Sunday, June 25, 2006

Media censors those criticizing it

This is quite, quite evident to those of us that have lived on the edge of (and at odds with) society for a number of years. The fourth estate censors everything, but especially those legitimately attacking it, because the fourth estate, anywhere, is not in any way the bold truth seeking correction to the other estates, the way its servants love to portray it (and themselves). The fourth estate is the supporting estate, designed to support the other estates, to give readers, listeners and viewers the impression that the world is totally different compared to what it truly is. The Fourth Estate is the instrument of Tyranny.

Again: to those of us having experienced everything from the outside for years, this is crystal clear.

What happened before, during and after September eleventh 2001, in New York and Washington DC is as such just yet another case in point, of an endless strain of deceit mindlessly confirmed by established media. From the very first moment the government’s version was retold and thoroughly «confirmed», to make no one doubt what had happened, to keep everyone in the fog about it. The Great War (to end all wars), the Mother of All Wars had started, and everyone criticizing it was quickly and decisively named «traitors», «conspiracy nuts», paranoia freaks, and straight out not right in the head, dangerous people that shouldn’t be allowed to express themselves in established and «respected» quorums… and thus it continues

This isn’t limited to the Unites States. Certainly not. This is an ongoing, dislocalized phenomenon. Many of the United States’ allies, the forces allied with the forces behind the United States’ government, responded with an eagerness and determination clearly even surpassing the «Boss» in some areas. Even in countries openly criticizing the invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq, like Germany and France, the anti-terror laws were expedited on an assembly line. Close to absolutely every nation on the globe has used this excellent opportunity to strengthen the grip, to effectively strengthen a tyranny that has been with us for a very long time. Denmark and Great Britain have been particularly eager.

Hysteria has been successfully induced virtually everywhere. The police have had the opportunity to do more than a few «true-to-life» exercises the last five years, many with the most ridiculous outcome, such as the arrest of dangerous people listening to Ipods on trains and similar. Media has, regularly and irregularly presented us with cases telling us how much more dangerous the world has become, how much more dangerous our enemies are, compared to before. Fear is the key. It makes us throw away the last shred of healthy judgment and independent thought, close to anything that might make us question the official, retouched version of reality hammered into us from the cradle.

So, what happens, then, to the critical thought and act? What happens with our ability to see beyond the illusion used to enslave us? Well, it lives on in underground environments all over our fabulous globe, among people not seeing truth-seekers as screwed and paranoid rants, but on the contrary listen and then ask their own, independent questions. Here there is true debate and not the pretence of it we see «unfold» in established quorums across the world, the established quorums, where falseness and not truth blossoms.

This was also what happened after 9/11. People not passively and mindlessly accepting what they are told is the truth, but on the contrary, in a very natural way, seek beyond the lie, behind the illusion, to what has substance and truth, find at least a piece of reality. The deceit hasn't quite worked this time around on a considerably larger part of the population, compared to during previous «false ops», without anybody being able to tell exactly why that is. Perhaps it’s the growth of the Internet, where absolutely everybody living in civilization that isn’t physically imprisoned or locked out can express themselves. Perhaps the evidence for foul play is way, way too overwhelming to hide. Perhaps even the most loyal of servants have eventually had enough. Or it’s a combination of several factors. This much we know: George W. Bush, Tony Blair and the people in their circles, have been caught lying so many times, by now, that they have long since lost all credibility.

But established media, the fourth, supporting estate keeps stating the Lie, the illusion of a just and basically healthy society. Everything old is new again. There is nothing new under the sun. The rags, the so-called serious and so-called radical media… they’re all the same. You have to look long and wide, no matter where you are in the world today, to find any publication worth the print or the electrons it consists of. They exist, in the most obscure forms, but they are the rare exception, and nowhere close to being established. Only the most patient of seekers can find a place where freedom and independence rule. All established media, reaching the masses, with no exceptions what so ever, participate eagerly in the ongoing cover up, where 9/11, 7/7 and such are merely among the latest events, of true crimes on a long, rotten branch.

So, what happens to all the well thought of and well founded independent articles sent to media editors. What happens after the editors have read! them? They’re thrown right in the wastebasket (electronic or otherwise), of course. This act is then accompanied by the most incredible of excuses. «We receive so many good articles every day that we have to prioritize hard between them.» And what articles are printed, are read? Those emulating and best emulating the media and society average opinion… of course. The Lie is so popular practically everywhere today, and the truth or similar, is only rarely with us, wherever we go. We have long since reached a society far worse than what is described in 1984 and Brave New World combined, one that keeps taking a turn for the worse.

And very few tell it like it is, and even fewer are heard.

One of many problems with present day people is that not many of them are used to having their perceptions challenged. They’ve gotten away with that for far too long.

«The truth is so concealed in our time
and the lie so well established
that one can’t recognize the truth
unless one loves it.»


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