Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This is, incidentally and very fitting my blog post number one hundred on Midnight Fire...

Today’s tyrannical society and systems have a lot of watchdogs, or sentinels, if you will, placed on strategic places. Such snarling watchdogs are mostly present in the police, army and media, and among politicians, naturally. They are the first and last line of defense in case something goes terribly wrong, and their lies and raw brutality towards those thinking and acting differently are exposed for what it is. But every single profession is fairly well represented in this myriad of tyranny’s eager collaborators.

But the most important watchdogs are those we call the «ordinary men and women». They are the foot soldiers in the war, those fighting in the gray daily life to suppress free thought and action. In every little conversation they defend what at any time is the average, run of the mill view… whatever it might be. And if anyone dare to question their narrow perception of reality? Then they go to war for their mindless «thoughts», «attitudes» and «beliefs».

Like when we rebels and independent human beings defend the protesters beaten up by the police in the recent riots in Copenhagen. When we speak about the entire, current «human» society as inherently flawed, as an inhuman horror of the first grade. When we expose the mindless tape recorders for what they are. They react instinctively with anger and even a kind of rage, of course, because they know, at least deep down that we are telling the truth.

The «terrorist» debate illustrates this excellently. Those stating an ever more obvious truth - that most of the attacks on the western world are staged by western leaders - are attacked in familiar ways, by the frequent use of the old classic «the conspiracy theorist», a group of people that have always been quickly ridiculed, no matter how sensible their claims are. Everybody knows, beyond knowing, of course that western democracies don’t terrorize and kill their own citizens, and subsequently blame the currently most fitting enemy. There HAS to be something wrong with people daring to claim that our so-called leaders are a bunch of sick tyrants doing anything to stay in power.

And the bloggers, as much as the ordinary men and women, generally speaking being the ordinary man and woman are also barking against the «conspiracy theorists». Of course they are. Blogging is just a tool, like many similar tools, and the defenders of status quo are in a vast majority among them, like they are in society as a whole. Many refuse to even acknowledge the websites claiming that the official truth about the War on Terror is inherently false.

In case you’re interested: It took four years before I was fairly convinced that the attacks on World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon in Washington DC were staged by the United States’ government, and the forces behind it, both domestically and internationally. I was skeptical for a long time, but as the evidence piled up I slowly changed my mind. Only fools and the dead never change their minds, in my opinion.

The case has yet to break, to truly break in the media, the way I see it. It has been fairly covered in a few obscure and undercover media, and in some minor countries, but that’s just about it. The day CNN, BBC World and other mass broadcasters cover the case for days and days in a row it will have broken through the veil obscuring 9/11 and countless other horrible truths.

In the mean time those of us sticking our heads out must expect the watchdogs to attempt to bite it off.

Bring them on. I, for one prefer to live my life as a Human Being, not a tape recorder returning nothing except what it has recorded, nothing except what it has passively and dully been fed.

– «The term «Conspiracy Theory» must also be understood as a strategy of the mass media and individuals within the power elite to sew seeds of doubt about this kind of information.»

Les Jamieson when he was asked if he wasn’t being afraid of being labeled a «conspiracy theorist».

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Riots in Copenhagen: The truth victimized yet again

It is said that during wartime truth is the first casualty. And protesters, rebels around the world, people at war with the establishment, with the current worldwide tyranny know that very well. We have all seen our actions and motives distorted by media. We have seen it many times. It’s one story for those present in the streets, getting their heads bashed in by the government’s uniformed thugs (the police), and a completely different story presented in the news later that night and in the upcoming days.

I wasn’t in Copenhagen yesterday, when autonomous forces defended their Youth House, but I have been present at many similar places and situations, and it’s always the same. Witnesses confirm this, at this very moment. The police break up a demonstration, a protest, and the protesters get the blame. And the gullible, extremely gullible general population buys it every time. Especially when protesters come prepared to a protest, because experience has taught us what to expect, ready to fight back against the brutal, uniformed thugs, the lackeys of tyranny.

- «Why are you fighting?» one of the protesters was asked.

- «I'm fighting for my right to be who I am. The Danish state has attacked all experimental or alternative cultural places, schools and theatres. This is about more than just a house. I'm fighting for my right to be different in Denmark!»

