Sunday, December 17, 2006

Riots in Copenhagen: The truth victimized yet again

It is said that during wartime truth is the first casualty. And protesters, rebels around the world, people at war with the establishment, with the current worldwide tyranny know that very well. We have all seen our actions and motives distorted by media. We have seen it many times. It’s one story for those present in the streets, getting their heads bashed in by the government’s uniformed thugs (the police), and a completely different story presented in the news later that night and in the upcoming days.

I wasn’t in Copenhagen yesterday, when autonomous forces defended their Youth House, but I have been present at many similar places and situations, and it’s always the same. Witnesses confirm this, at this very moment. The police break up a demonstration, a protest, and the protesters get the blame. And the gullible, extremely gullible general population buys it every time. Especially when protesters come prepared to a protest, because experience has taught us what to expect, ready to fight back against the brutal, uniformed thugs, the lackeys of tyranny.

- «Why are you fighting?» one of the protesters was asked.

- «I'm fighting for my right to be who I am. The Danish state has attacked all experimental or alternative cultural places, schools and theatres. This is about more than just a house. I'm fighting for my right to be different in Denmark!»

And here, in my unhumble opinion, we are at the core of the matter.

These are people that have seen through the illusion ruling the modern society. They know the truth, and they share it with others. Therefore it’s becoming especially important, even paramount for the Danish state, for any state to cast doubt on their motives, on their stance.

So, when thousands of angry people protest, peacefully, I may add, and don’t smile while doing so, don’t play along with the illusion, they are told in no uncertain terms by the government and their thugs, strike by strike, kick by kick, that it won’t be pleasant.

The Copenhagen police have a long, sordid history of excessive treatment of protesters. During several other protests they have fired directly into the crowd and wounded people. And they have never been held accountable.

Of course not.

People are being arrested in droves for being beaten up, for standing up for themselves… again.

It’s nothing new, but that makes it worse, not better (for those thick in the head).

Closed in by Black Marys, breathing in their poisonous fumes, corralled by people in armor striking you with clubs and everything else under the sun, Human Beings fight back.

Wouldn’t you?


Looking around
Wherever I look
Bile rises in my throat
I want to throw up
But I can’t
Bile sticks in my throat
I can’t get rid of it
No matter how hard I try

Stink all over
Wherever I go
I’m squeezing my nostrils shut
Doesn’t help
Truth is crushed
Wherever I look
I open my eyes wide
I see
I see the truth we all know
We and the planet are one
How many times
have the truth
Been crushed
How many times
Have I cried
Truth crushed to earth
Shall rise again

Amos Keppler 1993


Anonymous said...

This was not a spontaneous action by locals but a carefully orchestrated attack on Danish authorities by foreigners.

Nothing noble at all.

Amos Keppler said...

Sure, man, whatever you say. Your position/claim isn't exactly anything new. It comes up every time something like this happens.

Tell me, do you get off being the tyrant's watchdog?

Anonymous said...

Grow up why don't you? If people travel to a country they don't belong to, and have no right or mandate to involve themselves in, and come with the specific aim to be violent then that is thuggary pure and simple. Nothing principled, nothing noble.

If the local people had been so upset, and they had exhausted all legal procedure and then that manifested into violence that is something different.

But when it is professional "protesters" who travel the globe to "protest" it is another.

These people, and I have met many, are not moral crusaders. They are largely self-affirming, self-loathing, the-world-owes-me-a-living hypocrites with a fair smattering of psychopaths who love violence for violence sake.

You rarely find these people in a job.

They are violent fascists trying to impose their will upon others through the use of violence.

Amos Keppler said...

But this is merely more mindless establishment propaganda you are repeating. All of what we can easily find in any mainstream paper or media. A classic Watchdog statement without any major brain activity.

So, tell me, why should I take you seriously at all, or even give you a second of consideration?

Anonymous said...

You have already stated you were not at the "event" so where did you get your report of what happened?

From the mainstream media, no doubt. With maybe a bit of embellishment from a self-affirming 'activist.'

Do you have any idea why this particular event really turned violent? Not because people "dared" to be different. Because they were illegal tenants. Squatters who had not paid the rent; not paid for insurance; not complied with health and safety regulations. Not done anything that ordinary, decent people have to do to keep a facility open.

That was the real problem.

Otherwise, the law could have been used to resolve the issue; The same law that these thugs are now crying to after having violence met with violence.

And maybe, just maybe, the people in Denmark are quite happy being Danish. They do not want or need foreigners intruding on their culture or way of life, breaking their laws and flaunting their procedures.

And trust me, I am far from 'establishment.'

I have witnessed authorities acting illegally and excessively all over the globe. One recent incident that was particularly shaming was in London concerning the police 'handling' of the fox hunting demonstration. These legitimate protesters were entirely peaceful but were baton charged anyway, with many appalling injuries.

Conversely, shortly after, the London police stopped traffic to allow a violent, hateful muslim protest wind its way through the capital, as the protesters shouted for more bomb attacks in London, called for infidels to be beheaded and hurled abuse at everyone they passed. The only arrest? A man who didn't like being held up by police to let this disgrace march past.

As for why should you take me seriously or give me a second of consideration, I really couldn't care less. You will believe what ever you wish to believe and that is your absolute right.

Just don't throw bricks, petrol bombs or abuse to assert it.

Amos Keppler said...

Of course you care, obviously, or you wouldn't bother posting here...
Like you are obviously establishment. Your «arguments» are a red herring.
Be a little honest at least.
Are slaves decent? Are slaves responsible? I am always astonished when those words are used to describe society's loyal slaves, like yourself.
I get my information through informal networks. You should try that sometime.

I don't trust you. Of course not. You are obviously just another dishonest tyranny watchdog. You expose yourself ruthlessly here, as I've seen you do other places. Where do you get off speaking about decency? Patethic.

And just keep spouting the stuff about «foreign influence». What does that make you? A nationalist to top off your other conservative statements. By that I don't necessarily mean the conservativ party. Labour is even worse these days.

Lucid Glow said...

Sentinels are so funny, so limited in their view. I was in Copenhagen that day, and it was indeed the usual cop beating up protesters and subsequent media lies stuff. No one in established media ever asks the hard questions.