Sunday, November 26, 2006

A taste of another world

We were a diverse bunch dining out at a Chinese restaurant, enough to fill several rows of tables. A few of us had traditional domestic, christmas meals, but most of us actually felt that the reason for dining at a Chinese restaurant… was to eat Chinese.

And we didn’t regret it. I can speak of some authority on Chinese food, having eaten literally hundreds of dishes during my life, and this was one of the best I’ve had. From the very first bite it felt like a taste of another world.

I used to feel food was fairly unimportant, something of a duty, something we all needed to do to not starve to death, but that changed the first couple of years I spent in London. I learned there that a meal, particularly dinner could be an experience. Now, I never feel I’ve actually arrived at a given place before having completed my first dinner. You taste the spices, the spices of life, the sounds and sights of a distant land.

That’s one reason why I prefer exotic food, I guess, exotic anything, really.

Yesterday, what was set to be quite a mundane night became something extraordinary, because the food stimulated more than our buds and stomach. It stimulated our minds and even our soul. We grew during that dinner, and became something more compared to what we had been.

And those choosing the boring, mundane cuisine? They actually turned angry when we told them about our feelings afterwards. They saw in the shadows of our deep, shining eyes, undeniably, that we spoke the truth.


Unknown said...

You grew during a Chinese meal. Was the food that filling? Souns like you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

hi leighton

strange...I also got rather later in my life aware about the fact how important a good mealis, that it really matters. And evenmore later I discovered chinese food....
each meal is a gift in some sense...

Amos Keppler said...

Each new meal is Life. We tend to forget that in this current time and place.