Friday, August 11, 2006

Doing it with Mirrors

The British Home Secretary John Reid holds a crucial speech about the need for «extreme action against terror», about the need to temporarily giving up «our freedom», to «fight this evil» and protect us from «those who will destroy our way of life». «Terror may force freedom curbs», he said. Hardly more than a day later a professed eight-month plot to blow up planes on their way from London to United States is unveiled. How believable is that? In the light of that fact that both British and United States’ politicians and officials are repeatedly exposed as liars and murderers, it’s not believable at all. Don’t believe it. Don’t believe it for a moment!

John Reid has been struggling lately. Tony Blair and the entire current British cabinet of terror and George Bush («this nation is at war with Islamic fascists that will use any means to harm us who love freedom») and bunch as well, with the slaughter their friends in Israel has recently put in motion, and also with implementing, as they see it, necessary laws, and thereby removing edible and crucial rights from our lives. What’s left of them. It stinks at the top these days, even more so than usual.

The truth about 9/11 and 7/7, and countless other recent and not so recent brutal government operations, and false ops are increasingly exposed these days. The various Gatekeepers and eager servants are coming out in force to protect the lie that has kept their masters in power for so long. The tyrants are growing desperate.

They say the truth is paranoid delusions, «conspiracy theories». That clever ruse has kept most people from speaking out for so very long, now.

They say people fighting the implementing of «anti-terrorist laws» are either deluded or that «they don’t understand the threat». But in fact they do. The real threat that is.

Keep society, keep the world in crisis, a perpetual state of war, and everything is possible. Fear is the key.

The velvet tyrants have kept us all in the dark for so long, and murdered and terrorized thousands, millions of people on «our behalf», to protect us from a threat concocted by them, implemented by them, behind their heavy curtains and in their sick, power-hungry minds.

Stop believe them.

And even more important: stop believe in them.


Anonymous said...

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not our to get me. Politicians wouldn't know reality if it hitt hem upside the head with a clue by four. Anyone who believes anything a politician says needs their head examined in a state institution as punishment.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone still believe them, or believe in them, in this day and age?

Beats me!

PS: Cheers for a great write-up of the latest fake terror events.