One is religion and the other is science, both, in their own way offering the deceivers the opportunity to divert people’s attention away from what is truly happening, what the world and the Universe truly is.

I have written before about how people see the world, existence itself as a brick wall, and how it absolutely isn’t. Many others do, too, without that making the deaf ears listen any better. But the truth is far more pronounced than even that. The world is fundamentally different from how we are taught to perceive it, and it causes suffering beyond belief, causes today’s horrible world to linger, to «grow» into an even more terrible nightmare. The truth, the many-faced truth of reality was and is the first casualty of the war civilization and its henchmen have waged against nature for so long, now. William Blake wrote about the chinks of people’s cavern long ago, about how, if they only opened their eyes, they would see the world as it is - infinite, and many people quote him, but very few truly realize what the significance of his words is. They quote art, but they don’t even try do understand it. Instead they speak meaningless, perceived intellectual phrases about «understanding art» and keep slumbering in their dreamless sleep.

One snapshot, two, three, a few thousands perhaps, that is all we are able and willing to perceive today, in a Universe, in a vast unbridled Reality where billions beyond billions of intricate, beyond deep paintings are interacting, changing, constantly metamorphosing. We see the world as static, but it is far from that. We see it as unchangeable, even as it shifts and burns.

It is Life, unimaginable dreams, and what the grainy, worn snapshot reveals is merely a coffin.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We meet in the forest

We meet in the forest, not far from the hill cleansed of trees. The forest is shrinking. It’s shrinking everywhere, except at humanity’s core.

We meet in the forest, a bunch of strangers joining the circle around the fire. The flames reach into the darkness and burn naked skin. We feel it, all of us, an uninterrupted flow, a sense of belonging, undeniable.

I entered the forest at dusk, leaving the emptiness behind, forever. The sight of the destruction faded in my inner eye. I imagined the mighty fire in my mind, and suddenly I was there. The other strangers appeared in the open clearing as I did, as if we had planned it all… and we had. I joined the other strangers, joined the circle around the fire.

We stare at each other across the fire, through the dancing fire at the eight other shadow creatures in the circle. Strands of night and fire reach for us and penetrate us. The nine live and do magick in the land of the moon. We are The Nine, and we live, in a world of the living dead. Five and four of each sex meet in the forest, far from civilization’s destructive, horrible reality. This is ours. We sing and speak meaningless words not words, doorways, wide-open portals to the unknown known, and we travel Time and Space, and limitation is only a word. We open ourselves, and thereby the world. A rift opens at the edge of existence. There is no border. The other, larger Other World is here, with us. We open ourselves to the world, and the world opens itself to us.

A mist flows from the fire and surround The Nine. We feel it, feel how the shimmering air grabs us. Ancient, meaningless words rise from quivering throats. We give them meaning, and thereby ourselves.

The Journey begins, free of the body and even thought. It is the «soul», the Shadow, our eternal Self, rising from the body, fading in the darkness. But we are not fading, not fading at all. We’re growing and are more than we were. Suddenly we are a completely different place, one I have visited before, a room not a room, but a place Travelers meet. The walls are not walls, but windows, displays of the eternity and infinity in our eyes. In countless flashes we experience entire lives, experiences we will never be able to describe, even with a million years at out disposal. This is Hyperreality, the true reality. The other we have left behind is the illusion, not in the sense that it doesn’t exist, but in its importance.

How long is the Journey? How far have we traveled? I can never quite decide and I don’t care. Both questions are meaningless. Those we ask ourselves in the thousand eternities we leave behind are of a far greater significance.

We are back in the forest and the trees and the growth and everything around us is alive, even more so than we remember a long, long time ago. We breathe hard, but every breath makes us glow with life. How long is the night? The reply is no reply, but a long row of questions, of loud howls resounding in the air. Countless mornings have come and gone, and it is still night.

The Nine live in the land of the moon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


- You've got a goatee, like Kurt Cobain, a friend of mine said.

- Yeah, I know, I nodded.

- So, I guess you'll blow your head off, like he did, another friend said.

- I'd rather blow others' head off, I grinned.

And thus ended the discussion.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The tale of two travelers (and other stories)

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is touring South America, and by the sheerest coincidence United States’ president George «Dubya» Bush is doing it, too.

