Sunday, September 24, 2006


They stole my deodorant, my bar of soap and my toothpaste, the officials at Stanstead airport did…

This is the latest scheme by the government, reminding us who’s in charge. You can’t even bring this with you onboard as hand luggage from British airports anymore. I don’t know about you, but I find that highly offensive. I would, even if the terrorist scare was real, and it isn’t. All this we have seen exemplified, even more than usual, the last five years, is about Control, about showing us who’s in charge. This is the one and only lesson about 9/11 and 7/7, and similar.

Most people seemed to take it with a shrug. These are merely minor government offenses, they think, compared to the threat we face, the threat those watching over us are protecting us from.

I used to be an amateur chemist as a teenager, experimenting with absolutely everything, and I can tell you right off the bat that the list of banned chemicals makes no sense what so ever… except connected to the control issue mentioned before. It works as yet another diversion, masking the true intensions of those behind the ban.

Yes, there are banned items that in extreme circumstances can and may be used as explosives or be used to «disrupt» flights. The deodorant, for instance is highly flammable. But as stated that isn’t the issue at all, but a pretext to end all pretexts.

Picture this, if you will, a crazed terrorist or anarchist or whatever attempting to blow up a plane with a tiny bottle of flammable gas and a lighter. I don’t know about you, but that image makes me smile. Really.

Lately we’ve seen people getting arrested in one country after another. It looks like every country needs to have its own, homegrown terrorists not to be left behind in the good club of vigilant democrazzzies. A few, innocent remarks in a pub (or not), for instance are sufficient to getting you arrested and detained… indefinitely.

Yes, fear is the key. Behind the shrug, behind the good-humored reactions among the public to all this is the fear. Not fear of any or would be freelance terrorists, because they know that is bogus, is a sinister fraud. Most people aren’t stupid. They are just hiding from the world’s reality, from all the stark and inconvenient truths inside their own, personal bubble. No, it’s fear of the «public» officials, of the uniforms and surveyors, of the tyrants’ bullies. They glance at the guards at the airports, the sentries in the streets, those both with and without guns, with terror in their eyes, because they know they might be next.

It’s about time we stopped this bullshit. Everybody opposing this (and the countless other injustices of the world) should be very vocal about it. Speak out! Go public with your views, all your views. No opinion is worth the toilet paper it’s written on if you don’t dare expressing it in public, in full view of the world. Elections are a fraud, a sham as well (be very aware and continue to be very aware of that fact), but we should still put whatever pressure we can on «our elected officials» on all upcoming elections. Tell them you won’t vote for them, for them personally, if they don’t wise up. Anyone speaking about introducing or keeping «laws against terror» and for wire- and phone-tapping and general surveillance, should be kicked out from any parliament, any office of influence, and be forced to live in Antarctica for the rest of their remaining lives. Write blogs or homepages. Write to the papers. Go on television. Speak loudly about the offenses the various governments put us through. Not because they think of our well-being, but because they don’t.

We are not children or sheep in need of herding and protection. At least we shouldn’t be.


Melissa Etheridge - I Need to Wake Up

Have I been sleeping?
I’ve been so still
Afraid of crumbling
Have I been careless?
Dismissing all the distant rumblings
Take me where I am supposed to be
To comprehend the things that I can’t see

Cause I need to move
I need to wake up
I need to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

And as a child
I danced like it was 1999
My dreams were wild
But the promise of this new world
Would be mine
Now I am throwing off the carelessness relief
To listen to an inconvenient truth

Well I need to move
I need to wake up
I need to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

I am not an island
I am not alone
I am my intentions
Trapped here in this flesh and bone

And I need to move
I need to wake up
I need to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

I want to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hubris times Hubris

Boy, do I have a doomsday scenario for you.

A major event in the history of human hubris is coming up when the world’s most powerful particle accelerator comes online in Switzerland in 2007. This is yet another possible threat to humanity that everyone that is even remotely critical to science and technology has dreaded for years.

It’s described as a potential «black hole factory», and even the scientists behind the project admit, «there is a slim chance that those black holes, either one or in tandem could swallow the Earth».

This is more of the same, really to those of us feeling that technology has grown far too essential, dominant in human life. This is just one more logical extension of the atom bomb and other advanced technological inventions, exclusively or collectively, threatening all life on Earth.

Before the first atom bomb exploded in New Mexico in 1944 concerned scientists warned that the explosion might create a firestorm that might grow and ignite the atmosphere. The threat was true. The fact that it didn’t happen doesn’t change that. It was playing dice with the fundamental forces of existence. And when this «tool», this newest toy becomes operational, the dice will be thrown again.

