Monday, August 21, 2006

The Long Walk

I am a Walker. I see the path, even when it is not there. I can feel it inside, a glowing trail in my veins.

When I first learned Magick, I found it immensely interesting, but strangely unsatisfying. So I rejected it all, rejected everything that had come before, except what had put me on the path, the burning flame inside. I set out to carve my own path, to learn my own way, and then… then, I learned Magick.

All paths, all labels are truly meaningless. Only experience is real. And we all experience life our own way, and should experience it on our own terms. Worship of gods, of humans, of anyone or anything isn’t just distractions, but even worse a drain on your spirit and Magick within. Yes, humans have a connection with the Earth, with nature, with everything surrounding us, but ultimately the Magick is inside us. We are the strongest creative force in existence. We, or rather our Shadow, the collected consciousness of everything we have been, are and will ever be or can be, our eternal Self, are immense beings, constantly creating and recreating the Universe. The Shadow is what some interpret as gods, some as fairie, some as demons, spirits, or some other denomination. Meeting/facing It can be an awesome experience, and not everybody can handle that. It is every life we have ever lived, an accumulation of every thought, every action, every dream, every angle we have ever experienced. But all that, power and all, are also residing inside our current body. We are the gods, we are the fairie, the demons, the spirits and everything else. The walker, the human being embraces all this, leaving nothing out, denying nothing, of his or her personality. Our current world, where the notion of duality is dominating our perception, is meaningless, is an illusion, not in the sense it doesn’t exist, but in its importance. Dark and light, right and wrong, it’s all just pegs, crannies in which to hang a dusty, moth-infected old coat. You don’t remove a piece of a painting and claim it is the same painting. If we deny a part of ourselves, we deny our very Self.

If we are here for anything it is to learn. And it is an ongoing, unending, often repetitive process. What we have learned once we may have to learn again and again. Information isn’t knowledge. Knowledge isn’t wisdom. Wisdom not understanding. Understanding is slippery and will always elude us. There is no truth. The only truth is that there is no truth. Magick is the Walk, the path, not the destination, because there is no destination, no end, nothing rewarding us or condemning us, at the end of the Journey, because the Journey is infinite, never ending. So you can delude yourself, limit yourself, by believing there are beings bigger or smaller than you, beings who can dictate rules to you, or beings you can dictate rules to… or you can enjoy life in all its shades, embrace it with everything you are. The Walk began long ago, when you reached back into the past, into the void, and created yourself out of nothing. There might be interruptions, pauses or dams in your path, but it’s all just temporary.

The flow, The Long Walk continues.

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