It’s a very good thing, in my opinion that Chavez and several other, newly elected presidents in the Americas challenge Bush and United States’ rule on the continent. Various US administrations and officials and corporations have, hand in hand fucked the people there for close to two hundred years. Is it any wonder that the current population there hate anything and anyone coming from the United States? Of course not. They would be insane not to. United States continues their aggression there, as well as in the rest of the world. The fact that they’re currently mostly occupied elsewhere doesn’t change that fact. The Americas has merely been given a pause, a reprieve, and not a very long one either, at that. The CIA and the might of US intelligence services are no doubt keeping up the good work there as well, though not as heavy handed as they usually are. When things cool down a bit in the east, as it usually does everywhere, any and all powerful parts of the United States will once more turn their eyes in full to their self-designated backyard.

That Chavez was first elected and then has been «allowed» to remain in power for as long as he has, and that Evi Morales and the others have also come to power, says a lot about that fact the US is slipping in South America. With their constant smear campaigns against Chavez and bunch they have certainly done their best with the tools currently at hand. With their assassins and best men busy in the Middle- and Far East they have stretched themselves way to thin. There are limits, even to the resources of the one, single Hyperpower in the world.

Under George Dubya Bush and his administration the United States has invaded two nations, Afghanistan and Iraq without provocation. This is very consistent with how the United States has behaved since the inception of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. Under the guise of keeping the European colonial powers off their possessions in the «new world», the US began their war of Hegemony, one that has continued to this day. It’s really aggressive capitalism and imperialism combined into something fairly unique in history. Either the US-army or the US-based corporations move in first, and then the other party follows, endlessly exploiting a given country’s resources.

One more thing: If you want me to say a few bad things about Hugo Chavez I easily could or would, but I find it fairly unnecessary, really. I don’t see it as my task at all. The US government and their allies, the multinational corporations, and their countless stooges in the western world, take care of that in quite the zealous way.

«We need to tell him North America is for North Americans and South America is for South Americans - this is our America.»
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Book of Shadows

There are many Books of Shadows. Each witch makes her or his own. A grimoire of Life and Magick, Travel and Imagination. Each book is unique, because every writer, every life, is unique. In the travesty of the present day world, there are still books of Shadows, there will always be. In a worldwide society riding one single wave, ignoring the mighty ocean, diversity and Life still is. Persecution and witchhunts must run rampant in a world built on ignorance and fear, because tales of the other world, reminds the lost of what is out of their reach. But the witches aren’t. They bleed and suffer and die, and thus we have a society of peace. A goal of a stale, lifeless Earth, a Mega City as long as the eye may see. This is the people of the Tombstone dream, so frustrated of course, since the plan never seems to work right.

During recorded history they, the servants, the masters, the slaves of the one wave, of civilization, have done their utmost to eradicate everything that makes life worth living. They celebrated the end of the middle ages, when they believed they had exterminated the last witch.

They were wrong of course. Fire can be reduced to a mere ember, but can never truly be extinguished. Phoenix will ever rise from the ashes.

There are many witches...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Illegal Substances

Some call it drugs. The law calls it illegal substances.

- It’s bad, she said. – It makes people remember everything. It makes people remember all the unpleasant stuff they want to forget.

This is essential, I think, a critical reason for society’s view on illegal substances in general, why they are illegal. They open doors that the tyrants and their masters want to remain closed. They evoke Memory, in both good and bad ways, and it reminds people of whom they truly are. They enhance what is already there. So what they are, is essentially a mirror, and since most people can’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror, because they are ashamed of themselves, and rightly so, they want all tools used to do so to be gone.

Well, let them hide, let them stick their heads in the sand, at least to a point, but they shouldn’t keep others from experiencing the world in all its beauty and variety.

But they do. The repressed people rule the current world, and they are sick beyond belief.

In a rare show of honesty in her profession (and all others) the actor and model Sienna Miller revealed her view on «drugs» recently.

She says she loves the hallucinations she is having while taking drugs like «magic mushrooms», but she is basically experimenting with all kinds of drugs. When asked why she believes so many are experimenting with what is basically illegal all over the world, and not giving a rat’s ass about that fact, she responds promptly: «Cos they're fun! They're loads of fun».

And it is. I and millions of others can attest to that. I don’t use any drug often, even though I have tried most of them at least once. There is no craving for more. I have basically the same relationship with drugs that I have with alcohol (and I don't use that often either): I use it in a natural way, without guilt and fear, both recreational and experimental, as a Seeker.

