Sunday, March 26, 2006

V For Vendetta - A «Review»

His name was V, and he may not have existed at all, except in the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds, a flicker, a faint memory of our distant past.

This is a great film, from the first to last image. We are sucked into the great and controversial story from the very first moment, and every second from that point we are pulled deeper and deeper and deeper into it. It’s not strange that religious people and people in high places dislike this film so much. It exposes them ruthlessly, in every aspect of their sordid existence. The story is very, very thorough. It includes many of the current injustices of the world. In fact one major theme is the situation in most western countries right now, about the government staging terrorist attacks in order to be able to legislate oppressive laws. It goes right at the jugular and don’t let go.

But most of all it’s about empowerment, empowerment against fear.

It’s about Evey that doesn’t want to be afraid all the time, but is. V rescues her as three «fingers», government secret agents ambush her after curfew, and from that moment on their fate, and that if Britain itself is entwined. It’s about V, a victim of horrible government experimentation ultimately killing hundreds of thousands of people. An act blamed on foreign, Muslim terrorists. Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s about everybody suffering under the heel of tyranny, about how we all can free ourselves from enslavement and dependency, if we choose to.

I sat there, in the theater, enjoying every second of it. It was so thorough, so much going deep into the material, not avoiding any unpleasantness, any controversial subject. 9/11, 7/7, the bird flu, wire-tapping, government surveillance and tyranny, and numerous other current events, are all pulled into one, coherent, powerful story. Its themes are contemporary, but also timeless, valid way beyond the current world events, rebellion for all ages.

It's a rare thing that overt political films are so well made. Bravo!

10 of 10

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