Friday, September 15, 2006


The Londoners know what Global Warming is. At least more than a few of them face the truth, inevitable. It's hitting them in the face. It's September, and the air is almost too hot to breathe.

September used to be wet and fairly cold. Now, it's pretty much like July used to be.

Posters are decorating the walls all over the vast town. People are being told to be cautious while going outside in the heat, and to always carry a bottle of water... like people in Las Vegas. London in September used to be autumn, and not merely its first telltale signs either. Now, it's a desert.

There have been showers, and thunderstorms and flooded streets at night, but the next morning the air is just as hot and arid and difficult to breathe.

The summer of '06 is unending...

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