My favorite is LSD, really. Its active component is clearly among the most powerful there is. I can do without it, obviously, since I have only dropped acid seven times in about a decade and a half, and there is no craving for more. But it’s a great ride, one that cannot truly be described. It has to be experienced. Every door in your mind and in you just slams open, and you truly see the world, as it is - totally mystical and infinite, filled with life and fire… and Mist and Shadow.

The propaganda directed against LSD is terribly unfair.

I wrote a poem about it before I ever tried it. My life as a witch (among other things) brings me plenty of opportunities to experience the current far and «hidden» side of the world. The so-called illegal substances are merely one more method of doing so.

Society’s stated view on all of this is basically propaganda. It’s no more truth in it than in any mirage. I will cautiously recommend doing drugs to anyone. My personal no-no is Heroin, but that’s just me. In Switzerland, where it’s legal or at least tolerated for people to shoot up, addicts go to work every day, and is basically functioning well in society (unfortunately so, I might add). In Amsterdam very few have trouble with any drug use, because they have a healthy, natural view on it.

I know quite a few people that have tried LSD and similar, and none of them have ever had any trouble with it, even though I know there are people that have had trouble, at least in part because of it. It isn’t a toy, and should be treated with the necessary respect.

Drug use has been a natural part of any society throughout history, not just in recreational terms, but much more importantly, in spiritual ceremonies and witchcraft, shamanism and so forth.

My conviction is that people that are open, and live with few inhibitions experience little trouble whatever drugs they are using. People tied down with inhibitions will inevitably be shocked when taking a drug opening them up to the world, but they should take the chance anyway…

People should, generally speaking avoid those substances creating dependencies, though, like Heroin and Nicotine. Smoking nicotine (tobacco for the unenlightened) is very bad in my opinion. And there is just no reward there, a lot of pain and no gain. Leave that alone, and focus on the good stuff.

All of it should be legal. Of course it should. It’s a crime that it isn’t.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


The scent of spring is in the air. The tribe is growing restless. We have slept through the cold winter. Now, fire is once more heating our bones, stirring our blood.

The move to our upcoming Summer Land begins soon. We will gather our weapons, our scant belongings and leave this place. It has served us well during the long sleep, but no longer. We will hunt in a few days to fill our bellies for the journey, and then we will be on our way, set out for a new brief-home.

The children run about, their happy smiles mirroring the expectant smile in the adults’ faces. It’s a new age, a new season, one that will bring us to places we have never before walked.

There is a natural trail, beyond the mountains of the setting sun. Some of us explored it a bit last summer. It’s a wild, wild setting, filled with game and generosity. We will go there, wander through unknown territory, until we find a place to settle, to stay for a limited time. That will be our home for that time, but not more than the Earth itself is our home.

We are hunters and gatherers, Nomads, and not the least Seekers, both spiritually and physically, of life and fire and Shadow in the world and beyond, in the vast tapestry that is Reality. The fire has been embers during the long sleep, but now we’re once more awakening to our life, even though we seek during the winter, too.

We are always Seeking, and we will always do so, beyond life, beyond death.

It’s not an easy life, but we have learned to appreciate it, to value wild nature’s stark beauty, within and without. It’s far, far better and more rewarding compared to the hellish life we experienced in the Machine Age just a generation ago. The existence we suffered through in civilization seems like a distant dream, or rather a nightmare, now, no more real than a mirage, and that, I guess was all it ever was. Living in nature feels even better than the brief glimpses of it we experienced within civilization. This is the life human beings are born to live. We feel that, beyond doubt, in every part of our body and darkest recesses of our mind and thoughts.

This still feels like the dream, in a way, because it’s so wonderful, so filled with wonders. We can’t and won’t contain our excitement anymore, and we don’t want to or need to. This is freedom, beyond description, unfettered and wild.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Justice’s distant cousins

Two sets of news from BBC Text- TV and about the British police today. It speaks for itself, really. Let me just add that this once again reveal their priorities and their sense of justice, like all policemen’s acts, all over the world.

Menezes police officer promoted

One of the senior officers in charge on the day Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead by police has been promoted. Commander Cressida Dick is now a deputy assistant commissioner - one of the highest ranks in the force, the Metropolitan Police Authority said.

