Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cutting the pain

An increasing number of Danish girls cut themselves as a response to an ever-stronger social pressure. According to Jyllands-Posten «Cutting», or self-mutilation has now reached the same levels as anorexia among teenage girls. Knives, broken glass, razorblades or whatever doing the job, are used. The girls cutting themselves, unable or unwilling to keep up with the demands society put on them, wear long sleeves or walk around with sweatbands around the wrists and a haunted look in their eyes, but very few notice, as usual.

This is merely yet another sign of the ruthlessness of modern society, the callous social pressure to make it and be successful both in school and society as a whole.

Western society has yet to reach Japanese levels (where super capitalism and the super school are long since established and the suicide rate among men is the highest in the world), but we’re getting there.

  Self-harm cases increasing


Rigmor said...

I am not saying it's a good thing to cut yourself, and I can perfectly well understand why people feel the urge to do it, but in some cases I wonder if it is still "better" than other types of self harm. I am aware that this doesn't sound like a healthy thing to say, but to try to explain...

obviously the depth of the cutting will vary from person to person and it can turn out to be very dangerous. I am not questioning that. But the self-harmers I know are aware that they have a problem (which could be partly why they hide it? I am on very thin ice now, I don't know much psychology).

When comparing with f.ex eating disorders, I feel the harmful effect can be longer lasting with inner organs being effected and future physical health being jeopardized in severe cases. I also think the lack of physical scars makes it harder to admit that there is a problem. As might it be for the external world to notice.

Anyway, I know your post wasn't there to say "one thing is worse than the other" but to point to an overall growing problem. And I agree. It is a problem, and I am not really trying do dimiss either one. (Althougt I am aware it could be read that way).

I was supposed to write a comment and not an essay so I'll stop now...

Undercover Mother said...

There are actually a host of cutting videos on YouTube that are pretty graphic. I was pretty incredulous. I had been unaware of how severely they would cut themselves, often requiring lots of stitches. And, like the parents of the Columbine killers, the parents in these cases also seem oblivious. Very sad.

Of course, in America our schools are so crappy, nobody would kill themselves over not getting into one.

Amos Keppler said...

Well, it is an ancient tradition, one that was done with pride and confidence, but as with so many things today it has turned into yet one more act of despair.