Thursday, October 05, 2006


Early October northern Europe, sixty degrees north…

Grass and leaves are still green, at a time where the first snow used to come twenty years ago. Some leaves have just started to wither, but most of them are still green and even fresh. Days are hot. Nights are colder, but not much more so than a chilly summer evening could be twenty years ago. I still walk around in t-shirts, and I’m comfortable. It doesn’t take that much walking before I start sweating.

The last true winter in these parts was twenty years ago. There have been minor bouts of cold and snow since then, but increasingly less of it. Seasons are fading into something new and totally unpredictable.

The future isn’t coming, isn’t some obscure point somewhere ahead. It’s been here for a long time already. The future is now.


Unknown said...

It just shows how much we are all noticing the changes in the climate. We had Al Gore in Amsterdam on Friday evening. His picture of a future Holland under water was on the front page of the local newspaper.

Amos Keppler said...

Yeah, I can imagine. Hopefully people get totally hysterical, because that's how they should behave, in this and other matters.

Rigmor said...

I don't think hysteria will help. I think more rational thinking is required, especially by those with the power to change something.

If I recycle all the paper waste I create at work, what help does it do when the cleaners later empty the recycling bins into the normal garabage container? And if I walk more than I drive (I don't even know how to drive) what change does it make when they still won't make them more environmentally friendly?

We got to stop viewing resources as something that is free and up for grabs. But unfortunatley it doesn't seem like the people that can bring about change wants to be part of "us". Probably because we don't have any money.

(I am pessimist today)

Lucid Glow said...

Sorry, the so-called rational thinking/response is what we have today, and it isn't working, only making things worse. Dramatic changes are needed, and they are not forthcoming, except for nature's brutal response to our lack of one.