Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This is, incidentally and very fitting my blog post number one hundred on Midnight Fire...

Today’s tyrannical society and systems have a lot of watchdogs, or sentinels, if you will, placed on strategic places. Such snarling watchdogs are mostly present in the police, army and media, and among politicians, naturally. They are the first and last line of defense in case something goes terribly wrong, and their lies and raw brutality towards those thinking and acting differently are exposed for what it is. But every single profession is fairly well represented in this myriad of tyranny’s eager collaborators.

But the most important watchdogs are those we call the «ordinary men and women». They are the foot soldiers in the war, those fighting in the gray daily life to suppress free thought and action. In every little conversation they defend what at any time is the average, run of the mill view… whatever it might be. And if anyone dare to question their narrow perception of reality? Then they go to war for their mindless «thoughts», «attitudes» and «beliefs».

Like when we rebels and independent human beings defend the protesters beaten up by the police in the recent riots in Copenhagen. When we speak about the entire, current «human» society as inherently flawed, as an inhuman horror of the first grade. When we expose the mindless tape recorders for what they are. They react instinctively with anger and even a kind of rage, of course, because they know, at least deep down that we are telling the truth.

The «terrorist» debate illustrates this excellently. Those stating an ever more obvious truth - that most of the attacks on the western world are staged by western leaders - are attacked in familiar ways, by the frequent use of the old classic «the conspiracy theorist», a group of people that have always been quickly ridiculed, no matter how sensible their claims are. Everybody knows, beyond knowing, of course that western democracies don’t terrorize and kill their own citizens, and subsequently blame the currently most fitting enemy. There HAS to be something wrong with people daring to claim that our so-called leaders are a bunch of sick tyrants doing anything to stay in power.

And the bloggers, as much as the ordinary men and women, generally speaking being the ordinary man and woman are also barking against the «conspiracy theorists». Of course they are. Blogging is just a tool, like many similar tools, and the defenders of status quo are in a vast majority among them, like they are in society as a whole. Many refuse to even acknowledge the websites claiming that the official truth about the War on Terror is inherently false.

In case you’re interested: It took four years before I was fairly convinced that the attacks on World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon in Washington DC were staged by the United States’ government, and the forces behind it, both domestically and internationally. I was skeptical for a long time, but as the evidence piled up I slowly changed my mind. Only fools and the dead never change their minds, in my opinion.

The case has yet to break, to truly break in the media, the way I see it. It has been fairly covered in a few obscure and undercover media, and in some minor countries, but that’s just about it. The day CNN, BBC World and other mass broadcasters cover the case for days and days in a row it will have broken through the veil obscuring 9/11 and countless other horrible truths.

In the mean time those of us sticking our heads out must expect the watchdogs to attempt to bite it off.

Bring them on. I, for one prefer to live my life as a Human Being, not a tape recorder returning nothing except what it has recorded, nothing except what it has passively and dully been fed.

– «The term «Conspiracy Theory» must also be understood as a strategy of the mass media and individuals within the power elite to sew seeds of doubt about this kind of information.»

Les Jamieson when he was asked if he wasn’t being afraid of being labeled a «conspiracy theorist».


CV said...

I also prefer to be a human being and not a watchdog.

Lucid Glow said...

Watchdogs are abundant. I wish they would take a look at themselves in the mirror once in a while.