Black holes might not be real. It’s just yet another unproven scientific theory, after all. But if the theory has even a shred of truth to it, we should all be worried, very worried.

As I understand it small black holes such as these will shed mass instead of picking up more like the hungry wolf their bigger siblings are usually described as being. But what if the people doing the calculations are… wrong? To err is human, after all, even though no one in authority seems to subscribe to that evident fact anymore. The holes may band together and grow, for some unknown reason. The Earth could be swallowed whole, devoured in the blink of an eye, or it could happen more slowly, but once the process has begun, there is no way of halting its beyond destructive power. There will be no second chance, no way of stopping the flow of blood from our wrist. I’ve stated for quite some time that the dominant force in the current human society is suicidal, and this proves it yet again, beyond as it is, of anything we’ve seen of hubris so far (and we’ve seen a lot).

Even if we should be lucky again, and we survive our own insanity… again, such a lucky strike shouldn’t be taken as a carte blanche to keep screwing with the building blocks of the Universe, but I fear it will be. Technology has long since proven itself inherently wrong and detrimental to long term human survival, but that doesn’t stay the Scientist’s hand. The call of flawed curiosity must be answered, come what may. There are quite a few possible variations on a future scenario where advanced technology continues to play a part in our life, but, one way or another, the end result is pretty much guaranteed.

Summer Trip in the High North

For the very first time (in about four million years or so) there is observed an ice-free ocean passage all the way from the Norwegian island of Spitzbergen or Northern Siberia, and to the North Pole. Satellite images show that ships very probable could have sailed unhampered to the North Pole during the last week of August.

- This situation is unlike anything observed in previous record low ice seasons, Mark Drinkwater at the European Space agency (ESA) states.

This is a scenario scientists envisioned twenty to thirty years into the future, but as always nature surprises us all. The running away temperature increase of human created enhanced Global Warming is here, people, and it’s time we start preparing in earnest for the much worse to come.

Two ESA satellites photographed the images on the twenty-third and twenty-fifth of August.

Friday, September 15, 2006


The Londoners know what Global Warming is. At least more than a few of them face the truth, inevitable. It's hitting them in the face. It's September, and the air is almost too hot to breathe.

September used to be wet and fairly cold. Now, it's pretty much like July used to be.

Posters are decorating the walls all over the vast town. People are being told to be cautious while going outside in the heat, and to always carry a bottle of water... like people in Las Vegas. London in September used to be autumn, and not merely its first telltale signs either. Now, it's a desert.

There have been showers, and thunderstorms and flooded streets at night, but the next morning the air is just as hot and arid and difficult to breathe.

The summer of '06 is unending...

No Pieces of My Painting

Diary of a Traveling Man...

You can't hide from yourself out here. There's just no way!

All your limitations and shortcomings are exposed. That's probably why most people today don't care much for traveling. Most civilized people don't dare face themselves in the mirror, and certainly not in a cracked reflection. They see themselves, and they don't like what they see.

Me? I see the potential, the unlimited probabilities as well. I embrace it all, embrace myself, and thereby the world.

I cut no pieces of my painting.

I remember the first time I realized that, how beyond great it felt, how beyond great it will always feel.

If anything truly sustains me through all the horrors of civilization, of a world gone insane, it's this. This is confidence true and great, fairly independent of surroundings.

The horror gets to me. It even touches my innermost being. But it doesn't truly corrupt it. Not more than a few drops of rain wetting the ground a hot and sunny summer day.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

These Dusty Streets

Diary of a Traveling Man...

London is, among many things a city for travelers, poets and rebels.

The slow and fast boiling is rising within me, virtually visible in the air surrounding me. I needed this. I I need this. A relief, a respite, but more importantly, far more importantly, a burning joy, a bathing, drowning in the spice of life. London has always felt like a forest to me, lush and deep and shadow, a distinct contradiction in the modern world. Yes, civilization, all its bad moments are present here as well, but muted, not so horrible.

I walk these familiar streets, and they’re not familiar at all, but alien, tangible tales of mystery and imagination, from the earth of our birth. I come here to live, as I do in the vast forest, in the darkest, most beautiful night. I’ve come here many times and also lived here for years, but it’s still new to me. A waterfall of inspiration is hitting me, and I have a hard time digesting it all. It is the river of inspiration coming to me from inside, from my vast well of mind and fire, flooding all lands.

It’s indescribable. Words, at least cannot properly describe it or do it justice. The traveler, the nomad is welcome here. The men in black, in uniform is just as disgusting here as everywhere else, but their power seems less, somehow. I can’t explain it, no matter how hard I try, so I don’t. I focus on experience, on life not devalued. And I don’t even have to try.

Here, where I experience sounds and visions from alien worlds.