And here, in my unhumble opinion, we are at the core of the matter.

These are people that have seen through the illusion ruling the modern society. They know the truth, and they share it with others. Therefore it’s becoming especially important, even paramount for the Danish state, for any state to cast doubt on their motives, on their stance.

So, when thousands of angry people protest, peacefully, I may add, and don’t smile while doing so, don’t play along with the illusion, they are told in no uncertain terms by the government and their thugs, strike by strike, kick by kick, that it won’t be pleasant.

The Copenhagen police have a long, sordid history of excessive treatment of protesters. During several other protests they have fired directly into the crowd and wounded people. And they have never been held accountable.

Of course not.

People are being arrested in droves for being beaten up, for standing up for themselves… again.

It’s nothing new, but that makes it worse, not better (for those thick in the head).

Closed in by Black Marys, breathing in their poisonous fumes, corralled by people in armor striking you with clubs and everything else under the sun, Human Beings fight back.

Wouldn’t you?


Looking around
Wherever I look
Bile rises in my throat
I want to throw up
But I can’t
Bile sticks in my throat
I can’t get rid of it
No matter how hard I try

Stink all over
Wherever I go
I’m squeezing my nostrils shut
Doesn’t help
Truth is crushed
Wherever I look
I open my eyes wide
I see
I see the truth we all know
We and the planet are one
How many times
have the truth
Been crushed
How many times
Have I cried
Truth crushed to earth
Shall rise again

Amos Keppler 1993

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Time of Change

I stand nude on the balcony, staring at the soft December rain.

The hundred and fifty years wind, the Twilight Storm has begun…

The Time of Change is here. I know that. It is like Hide and Seek. The Earth cries out, loud and clear to humanity: Ready or not: here I come.

The Earth is not committing suicide. We are. The Earth will prevail, long after we are mud. At the very least if we don’t stand up for ourselves.

Change is a constant in our lives, in all our lives, whether we wish it or not. But sometimes when a society and its majority of people have become so stale, so locked up in themselves that they hardly know how to dress themselves in the morning… change has to be imposed.

This is one of those times. Humanity is standing at such a crossroad right now.

The Roman Empire crumbled and collapsed under its own weight. So did a number of other societies throughout history. Now… it’s happening all over the world. Civilization itself is going down.

Good riddance.

This is no doomsday prophecy, like in religious texts. These are simple observations of our surroundings, telling one, inevitable conclusion.

We have Global Warming, with its many facets, the melting of ice on a global scale, causing the approximately 70 meters rise in sea levels, the increasingly powerful storms, desertification and similar effects, drawing moisture from the very ground.

But the Global Warming does more than affect the weather: It’s putting added stress on systems, both ecological and human made. It’s making it even harder to feed the world’s human population. It causes social economical relations to come even closer to its breaking point. And it makes the upcoming worldwide, devastating pandemonium even more likely.

Currently, when a storm ravages a country other countries rush in to help, to help cleaning up the ruins and in the painful and hard rebuilding process. But what happens when this is happening on the entire continent or all over the world simultaneously, when there is no one left to help?

We are reaching that threshold right now.

The ice on Greenland, in the Arctic and in Antarctica is melting faster than anyone or very few have predicted. The melting of the sea based Arctic ice won’t make the sea levels rise. The melting of the Greenland and Antarctica ice will. According to the scientists quoted by Al Gore merely the melting of half of the ice on Greenland and half of the West Antarctica Ice Shelf will cause the sea levels to rise 14 meters. The melting of the enormous ice masses of inland Antarctica will cause the sea to rise four or five times that. Eighty-four percent of the world’s population lives by the coast, and most of them in cities. It’s all pretty much self-explanatory, really, and there should be no need or draw a picture. Unfortunately there is.

The hundred and fifty years wind is blowing… And it will blow that long because the warming already in the system will linger that long, no matter what we do or don’t do. If we stopped all releases of greenhouse gases tomorrow the hundred and fifty years wind would still blow. And long before it has stopped raging, all major human settlements will be Gone.

And since we are not stopping our releases of greenhouse gases at all, but on the contrary are increasing them, it will blow even longer, and stronger, of course.

