Saturday, April 01, 2006

Use of Cellular Phones Leads to Brain Tumor

A new study, made by Swedish scientists, published in the scientific magazine International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, confirms what all critical, independent studies have told us for years: Use of cellular (mobile) phones is very, very unhealthy, and can easily turn lethal.

The study states categorically that if you speak more than an hour a day in your cell phone, your risk of developing a brain tumor is doubled.

- The study is the biggest of its kind, Lennart Hardell, a professor employed at the University hospital of the city of ├śrebro, and one of the co-writers of the report tells the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Over nine hundred cancer patients during the years 1997 to 2003 have been compared to a control group of over 2000 people. The bottom line is that people using cell phones and even cordless phones extensively over an hour a day over a ten-year period are twice as likely to develop brain tumors compared to the control group.

- A cordless phone works more or less like a cell, but with a lesser range, Hardell says. – On the other hand people tend to speak longer in a cordless compared to a cell, and therefore the risk is high even there.

The researchers have also seen that the risk is much higher on the side of the head where a person usually holds his or her phone.

Hardell and the others are prepared for harsh counterattacks. It has happened before and will come this time as well, as certain as day follows night.

- That is so with all research, he says. – But especially so when studies challenge major economic interests.

Concerns were raised as early as ten years ago about the dangers of using cell phones, but nothing has ever been done about it. As is often the case voices critical to scientific «advances» are often drowned in the buzz, and the use of this new wonder toy spread fast as wildfire to all parts of modern society. It can’t be overstated and can’t be stated often enough: There was no lack of warnings. But for every new study proving the danger, the powerful industrial forces paid a bunch of loyal and greedy scientists to produce yet another false report. As with the tobacco industry and the lot of other industries these people are clearly guilty of murder, and they should be treated accordingly.

Cell phones are as common as grass today, and yet another ticking time bomb in our midst.

Nothing is done about it.

Nothing what so ever.

On the contrary, the use of cell phones is encouraged, and the insanity continues.

This is no April’s Fool. It should have been, like the many other insanities currently flourishing in modern human society, but it isn’t. Because that is how the world works (or not) today. Because that is how the tyrants, the «masters» of the world want it to be. Civilization thrives on insanity, because it is insanity, an organized form for it unheard of in pre-civilized societies.

«(For reasons of state)
black becomes white and white becomes black.
The horrible becomes the humane
and the most dastardly felonies and atrocious crimes
become meritorious acts.»

Church and State
Michael Bakunin 1871

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