Saturday, November 11, 2006

more bullshit from Teflon Tony and loyal sheep

Yet another well-prepared attack on Freedom was initiated by the chief of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller recently, backed by Tony Blair (of course) only hours later, not long after the US-election, one might add. United Kingdom continues its downward spiral towards fascism, tyranny and a society even worse than what George Orwell described in his great work «1984».

Sweet Eliza claims, straight-faced that no less than 30 terrorist plots threaten United Kingdom. This is such an incredible and horrible statement, such a bold faced lie that one is forced to wonder what will be next.

It has sent shockwaves through a thoroughly gullible population. Most people believe it. No one or very few raise the obvious questions.

Great Britain has 4.2 million surveillance cameras already, one for every 14 citizen. According to Eliza (claiming MI5 is understaffed) MI5 has 1600 people under surveillance. What's next???

Martial Law or something even worse seems imminent. Perhaps this will be Tony's final- and permanent bid at power. It sure looks that way.

The «War on Terror» has become that War on Freedom Tony, George and those running them and the puppet show in general behind the scenes, envisioned. Clearly a beyond successful campaign.

I have stated and restated this before. Don't believe them. Don't believe in them!!! Resist them with every breath of your being.

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