Sunday, September 03, 2006


«Travel is victory.»
- Bedouin proverb.

Diary of a Traveling Man September 2006 (prescript):

A friend of mine is traveling abroad these days, for the first time in nine years. His excitement and inspiration are so very evident in his voice and words.

I understand perfectly. Human beings are born to be travelers, to be nomads. Out there, at the way stations and crossroads, I hear foreign tongues speak about the wonders of the world. I see the fire in the travelers’ eyes. Everything works so much better. The senses are wide open. My perception is extended to an uncanny degree. My mind is ablaze with experience. Inspiration rides me like thunder. It hammers in my chest.

The City of Cities is once again awaiting my joy. I live out there, on the endless path, in the fireworks of mankind.

Out there, where I experience sounds and visions from alien worlds.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for calling by. As a nomad myself I realise how hard it is these days. Modern society has no place for us.