Sunday, September 24, 2006


They stole my deodorant, my bar of soap and my toothpaste, the officials at Stanstead airport did…

This is the latest scheme by the government, reminding us who’s in charge. You can’t even bring this with you onboard as hand luggage from British airports anymore. I don’t know about you, but I find that highly offensive. I would, even if the terrorist scare was real, and it isn’t. All this we have seen exemplified, even more than usual, the last five years, is about Control, about showing us who’s in charge. This is the one and only lesson about 9/11 and 7/7, and similar.

Most people seemed to take it with a shrug. These are merely minor government offenses, they think, compared to the threat we face, the threat those watching over us are protecting us from.

I used to be an amateur chemist as a teenager, experimenting with absolutely everything, and I can tell you right off the bat that the list of banned chemicals makes no sense what so ever… except connected to the control issue mentioned before. It works as yet another diversion, masking the true intensions of those behind the ban.

Yes, there are banned items that in extreme circumstances can and may be used as explosives or be used to «disrupt» flights. The deodorant, for instance is highly flammable. But as stated that isn’t the issue at all, but a pretext to end all pretexts.

Picture this, if you will, a crazed terrorist or anarchist or whatever attempting to blow up a plane with a tiny bottle of flammable gas and a lighter. I don’t know about you, but that image makes me smile. Really.

Lately we’ve seen people getting arrested in one country after another. It looks like every country needs to have its own, homegrown terrorists not to be left behind in the good club of vigilant democrazzzies. A few, innocent remarks in a pub (or not), for instance are sufficient to getting you arrested and detained… indefinitely.

Yes, fear is the key. Behind the shrug, behind the good-humored reactions among the public to all this is the fear. Not fear of any or would be freelance terrorists, because they know that is bogus, is a sinister fraud. Most people aren’t stupid. They are just hiding from the world’s reality, from all the stark and inconvenient truths inside their own, personal bubble. No, it’s fear of the «public» officials, of the uniforms and surveyors, of the tyrants’ bullies. They glance at the guards at the airports, the sentries in the streets, those both with and without guns, with terror in their eyes, because they know they might be next.

It’s about time we stopped this bullshit. Everybody opposing this (and the countless other injustices of the world) should be very vocal about it. Speak out! Go public with your views, all your views. No opinion is worth the toilet paper it’s written on if you don’t dare expressing it in public, in full view of the world. Elections are a fraud, a sham as well (be very aware and continue to be very aware of that fact), but we should still put whatever pressure we can on «our elected officials» on all upcoming elections. Tell them you won’t vote for them, for them personally, if they don’t wise up. Anyone speaking about introducing or keeping «laws against terror» and for wire- and phone-tapping and general surveillance, should be kicked out from any parliament, any office of influence, and be forced to live in Antarctica for the rest of their remaining lives. Write blogs or homepages. Write to the papers. Go on television. Speak loudly about the offenses the various governments put us through. Not because they think of our well-being, but because they don’t.

We are not children or sheep in need of herding and protection. At least we shouldn’t be.



Anonymous said...

What's really diabolic is that they use the old Nazi-German «Salami-Tactic». Meaning they slice our freedoms little by little.

First, they make the new laws, hidden behind the big 9/11 scare.

Second, for months and years they don't even practise these laws, or they use them mildly.

Third, they pick up some foreign small-fries and accuse them of «wanting» or «planning» to do something terrible. Here they use full terror laws.

Fourth, they will come for you, or put you in the black hole, for ranting at a pub or sending an irate SMS message.

What they do is that in a matter of years, they have managed without our notice to change society in a way that each and every member of society, even those of us who are born and raced here, must now fear detention forever for silly remarks, or for peaceful plans to work against the oppressors.

This is the dirty trick of the Salami Tactic. You focus first on an outcast group (the jews, the muslims), taking away all their rights, little by little. Confronted with the obvious accusation of racism, they then pretend to «give in» and re-shape the laws so they apply to each member of society.

But this last thing was part of the plan all along. They just couldn't introduce draconian legislation FOR US five years ago. Now they have it, and the only thing we can do is to bring the whole shitstem down...

Amos Keppler said...

That's so true. Slice and dice. And it is the domestic stage that is their true goal. Not a few fringe groups, but everybody in a given country, including those born and raised in that given country.

Unknown said...

Agree about the Salamitaktik!