Friday, August 25, 2006

Quiet Before the Storm

I want humanity to drown in blood.
I want those clinging to their slavery to choke on their own filth.
I want those shocked by my words to be rocked to their core.
I want to experience a life cleansed of poison.
I want to know power without guilt.
I want to tell absolutely all slaves what they are,
and I want to see the truth in their eyes.
I see it every day.
I want to see endless fire rekindle dead eyes.
I see it every day.
I want to see houses of cards crumble.
I see it everywhere.
I see how Death has become a joke.
How Life itself has turned into a bad punch line.
I see an endless supply of puppets on a string.
I hear people call that a life.
And I see them turn deaf ears and blind eyes
to the embers in their midst.
I see water flood every street.
The wind is blowing.
I can hear its whisper in the quietest of places.
I hear it everywhere.
I awake every morning to a semblance of a life.
We all do.
Paper-dry sock puppets of tyranny.
I want upheaval.
I want the final days to come.
I want to return to the quiet darkness, the silent roar of the Night.
I want to drown in the spice of life,
not merely taste it at the tip of my tongue.
I want conformity to return to the non-existence it is.
I want complacency and any mundane existence to end up
On the garbage heap where it belongs.
I know no mercy, no pity.
I know only the pitiless wave.
And I drink from its well.
This is life.
This truth and joy beyond sensibility.
Civilized man
Go chop your head off.
I don’t want much.
I just want everything.

Amos Keppler 2006-08-25

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Long Walk

I am a Walker. I see the path, even when it is not there. I can feel it inside, a glowing trail in my veins.

When I first learned Magick, I found it immensely interesting, but strangely unsatisfying. So I rejected it all, rejected everything that had come before, except what had put me on the path, the burning flame inside. I set out to carve my own path, to learn my own way, and then… then, I learned Magick.

All paths, all labels are truly meaningless. Only experience is real. And we all experience life our own way, and should experience it on our own terms. Worship of gods, of humans, of anyone or anything isn’t just distractions, but even worse a drain on your spirit and Magick within. Yes, humans have a connection with the Earth, with nature, with everything surrounding us, but ultimately the Magick is inside us. We are the strongest creative force in existence. We, or rather our Shadow, the collected consciousness of everything we have been, are and will ever be or can be, our eternal Self, are immense beings, constantly creating and recreating the Universe. The Shadow is what some interpret as gods, some as fairie, some as demons, spirits, or some other denomination. Meeting/facing It can be an awesome experience, and not everybody can handle that. It is every life we have ever lived, an accumulation of every thought, every action, every dream, every angle we have ever experienced. But all that, power and all, are also residing inside our current body. We are the gods, we are the fairie, the demons, the spirits and everything else. The walker, the human being embraces all this, leaving nothing out, denying nothing, of his or her personality. Our current world, where the notion of duality is dominating our perception, is meaningless, is an illusion, not in the sense it doesn’t exist, but in its importance. Dark and light, right and wrong, it’s all just pegs, crannies in which to hang a dusty, moth-infected old coat. You don’t remove a piece of a painting and claim it is the same painting. If we deny a part of ourselves, we deny our very Self.

If we are here for anything it is to learn. And it is an ongoing, unending, often repetitive process. What we have learned once we may have to learn again and again. Information isn’t knowledge. Knowledge isn’t wisdom. Wisdom not understanding. Understanding is slippery and will always elude us. There is no truth. The only truth is that there is no truth. Magick is the Walk, the path, not the destination, because there is no destination, no end, nothing rewarding us or condemning us, at the end of the Journey, because the Journey is infinite, never ending. So you can delude yourself, limit yourself, by believing there are beings bigger or smaller than you, beings who can dictate rules to you, or beings you can dictate rules to… or you can enjoy life in all its shades, embrace it with everything you are. The Walk began long ago, when you reached back into the past, into the void, and created yourself out of nothing. There might be interruptions, pauses or dams in your path, but it’s all just temporary.

The flow, The Long Walk continues.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Most people spend their lives in a bubble of their making, one carefully crafted, isolating them from life, from the bad, the good, and the ugly. Life is good, they claim. I’ve made a life for myself. As long as no one bother me, I won’t bother anyone. It’s a fair trade.

