Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not Fit to Sustain Life

This is old news, confirmed time and time again, from the upper to the lower planetary ecological levels: Life on Earth is destroyed under the onslaught of the modern human society. Slowly but surely we ruin our own chances of survival.

In 1999, during the 16. international botanical congress, Dr. Jane Lubchenko from Oregon State University and her colleagues presented the preliminary results of human footprints on Earth. Humans have transformed nearly half of the land, and there are fifty dead zones (areas with little or no oxygen) in the ocean. Further research, and other research groups have confirmed these results later on, and revealed an increasingly worsened condition.

In bigger and smaller ways the planet is transformed from a vital, living organism into something gray and lifeless. And the same is also true for humanity and all life.

These and other startling revelations are, as usual, not given much attention in the established media. Some isolated cases are reported, but the big picture, the inevitable result of the poisoning and destruction of the life-giving globe is hardly reported at all. This is not such a puzzle once a person realizes that The Fourth eState supports all the other estates, the grand Power present in all major public and private ruling bodies. The establishment and its eager servants support what is happening. This sounds incredible, given that what they’re truly doing is to lay the foundation for their own suicide. But thus is today’s world: collective suicide has become the norm, and all, willing and unwilling victims alike are caught in its insane web, caught from birth, with few or no chances of escaping its countless trappings.

The celebrated media establishment could last year, for instance, giddily report the happy news that «millions of people» participated in the tree planting, garbage picking, and protests wishing for greener cities on the World Environment Day, and that sixty percent of the world’s population would live in cities within 2030. With such enthusiasm it isn’t strange that so much is done…

More and more land is suffocating beneath concrete, asphalt, plastic and glass. Ever-bigger parts of the planet are soaked in poison. And are decreasingly fit to sustain life.

The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) has published an atlas showing how badly human development has influenced the environment, ecology and all life on Earth. One can see it, on all levels, everywhere.

The destruction isn’t decreasing but increasing.

So, what happens? What’s being done with all this knowledge, this realization that everything has gone totally off the deep end?

Nothing. That’s what. Nothing of significance is being done to stop the insanity, the collective suicide. As it often is in today’s society, there is no lack of information, but rather a fundamental lack of desire to do anything about it, to act on unambiguous information. As incredible as it sounds, stronger forces in today’s world keep drastic measures from being implemented. Mechanisms, institutions of oppression and terror, developed through centuries and millennia, halt all true attempts at inception. Doorkeepers, living or dead or other dead objects, are present at nearly every critical nexus, every place in time and space where true opposition may flower beyond a given level. And if there is no control post present, one will be built more than fast enough.

So, is there hope in the hopelessness? Is there any hope at all in breaking the vicious circle?

Certainly. The old, tired cliché «as long as there is life, there is hope» certainly applies here. Not hope that there will be any use in attempting to change the system to the better, but that it is possible to remove it from the very face of the surface of the Earth, from every single place in the Universe, except as a distant memory. Responsible people must simply stop playing the tyrants’ game, that’s all. They must form groups at the edge of and outside society’s institutions, never participating in their false hope, in order to one day or one night become many enough to crush the system, to destroy the destruction, so to speak.

To work within the system to change it will never lead to anything, not to anything but more destruction, terror and death. Anything done to «improve the system» will only worsen the condition for all Life on Earth.


Anonymous said...

You're right, we will never be able to cause change from within in any way that makes a true difference.


obskur said...

If you look at it closely and deconstruct all the systems to their core - it actually makes some twisted sense that most people are unwilling to change or do anything significant to stop the climate change. At the base of it all, you'll find christianitys (or some other religion) rotten, festering core. Of course they don't care about how the planet is doing? Why should they, when they believe that they'll go to an imganinary fairyland where none of this matters anyway? This is why working the system doesn't work - the system (although corrupt) isn't really the problem. The problem is the crazy religious ideas at the base. This is our true war. Not until we've rid ourself of all the religious nonsense will there ever be any true change. The majority of christians now believe that the "apocalypse" will come in our lifetime, so then, of course, this planet doesn't matter. Atheism is the only thing that can save us.

In other words; it doesn't look good.

Amos Keppler said...

No, it doesn't and hasn't for a long time.

A goodbye to religion would certainly be great on all levels and can only help humanity's survival.

But the system of civilization IS the problem, even though religion is an integral part of it.