Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The empire of technology

Speaking in a cell phone gives me a killer headache. I restrain my use to send SMS and on rare and brief occasions have a conversation. It still hurts.

As I predicted ten years ago the cell has become pretty much a necessity, unless you live in a cave or something. That has never been an option for me, even though I’m always tempted, and try to get away as often as possible. As long as civilization exist there is no use attempting to escape it. It will always catch you, even in the most remote areas of the current Earth. Settle in the deep Canadian forests. A developer or hundred will come and ravage your home. The poison of civilization will reach you anywhere. Settle in Antarctica. It’s just a matter of time before the servants of destruction reach you even there.

A cell phone is harmful and dangerous, like all advanced technology. Its inventors and developers knew that early on, and they still developed it, and produced it in ever-greater numbers. Of course they did. They made a killing, as usual. Many people, also former employees of the emperors of technology came forward to warn us of the dangers. But the emperors made sure their message of glory and beneficial mass production won.

It’s always thus.

You see, a cell phone is merely one of the countless lethal products of modern society, one more glorious illustration of progress.

Thousands of poisonous, artificial chemicals are each year added to the millions already existing. We’re living through a dangerous chemical experiment, and nothing of consequence is done to stop it.

In area-by-area of modern life we’re faced with conditions detrimental to life, and we’re told its good for us, or at least that it’s preferable to the alternative. Workers are told they need jobs, even if it kills them. We are told that poisonous factories and chemicals shouldn’t be removed from our lives, even if it kills us. Yeah, civilization is organized insanity, all right. Even a selection of people claiming to be environmentalists claim that technology, the very horror that is killing us, should be employed to save us. How insane is that?

Life on Earth is fading, and even what is deemed progressive forces, even in radical circles, tell us to keep doing what we’re doing, to continue on our current insane path.

There is a list long as a bad year of bad things in civilization. Remove one, remove a thousand. Civilization is still there. And as long as civilization is there, is here, the list will grow and multiply. The emperors of technology tell us this is the right life for us, and we listen, every fucking time. And if some of us should protest, should voice our displeasure, it will, as always drown in the buzzwords of technology. The language of the oppressors and poisoners surrounds us. We use it, and we believe its basic tenet: technology is good for us, even though it’s clearly killing us.

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