Mr. Menezes, 27, was shot eight times at Stockwell Underground Station.

The Brazilian man’s family said it was «disgraceful» to promote Ms Dick before an investigation into her conduct had been completed.

Police «not enforcing hunt law»

Police are adopting a «pick and mix» attitude to the law on hunting and ignoring offences, anti-hunt campaigners say.

Marking two years since the introduction of a ban on hunting with dogs, protesters in Parliament Square called for better enforcement. Activists, dressed as bank robbers and gangsters, said hunts were «openly breaking the law».

But the countryside alliance said no hunt had done anything illegal.

Sunday, February 11, 2007



People wonder about Jesus of Nazareth
The man they call Christ
They claim an omnipotent God
Came to Earth
And walked the land as a man
They say a weird, obscure creature
Split itself in three
In a complex scheme to save humanity
From a sin it had instigated and desired
The creature knows everything there is to know
It knows the beginning, end and new beginning
And it's bored beyond imagining

So, it put its great game in motion
Creating reality and its chess pieces
Of gold and silver and blood and bones
Its game of sin and redemption
And worship and endless trust
Or so they say

In the year zero it sent itself
To suffer on its own behalf
Creating quite the spectacle of it
A theater production
Worth its value in gold
And blood, sweat and tears
Or so they say

There are countless ancient stories
About people rising from their death
Stories about human beings
Rising from their own ashes
About humanity living on
After death

These were the stories the men of Nicaea
Breathed on and gave life
To suit their own, petty purposes
To make themselves shine
In a posterity of their own making
Many a critical scholar
Of their present
Spoke up against their lies
And many a critic's shadow
Was drowned in blood
That's the nature of religion
Anyone it can't convert
It kills

And thus it was
Through centuries and millennia
Through days and nights without number
Of deceit and horror beyond imagining
Until Jesus the mirage had become fact
Until reality itself
Had become muddled in smoke and mirrors
And Freedom a four-letter word


There was no man called Jesus Christ
He was and is a sick deception
Created from scratch
By people thriving on such things
On the collective insanity
Claiming the world

Nothing happened in the year Zero
Except the flow of history
The invention, the stories gone bad
They came later, centuries beyond
While power hungry old men gathered
And concocted the fraud
The utter, deluded fantasy
Deceiving and destroying the world

So, here we are today
Living without a clue
Of what the world truly is
Because of a bunch
Of power hungry old men
Claiming both their present
And posterity
As their very own
Time and countless lies
Created the legend
The pure myth of Jesus of Nazareth
And we are all worse off because of it

There is no God, no savior
Gathering the worthy
At Judgment Day
And we are all better off
Because of that jubilant fact

Amos Keppler

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bush worse than Nixon

George W. Bush has caused more harm than Richard Nixon, Carl Bernstein, the journalist that exposed the Watergate scandal says. Nixon and his men lied and abused the Constitution, something evoking horrible consequences, but they were stopped. The Bush-administration wasn’t stopped, and they have caused a lot more harm, Bernstein says in an online interview with Washington Post.

Many people say the same thing, and they are more than right. George W. Bush has advanced the course of tyranny more than most men in history, both in his own country and the world at large. He’s just a figurehead, of course, another janitor dancing in the strings of those running him, but that doesn’t alter the facts.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Exhaust fumes stunt lung growth

A new California study confirms what has been evident for close to a hundred years: Exhaust fumes from any combusting engine is damaging to people’s health. The newest study, published in the medical review magazine Lancet, from the University of California, exposes categorically that fact. It states that exhaust fumes stunt lung growth in children growing up near highways. Scientists measured the lung function of 3,677 children from the ages of 10 to 18. They found that even healthy children who did not smoke suffered ill effects. The children had a reduced lung capacity of about ten percent, a major difference compared to those living further away from the road, and this is something that they will never recover from, a burden they will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

This is yet another example of thousands of what living in civilization does to a human being. Pollutants, poisons are attacking us wherever we go, and especially in cities and industrial areas, but even the polar bears feel it effects. They’ve struggled with reduced fertility rate for decades because of the massive amounts of poisons modern human activity has released into nature. And so have we. And so are we.

This is what civilization and advanced technology do to all life on Earth.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

True friendship

I helped a friend with a sudden, acute computer problem recently. I helped him over a period of forty-eight hours, where at least half of it was effective time, running a flu and a fever. I didn’t tell him about it, because I felt and feel that such facts are incidental in this matter. He thought I was just exhausted there, at the end, when I started making mistakes.

