Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NATO’s true face

General James Jones has apologized for yet another episode of trigger-happy NATO-soldiers making their mark on the Southern Kandahar in Afghanistan on Thursday, for yet another case of NATO’s killing of civilians. We witnessed a very strange séance at his press conference.

You see, he isn’t really apologizing, not on behalf of himself and not on behalf of NATO (or «ISAF»). His claim is that it wasn’t really NATO’s fault this time either, but… (drum roll, please) Taliban???

Taliban (bless their rotten souls) is responsible, because they’re seemingly using civilians as living shields. General Jones is claiming this with a straight face, like the excellent actor he is (you deserve your newest medal, Jimmy, that one, too). Taliban is responsible. The fact that NATO, incredibly enough (this yet again according to Jones) in fact fired the actual bullets seems totally subsidiary here. This is the usual tactic used by NATO and United States (and Israel) to retain western public support. Another matter is that survivors after the attack have a totally different story to tell. There were no Taliban soldiers nearby, not a single one, not even absent-without-leave young soldiers from these turban-wearing assholes.

So, what are we talking about here? What are NATO and United States’ motives? What can they be? Do they truly wish to bomb innocent civilians? Is it their intention to blow villages to pieces, and leave heaps of torn-apart bodies? The answer to that question will have to be a resounding yes. This is a deliberate tactic on their part. Clearly. This isn’t about mind-blowing incompetence, but about a strategy developed and refined through decades. We’re not talking about trinkets here, about coincidence and individuals going too far in their zeal «to do the job». Not in Afghanistan, not in Iraq, or in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo or the World Trade Center or other Pax Americana operations around the world.

We’re talking about Terror.

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