Sunday, April 23, 2006


Dead dead dead
Dead dead dead
Dead as doornails people
Of this kingdom of the dead

I finally got inspired
Walking these streets
Of meticulous boredom
In a run of the mill town
In a state of the art
Place of fear
Nothing is up for grabs
And nothing is worth having
And life hardly feels worth living

Dead are the faceless people
Of this finely grown stone
Dead dead dead
Preserved in poison
And hard-to-breathe dust

Tired voices
Tired faces
Put the world to sleep
Go home
Stay in bed
Never lift your head
Never open your eyes
Never raise your voice
Go to sleep early
Never wake up

Lips are constantly moving
Yapping all day long
Never saying shit
Only the tombstones talk
In a cold fever of rain and ashes

Amos Keppler 2006-04-23


Anonymous said...

You do a good job of capturing the lifeless feeling of civilization in a place with no wildness or nature.

I particularly like the last 2 lines and the feelings they evoke of how useless and lifeless civilized life is.

Anonymous said...