This is, in my opinion, one example of how far one should go to help a friend, to help, when help is needed, without expecting anything in return.

As stated, I use this as an example, because it is closer to home than something I read in the paper and because it’s recent, writing this while it’s fairly fresh in my mind. I don’t feel particularly praiseworthy, or elevated to god- or «sainthood» because of it. I did something because I felt it was a good thing and right for both him and me, that’s all. He was in trouble. I helped. It is, or should be that easy. It’s simply the way I see things.

Today most people won’t even be inconvenienced to help each other, far less go to any length to do so. I’m not talking christian charity and misunderstood aid here, certainly not, but about something completely opposite and different, and far more fundamental. Christians «help» people because they want something in return. They want conscripts and subservience.

We Human Beings help friends when there is a need. We don’t want subservience in anybody, and no conscripts, no conscripts at all. It is or at least should be that simple.

There should be loyalty among friends, not completely, without reservations, but at least to a point, far out there, beyond the ties of any society. Friends help each other, even without being asked. True friends should form a tribe (and often do), independently of their origin. I agree with those saying that friendship means more than blood that members of a true family hardly grow up under the same roof.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Heading north

The barracuda is heading north. The Mediterranean is swarming with tropical fish or fish previously only swimming tropical seas. The tropics are growing rapidly, heading north and south.

The Sahara desert is coming our way. All deserts are coming.

Tropical deceases and carriers of tropical deceases are gunning for us. Malaria has reached Italy, along with a number of other deceases previously only found in the far south.

It’s an invasion, one we are helpless to stop. Spain, Italy and Greece will be first. Then the rest of us will feel the impact. Africa is practically a wasteland already. On the American continent, in Asia and Australia, and Antarctica the power of the Earth is felt.

The rapidly increasing temperatures caused by the human-created Global Warming are making dramatic changes in both the flora and fauna of the Earth. The Earth is coming for us, and there is nowhere left to hide.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


It’s 2007, according to the western, christian calendar.

The year 1427 is about to end soon, according to Hijri, the Muslim calendar.

In the Chinese calendar it is the year 4703 (or 4704).

The current Hebrew year is 5767.

The Hindu year is 5107.

There are many more. You get the idea.

Incidentally my favorite is this one, of course:

Tonight is the thirteenth night 12062, the seventh year in the time of The Twilight Storm.

A quick glance at both shocking and interesting recent news:

More than four hundred cars were set on fire in France on the western, christian New Year. The unrest in poor suburbs persists.

All in all, there are countless ongoing rebellions all over the world. They continue, even though we don’t hear about them in established media, except when that same media is vilifying them, like all «respectable citizens» do at any turn. Resistance continues against the established order.

New cases of police brutality keep popping up from everywhere. The worldwide tyranny keeps tightening the noose on all kinds of opposition.

New old news about Guantanamo prisoner abuse was released (to the media) today. The «moral high ground» of the United States’ government, never truly believed, is utterly and further ridiculed and rejected.

Electricity has yet to be restored in storm-ridden areas of Sweden and United Kingdom.

High temperature records are set all over the world. The winter on the northern hemisphere this year hasn’t been much of a winter at all. Nature and countless other papers report on visible signs of the human created global warming everywhere. More winter sports events are cancelled than ever before. Officials talk about building tracks with artificial snow and cooling systems in the ground.

«Exceptionally warm autumns in one region or another wouldn't be so telling,» Jürg Luterbacher, a climatologist at the University of Bern, said in December. «But the signal is consistent over the whole European land mass, from Iceland to Greece.»

And it doesn’t let up.

No major changes for the better were made in «2006». On the contrary, of course. We’re going from bad to worse to even worse.

Human-made poisons and chemicals continue to threaten our health and reproductive ability, and instead of doing something about it, new industrial products are introduced every day.

Social-political relations continue to worsen. Injustice is prevalent, and growing. The modern slave trade is growing. The slavers, often among society’s outstanding citizens line their pockets by trading in human misery.

We live in a society, encompassing the entire world that is detrimental to health and all life (except perhaps cockroaches, cockroaches will survive almost anything) on the planet. And nothing is done about it.

Happy New Year.