Friday, July 21, 2006

The Wild Man church

It isn’t a church in any way (but a kind of an ironic approach, of course).

The first of many logos

Wild, savage, fierce, feral, untamed…

It’s «strange» how these words cause such anxiety in today’s world, but they do. They all have dominantly negative connotations in mainstream, oppressive society. We are domesticated. We are tamed. And everything pointing in the opposite direction is bad for us… apparently.

This is not a church of any religion, but rather its antithesis. We reject the building, the shrine, the place of worship and submission and kneeling and conformity and priesthood and hierarchy. We reject the pyramid, reject civilization, and all its works. We embrace the unbridled passion within us all. We have come to a point in the current, life-hostile society that even the slightest show of passion is considered an aggressive act. No more! The great mysteries of mankind are clothed in armor and poison. Magick is dormant and has become a dirty, laughable word, one left for charlatans and spiteful rationalists. No more!

The very planet itself, our home, has become hostile to a point never even imagined in the most horrific nightmare in earlier ages, and we have made it so.

No more!

The Wild Man breaking out of his or her confines is ridiculed, is persecuted, is attacked and put low. Civilization, the worst tyranny of all time, doesn’t do its battle by fighting, but by corrupting, by poisoning, by strangling.

So Wild Man, don’t be corrupted, poisoned or strangled. Pull the rusty knife from your heart. Remove the stranglehold around your neck. That’s all it takes. You’re free, free to run with the wolves, to spread your wings with the eagles, with the Phoenix, the Shadow within us all.

Current society put us in restraints, in chains soft as smoke, invisible smoke so light that you hardly notice it at all. But you are kept from running with the wolves and from spreading your wings, and feel the blood boil in your veins. You become a machine, instead of the Human Being you are born to be.

So a few of us come together in the night, in the shadows, the ultimate rebels, fighting the ultimate battle, against an enemy most people cannot even see, only faintly sense where their heart used to be or could have been.

So this is the Wild Man church, mighty witches, angry beyond angry rebels, filled with joy, passion and night, standing in the Circle of Fire, toasting the bloody demise of mankind's ultimate folly.

There are countless paths to the forest, the wilderness, to the Life we once knew by heart.

Live, and thereby make others live as well.

As one live, so do we all.

You’re free. You can do what you will. Do it.

Do thy true will…

Welcome to the Wild Man church.

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Lucy said...

This is a powerful post. In fact that's word I'd use to describe your whole blog and your writing style - powerful. Many of your recurring ideas resonate with me strongly, such as Wild Man which reminds me of Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Wild Woman. That has long been an important idea for me. I don't agree with you on all points but I have never felt the need to conform to anyone else's ideas, or to force other people to conform to mine. I have linked to you from my new (very much work-in-progress) blog at and I will continue to read your provocative and powerful writing.