It's stressful at first, it always is, before you find a place to settle down, before you settle down a bit, sort of adjusting to your new surroundings and circumstances.

Then... it begins.

It begin sinking in.

The smells, the sounds, the sights, the taste of a different world. You have your first meal on this world, and you feel every grain of spice on your tongue. You notice its potency, as it spreads to every piece of your body, your awakening mind. You observe the street outside, and the smallest detail is etched onto your memory.

Everything is so very, very dynamic, and what I sense, what I experience got nothing to do with big city life, with the «fast lane» at all, but is indeed primal to the core.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The empire of technology

Speaking in a cell phone gives me a killer headache. I restrain my use to send SMS and on rare and brief occasions have a conversation. It still hurts.

As I predicted ten years ago the cell has become pretty much a necessity, unless you live in a cave or something. That has never been an option for me, even though I’m always tempted, and try to get away as often as possible. As long as civilization exist there is no use attempting to escape it. It will always catch you, even in the most remote areas of the current Earth. Settle in the deep Canadian forests. A developer or hundred will come and ravage your home. The poison of civilization will reach you anywhere. Settle in Antarctica. It’s just a matter of time before the servants of destruction reach you even there.

A cell phone is harmful and dangerous, like all advanced technology. Its inventors and developers knew that early on, and they still developed it, and produced it in ever-greater numbers. Of course they did. They made a killing, as usual. Many people, also former employees of the emperors of technology came forward to warn us of the dangers. But the emperors made sure their message of glory and beneficial mass production won.

It’s always thus.

You see, a cell phone is merely one of the countless lethal products of modern society, one more glorious illustration of progress.

Thousands of poisonous, artificial chemicals are each year added to the millions already existing. We’re living through a dangerous chemical experiment, and nothing of consequence is done to stop it.

In area-by-area of modern life we’re faced with conditions detrimental to life, and we’re told its good for us, or at least that it’s preferable to the alternative. Workers are told they need jobs, even if it kills them. We are told that poisonous factories and chemicals shouldn’t be removed from our lives, even if it kills us. Yeah, civilization is organized insanity, all right. Even a selection of people claiming to be environmentalists claim that technology, the very horror that is killing us, should be employed to save us. How insane is that?

Life on Earth is fading, and even what is deemed progressive forces, even in radical circles, tell us to keep doing what we’re doing, to continue on our current insane path.

There is a list long as a bad year of bad things in civilization. Remove one, remove a thousand. Civilization is still there. And as long as civilization is there, is here, the list will grow and multiply. The emperors of technology tell us this is the right life for us, and we listen, every fucking time. And if some of us should protest, should voice our displeasure, it will, as always drown in the buzzwords of technology. The language of the oppressors and poisoners surrounds us. We use it, and we believe its basic tenet: technology is good for us, even though it’s clearly killing us.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


«Travel is victory.»
- Bedouin proverb.

Diary of a Traveling Man September 2006 (prescript):

A friend of mine is traveling abroad these days, for the first time in nine years. His excitement and inspiration are so very evident in his voice and words.

I understand perfectly. Human beings are born to be travelers, to be nomads. Out there, at the way stations and crossroads, I hear foreign tongues speak about the wonders of the world. I see the fire in the travelers’ eyes. Everything works so much better. The senses are wide open. My perception is extended to an uncanny degree. My mind is ablaze with experience. Inspiration rides me like thunder. It hammers in my chest.

The City of Cities is once again awaiting my joy. I live out there, on the endless path, in the fireworks of mankind.

Out there, where I experience sounds and visions from alien worlds.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Trouble Children

Behavioral scientists eager to support established society have for years claimed that «anti-social» children need to be treated for their «ailment» as early as possible to be cured of their so-called dangerous tendencies, when the child is as young as three or even two years old. The signs are clear, they say. Anti-social behavior is basically manifesting in three ways: Distrust of authorities, a dislike of rules and regulations and general disobedience. While the more freedom-inclined of us may take these as very healthy and promising signs of emerging, truly independent individuals, the people supporting the tyranny that is civilization want to eradicate such behavior from human life altogether.

Of course they would.

Tony Blair, the fabled British Prime Minister has now taken this even a bit further, taken it to its logical conclusion: «Tomorrow’s potential troublemakers» can be identified even before they are born, Teflon Tony states. He said that it was possible to spot the families whose circumstances made it likely their children would grow up to become a menace to society. He said that teenage mums and problem families could be forced to seek help to head off difficulties, and that the government had to intervene much earlier to prevent problems developing when children were older.

It’s not strange that he thinks that, not strange at all. It’s logical, yet another logical extension of everything he has been doing for a very long time.