Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Modern Gladiators

Sports are the current equivalent of the games in old Rome, the bread and circus of our time. While a given population is watching sports they get relief from their pent up aggression and numerous grievances, and turn more pliable, easier to handle for any given dictatorship. While people sit there, in their seat or chair, at the arena or in front of the television set, crying for their team, their guy or gal to win, they get a brief respite from their own sorry lives. By living their lives through others, they are less likely to get a life of their own. When they cry for blood it is as if they, themselves are killing the enemy out there on the field, and they will be less prone to let their dissatisfaction with the government be heard or felt. Sports also serves to confirm people’s perceived sense of nationalism and belonging to the country of their birth. These factors are why sports are so crucial to the management of today’s worldwide tyranny. This is its purpose and sole purpose.

Everything else you hear, about «honorable competition» is just bullshit of the first order. Even the vast amounts of money generated by sports are incidental to the ultimate goal. Government is done with mirrors, with distractions and illusions, and this is one of several great tools to that effect.

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