Some people claim that civilization will return, even after such an all-encompassing event, but I’m confident that it won’t. All the minerals, all the ways that led to civilization are exhausted by now, and an eventual alternative return to a technological based society will have to be just that.

Good riddance.

The Unabomber has been mentioned several times in the attacks on me, even with provided link, in a pitiful attempt to make the attack less pitiful. Well, to clear that up right now, I can confirm that I am basically agreeing with the Unabomber, both with his observations and his conclusions: If Civilization should prevail it will be the greatest tragedy of all.

Civilization is a tailspin suicide run, destroying everything making life worth living, and will always be that, a spiritual bankrupt society without much humanity and far removed from our natural, fabulous state. And before you say it: There is no «noble savage», and no perfect society, but while civilization encourages all the worst parts of humanity, tribal, nomadic societies encourage the best in us. We are, after all, natural nomads, born to be wild and free, to a life in a land without borders, to a life without limitations and limits. The Neanderthals faded from the Earth when they stopped being nomads, and we have been repeating, emulating their mistake for some time, now, existing (not living) through ten thousand years of misery, degradation and spiritual death.

A land without nomads is a land without freedom.

And today we are stuck, both in mind and body. It has to stop, one way or another.

There seems to be a kind of self-correcting mechanism in nature. If a population grows too big, too full of itself, to the point of threatening the ecosystem, that mechanism takes care of such minor and insignificant pleasantries like cities, factories and overpopulation. The numerous human-created poisons, the spiritual death, the devastating social-political circumstances, they are destroying us. But the galloping greenhouse effect… sorely needed… is humanity’s salvation, the salvation of all life on Earth.

I'm an optimist. I believe it will happen.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The horrible life and welcomed death of General Augusto Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet died today. The only regret following that news is the certainty that his suffering didn't even approach that of his countless victims. How many people that were killed and tortured during and after the coup d'├ętat in Chile September 11. 1973 will probably never be known, but they were many. History (and Wikipedia) and some people, particularly unfeeling right-wingers, has been far too kind to this man. There is no justification, except the hunger for Power (and him being the puppet of the United States government) for what he and his helpers did. He destroyed something that was good, and supplanted it with a reign of horror lacking precedence in history. Chile under the elected President, Salvador Allende had its problems, sure, inevitably (mostly because remains of the old, capitalistic regime kept sabotaging everything), but it was a place of true growth and creativity. Artists and freethinkers from all over the world came there to take part in its wild freedom.

So, cheers, good people, let's drink to the death of Augusto Pinochet, and to the hope that his new life won't exactly be painless.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fifty bullets

«proud to serve»...

Yet another brutal police attack was carried out in the city of New York recently. A hail of bullets hit Sean Bell and two friends. Sean died and the other two are at the hospital. All three were unarmed. What happened will probably never be clear, but at the very least they visited the wrong strip joint. And police officers were present, of course…

This is yet another case of police brutality and maiming and killing, of what is a general and ongoing police infringement on people. Take any country in the world, and you’ll see the same pattern of abuse and terror wrought by the tyranny’s bullies. I don’t think the United States is that much worse than other countries in this respect. It just gets a bit more public there, partly because of the traditionally strong civil rights’ movements.

But the same story keeps repeating itself: Armed people in uniform commit murder and get away with it.

The same excuses are always offered, the same lies. The dead guy threatened the poor officers. He made a wrong move and stuff. They have a long list to pick from. One proven to be effective in making people believe, shrug and forget. If a miracle happens and the crime, true crime goes to trial the officers are always acquitted. The only time police officers are convicted is when they commit a sin against their masters (steal from them and such).

Countless victims across the world suffer in silence after a beating by the thugs in uniform. Too many to be counted end up in a coffin. This is yet another sinister truth behind the propaganda, the illusion of modern life.

It’s usually the school’s bullies that become police officers, people either seeking power or people eager to submit to it. They are a useful, very useful part of the current modern tyranny surrounding us all. The school’s bully grows up to become a peace officer…

It’s nothing they won’t do, of murder, intimidation, bodily and mental harm, and they have a green card to do it. As long as they don’t step out of line, don’t break the unwritten rules, they, like clergies, secret service agents and other essential society personnel, they can do whatever they please.

Fear is a necessary and mandatory and essential component of modern life.

Fear is the key.