In truth, no matter the placid mask they use to hide their true selves and emotions, they live their pallid existence in a quiet desperation, screaming at the world.

The current world and the situation we all find ourselves in aren’t just bad. It’s horrible, in a thousand smaller and bigger ways, on all levels of society. And the bubble-people know that. They know it in their hearts of hearts still beating somewhere, outside the bubble, the soft cell they’ve made for themselves. The strain increases every day, but still most people pretend everything is peachy.

There is life left in the world. There is still fire deep in the night. But this is in spite of, not because of the thousand pinpricks of pain and open wounds of a world we exist in today. It’s a testament to humanity that there is still anything even remotely similar to passion and freedom remaining among us. There is hope. There always will be, as long as there is a tiny spark left of the fire we once was, the fire we still are. But that pleasant fact can also be a danger, a reason to not act, not be what you should be. People not hampered and pampered by hope can be very dangerous, and dangerous is exactly what we all need right now.

Because people closing themselves off in their bubble pretend the world is all right, pretend they have a semblance of a life, no matter what. They are the greatest pretenders in history (and there have been a few).

Suffering surrounds us on all sides, and has done so for so long, for five hundred generations, and during that time humanity has been chopped into pieces repeatedly, been devoured and spit back out endlessly.

And that is a danger, too. We’ve become used to suffering, to continuous torment, to the point of becoming numb, becoming living dead. But there is hope, even though there is little reason for it. Humans are powerful beings. Our potential hardly diminished after ten thousand years of diminishing. And we are angry. And there’s good reason for it. And there is rage. And there are a million good reasons for that. Suffering has exploded today in this bubble, this torture chamber called civilization. A choir of beyond angry voices is rising from the pits, the abysses of the current world.

There is hope.

The bubble is about to burst.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Doing it with Mirrors

The British Home Secretary John Reid holds a crucial speech about the need for «extreme action against terror», about the need to temporarily giving up «our freedom», to «fight this evil» and protect us from «those who will destroy our way of life». «Terror may force freedom curbs», he said. Hardly more than a day later a professed eight-month plot to blow up planes on their way from London to United States is unveiled. How believable is that? In the light of that fact that both British and United States’ politicians and officials are repeatedly exposed as liars and murderers, it’s not believable at all. Don’t believe it. Don’t believe it for a moment!

John Reid has been struggling lately. Tony Blair and the entire current British cabinet of terror and George Bush («this nation is at war with Islamic fascists that will use any means to harm us who love freedom») and bunch as well, with the slaughter their friends in Israel has recently put in motion, and also with implementing, as they see it, necessary laws, and thereby removing edible and crucial rights from our lives. What’s left of them. It stinks at the top these days, even more so than usual.

The truth about 9/11 and 7/7, and countless other recent and not so recent brutal government operations, and false ops are increasingly exposed these days. The various Gatekeepers and eager servants are coming out in force to protect the lie that has kept their masters in power for so long. The tyrants are growing desperate.

They say the truth is paranoid delusions, «conspiracy theories». That clever ruse has kept most people from speaking out for so very long, now.

They say people fighting the implementing of «anti-terrorist laws» are either deluded or that «they don’t understand the threat». But in fact they do. The real threat that is.

Keep society, keep the world in crisis, a perpetual state of war, and everything is possible. Fear is the key.

The velvet tyrants have kept us all in the dark for so long, and murdered and terrorized thousands, millions of people on «our behalf», to protect us from a threat concocted by them, implemented by them, behind their heavy curtains and in their sick, power-hungry minds.

Stop believe them.

And even more important: stop believe in them.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Meaning of Life

Diary of a Traveling Man Revisited (Sep. 1991).

After a brief return to a mundane life that almost drained me dry, brought me lower than I had been in a long time, I returned to my travels, my life as a Nomad. I traveled through Europe for months during that critical time of my life, and I came alive again, felt life return to me out there in the world, as I practically lived on the European railways. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, and a moody old castle turned inexpensive hotel outside Bonn, until I arrived in, until I returned to one of the cities of my dreams.

I walked through the exciting Amsterdam streets a hot autumn night, through a new and strange world brimming with Life and Shadow, and I had an epiphany far more worthy than any religious text. This is basically what I wrote (in my paper notebook):

«Everything you do is ultimately meaningless. There is no meaning to anything, anything at all. The only meaning is that there is no meaning... It’s when you realize this, you see the meaning of everything, and it’s good...»

