Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Tailspin, Suicide Run

In short: civilization is destroying everything making life worth living. This one fact is or should be sufficient to reject the technocratic Kingdom and all its works. The rest is just redundant details, really.

Civilization is making us sick.

Civilization is killing us.

First it takes the spirit, the most valuable in a human being. It’s sucking our vitality out of us, leaving nothing but a dry, withered husk. Then, with its easy final touch, it takes the last breath, from walking dead people that can hardly be said to be living at all. It takes piece by piece of what makes us Human, until there is nothing left but a shell, a machine-like, codependent creature, a mindless tape recorder unable to do anything but dully repeat the words and action of others.

That there are still human beings that have survived with their intellect and passion and Self somewhat intact, is truly a testament to the human spirit, the unending fire within us all.

I’m a fairly healthy person. In fact it can be said that most of the trouble I’ve ever had in the health department stems from my unfortunately extensive contact with civilization. I can walk and run through the wilderness for hours, days, months and years without injury, but after a few days walking in cities, on its unnatural ground, I tend to develop problems, also, occasionally, the severe kind. Human feet are not made to walk and move on this harsh ground. Mine certainly aren’t.

I have a slight touch of Asthma. Something the medical doctors have informed me would have never bothered me at all, if not for the pollution. Others are far worse off.

I’ve been struggling a bit on yet another front because my father was exposed to chemicals, among them formaldehyde, before my conception. Yet another minor detail making up the picture of civilization.

There are literally thousands of others. In a thousand small and vast ways we are infected and twisted and remade. Civilization is a thoroughly alien environment to us, anathema to all life, from the air we breathe, to the very food we eat, and the places we live. There are those claiming this is the best kind of life for mankind. Others say it can be, if we improve it a bit, brushing a bit here and there, getting rid of a few of the thousands of horrors we experience today. They’re all wrong, of course. They have to be, by looking around them, and not smell the coffee. At least their ambitions, on behalf of humanity, isn’t very high. At best, they’re deluded, and even clueless. At worst they thrive on all the poison, injustice and inhumanity we suffer.

Life will never be «fair», never be any kind of paradise. But civilization, since its less arrogant beginnings, encourages all our bad sides, alienates us from our true home and from our very Self.

Civilization is a machine, and the Machine is the true Enemy.

On all levels of modern existence we are confronted with this horrible faceless entity of our own making.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. Civilization is poisoning our bodies and our minds and brainwashing us into believing it is good for us. How can we even call this living?

greenInk said...

Well said, indeed. As we hurtle toward our Blade Runner future (sans the happy ending, as the green space will exist only in the minds of the aged, and even then, only for a time), one wonders about this collective insanity that allows us to see the obvious but makes us incapable of doing anything about it.

kelly said...

Thanks for connecting n sharing via Twitter! Appreciate it! You have a good blog here!

Have you heard about Obama's and UN's (togther with EPG) intention to tax on carbon dioxide emission? What are your views?

Amos Keppler said...

I don't really mind that, but it doesn't go far enough. The efforts needs to be far more extensive than just taxation, but the corporations should certainly be robbed of their blood money, for many reasons.

Mark E. Smith said...

Progress, development, and civilization are just euphemisms for genocide and ecocide, taking a planet that sustained us for free for tens of thousands of years and turning it into a disposable commodity with preplanned obsolescence. The best hope is that this cancer has devoured its host to the point where it can no longer afford the space program and won't be able to metastacize. We're fucked, but it's a big universe out there and it shouldn't have to be.

Amos Keppler said...

Yeah, one planet should be enough.

If we migrate into space now we will just continue the cycle of destruction on every new planet. We will become like locusts, leaving nothing behind.