Friday, August 25, 2006

Quiet Before the Storm

I want humanity to drown in blood.
I want those clinging to their slavery to choke on their own filth.
I want those shocked by my words to be rocked to their core.
I want to experience a life cleansed of poison.
I want to know power without guilt.
I want to tell absolutely all slaves what they are,
and I want to see the truth in their eyes.
I see it every day.
I want to see endless fire rekindle dead eyes.
I see it every day.
I want to see houses of cards crumble.
I see it everywhere.
I see how Death has become a joke.
How Life itself has turned into a bad punch line.
I see an endless supply of puppets on a string.
I hear people call that a life.
And I see them turn deaf ears and blind eyes
to the embers in their midst.
I see water flood every street.
The wind is blowing.
I can hear its whisper in the quietest of places.
I hear it everywhere.
I awake every morning to a semblance of a life.
We all do.
Paper-dry sock puppets of tyranny.
I want upheaval.
I want the final days to come.
I want to return to the quiet darkness, the silent roar of the Night.
I want to drown in the spice of life,
not merely taste it at the tip of my tongue.
I want conformity to return to the non-existence it is.
I want complacency and any mundane existence to end up
On the garbage heap where it belongs.
I know no mercy, no pity.
I know only the pitiless wave.
And I drink from its well.
This is life.
This truth and joy beyond sensibility.
Civilized man
Go chop your head off.
I don’t want much.
I just want everything.

Amos Keppler 2006-08-25

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