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Living in the Wild

Robin Dood made this interview with me a couple of years ago...

Robin: Tell us about living in the wild, Amos!

Amos: It’s awkward at first, but after that you feel like you’re slowly awakening from a bad dream. You stumble a lot in roots and such the first few days, but then your feet remember, more and more what your conscious mind has forgotten. And it’s slowly becoming second nature. The ability to live in the wild is in all of us.

Robin: And how did you provide food & cooking?

Amos: I didn’t usually cook. The fire was mostly for heat on cold nights. I was never totally self-sufficient, even though that was the goal, but I didn’t need to go and fetch civilized food often, and during the summer and autumn hardly at all. I experimented a lot and was lucky, I guess that didn’t catch more bad stuff. I was sick a few days now and then by ingesting inedible stuff. I learned a bit more as time went by, though I’ll say I’m still not skilled enough to survive for years. You get rusty again quickly, too, after having returned to civilization.

Robin: It must have been cold sometimes, and wet too. How did you keep warm?

Amos: I hardly got wet, and when I wanted a fire I made it by picking the bark of willow, scraping off its wet, inner «skin». What is beneath is dry as desert sand, and fairly easy to make a fire with. And to add to that I tap Resin from pines. It contains turpentine. I also make healing tea from the willow bark. There was a kind of cave, slight overheads where I could avoid the rain. I did wander a lot, though, and didn’t carry anything more than I could carry. That’s what any Nomad must learn. We must all learn not to gather more than we can carry.

And you toughen up after a while. Temperatures bothering you initially won’t, after a while.

I also try to absorb as much knowledge as possible of natural medicine and herbs, and recognize it in nature. That isn’t easy either. You can’t learn life only from books. They can’t be more than a supplement in the learning process. Experience is the milk and the key.

Robin: What were the first things you missed from civilization?

Amos: I didn’t really miss anything, and I did find that strange. I brought a laptop the first year, and a lot of batteries because a paper notebook isn’t really feasible when you have a lot of writing to do, and one of my reasons for learning to live and survive in nature was to write a book called Thunder Road Book One: Ice and Fire, about the and of civilization that will be published next year or the year after that. I also wrote a lot of poems. The thing about being a Storyteller, though, I can do in a tribe, too, after civilization is gone. Easily. There will always be a need for a Storyteller around the campfire. Oral tradition is mankind’s natural way of telling stories. A wild tribe encourages diversity. It has to, to evolve and grow and becoming better suited to survive, both as a group and as individuals.

The second year I didn’t bring any advanced technology at all, except for a brief trip to the far, very far Norwegian mountains and «national parks», where I did drive. And kept «writing» in my head by memorizing everything, and I learned to contain it in my head. I can honestly say I hardly forgot more than a few words. It felt amazing. That, too.

The other reason is simple: Civilization will end soon, and we should help bring it about. It’s destroying everything making life worth living. I wanted to learn to survive for the case of survival itself. I’m convinced civilization will collapse totally in the near future, because of Global Warming, the coming pandemonium and social political breakdown hitting us fairly simultaneously. Each and every one of them cataclysmic events in itself, but joined they’ll be absolutely devastating to a system denying nature, and its vast power. And I want to be ready. I’m not yet, but I am working on it.

Robin: What made you go back? (to civilization)

Amos: Winter, I guess, and convenience and habit and all the strains and shit of the web pulling us back to our chains. And you can’t really escape civilization, not as long as it is There, as long as it exists anywhere. It will exist inside us, until we rid ourselves of it, totally, like disregarding rotten food, and avoid festering still ponds.

Btw I wasn’t really sick a day out there, but the first day I got back in I got a cold…

Robin: Will you go back again?

Amos: I do go back all the time. I haven’t spent months outside in a couple of years, now, though. But I’m constantly prodding, probing, both mentally and physically the true life of the Human Being. That btw is the most enduring and prevalent realization you get out there: We belong there. It’s our home. The cities, this current walking dead life isn’t.

Robin: Thank you very much! Maybe we’ll bump into each other someday out in the Wild!

Amos: Paths that cross will always cross again.