Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Land Given Them by God

First of all. The «jews», as they define themselves, as others also define them, unfortunately so, as an ethnically homogenous group (they’re not and that shouldn’t matter anyway), have reason to be paranoid, reason to be distrustful about the motives of the world.

The question is how long the rest of us should put up with it, should allow our collective, bad conscience let the isreali government get away with anything.

Any horrible act, any atrocity, at least in intention, if not yet in scope, easily comparable to what the nazis (and the world’s silence then) did to «them».

They favor the collective punishment method, like the nazis did. When their enemies send one rocket into Israel, they return a thousand, a reign of bombs and destruction. When one single soldier is killed (god forbid) they kill thousands of men, women and even children on the other «side». When a few soldiers are kidnapped, or rather taken prisoners of war, they start yet another war, yet another campaign of terror on occupied territories and neighboring countries. The Middle East has become their playground, their sandbox, where they can turn over everything repeatedly, where they can do practically anything with impunity, without anyone doing anything about it.

This isn’t a war. This is a one-sided, single-minded massacre of perceived enemies.

«The eggs turn to lice», a united states general has been quoted as saying during the genocide of the american natives, and this is obviously how the israeli government and the forces behind it view Palestinian children. They show that by their action almost daily. Even many conservative politicians, including the former norwegian prime minister Kåre Willoch, have grown to realize and advocate the obvious truth: that israel is the occupying force in Palestine. He visited the refugee camps Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon in the eighties, and saw for himself the results of israeli occupation and general policy.

So Palestine is occupied, as defined by international law, and as such, the Palestinian people have the right and even the duty to defend themselves and do everything in their power to fight the occupier, like any occupied land and people have done throughout recorded history. But it is an uneven struggle. It often is. But in this case the term «David and Goliath» is truer than it ever was. The way things are today any Palestinian resistance can never be any more than a gnat swatted by the israeli giant swatter. Only true international pressure can sway the fourth greatest military power on the planet. Only full and complete adherence to the countless (useless) UN resolutions is acceptable.

Israel must be threatened by both economic sanctions and military blockade. Though it would be more than sufficient if the united states, their major benefactor, would withhold their aid, both economic and political. Then the horrible military machine of the Apartheid state would crumble and fade, as it should. And: Israel is, even more so than other states, an artificial construct, and should never have existed in the first place.

Yet another Palestinian child mauled by israeli soldiers

So, this is anti-semitic, you say? This, telling it as it is, is persecution of the jews?

No, it’s an attack at the israeli government and state, and the forces behind it, which appalling actions have long since ceased having any legitimacy, one they never really had in the first place. And also on a way of thinking that should have been obsolete long ago, before it ever appeared.

It’s certainly anti-zionistic, in the sense that I question, I reject, like any sane person should do, the tenets of Zionism.

I will certainly be attacked for this, by the well-oiled propaganda machine of israel and friends, as everyone pointing out the obvious about these things, is.

«A land given them by God?» Please! Such insane rhetoric should never been allowed at all, and certainly not anymore. Do the «jews» have any legitimate claim on Palestine? Does any «ethnic group», on any land? Did their ancestors live in the land of Palestine thousands of years ago? Perhaps. Perhaps not. So what? European ancestors lived in Africa long ago. Does that give them the right to return there and act as the Master Race?

Come to think of it. Everyone’s ancestors have lived practically everywhere at one point or another…

You get the picture. You should.

I don’t like Hamas, the current Palestinian administration (or what’s left of it these days). In fact I dislike them with a vengeance, since I can’t stand religious zealots. But that (my opinion) is totally incidental in this particular manner, of course. And they come off as the very incarnation of reason compared to their isreali counterparts. When Hamas is evoking their right, under international law, to defend themselves and the people electing them from an occupying force, they are not doing anything extreme, really. It is laughable (chokingly laughable) when the international community condemns them for being aggressive, when they do nothing that not any oppressed population living under a terror regime has done and would have done during similar circumstances.

I used to laugh (a lot) about the claims about «the jews ruling the world» conspiracy theory. I still don’t believe it, but I’m not laughing anymore. For that, the jews (or their elected and military representatives) get away with way too much for comfort. The new israeli prime minister has shown himself to be no better than all his predecessors, Which isn’t strange, of course, since this isn’t a matter about persons, but about inclination, about preference, about Power, about yet more insanity incarnated.

Israel is the sole aggressor these days. They weren’t always, but are now. And they should be stopped. It has gone too far and gone on way too long. It should have ended yesterday.

There is a small (tiny), dwindling peace movement in israel, but they are as useless as all the nice words spoken by various international, seemingly well-meaning «mediators».

Eighty-six percent of the israelis, according to a survey in the newspaper Yediot Aharonot, support the new invasion of Lebanon. The german nazis never had that kind of popular support.

The two pictures of victims are from this page, where you'll also find a lot of alternative information compared to the onesided coverage most people today get.

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Anonymous said...

One injustice doesn't justify another. The jews or/and the israeli government don't seem to realize this. Or they don't want to.