Sunday, March 26, 2006

V For Vendetta - A «Review»

His name was V, and he may not have existed at all, except in the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds, a flicker, a faint memory of our distant past.

This is a great film, from the first to last image. We are sucked into the great and controversial story from the very first moment, and every second from that point we are pulled deeper and deeper and deeper into it. It’s not strange that religious people and people in high places dislike this film so much. It exposes them ruthlessly, in every aspect of their sordid existence. The story is very, very thorough. It includes many of the current injustices of the world. In fact one major theme is the situation in most western countries right now, about the government staging terrorist attacks in order to be able to legislate oppressive laws. It goes right at the jugular and don’t let go.

But most of all it’s about empowerment, empowerment against fear.

It’s about Evey that doesn’t want to be afraid all the time, but is. V rescues her as three «fingers», government secret agents ambush her after curfew, and from that moment on their fate, and that if Britain itself is entwined. It’s about V, a victim of horrible government experimentation ultimately killing hundreds of thousands of people. An act blamed on foreign, Muslim terrorists. Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s about everybody suffering under the heel of tyranny, about how we all can free ourselves from enslavement and dependency, if we choose to.

I sat there, in the theater, enjoying every second of it. It was so thorough, so much going deep into the material, not avoiding any unpleasantness, any controversial subject. 9/11, 7/7, the bird flu, wire-tapping, government surveillance and tyranny, and numerous other current events, are all pulled into one, coherent, powerful story. Its themes are contemporary, but also timeless, valid way beyond the current world events, rebellion for all ages.

It's a rare thing that overt political films are so well made. Bravo!

10 of 10

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tyrants' manual - advanced reading

There are several ways to deal with dissenters:

1: You ignore them and ban them from speaking their mind publicly. You don’t have to imprison them to rob them of their freedom of speech. This method has been very effective to this point. Or was, until recently.

2: You ridicule them, attempting to make them the laughing stock of their neighborhood and given country. Also very effective until recently. But evidently working less and less.

3: You send your uniformed bullies, the police, after them, making sure any protester is beaten up with impunity. No policeman is punished, of course, but the protesters are... for being beaten to a pulp by your thugs. You make sure they're sentenced to long prison terms on triumphed up charges.

Even this has not worked that good recently, though. People keep returning to the streets and other venues, protesting against your tyranny.

4: You as a tyrant are now growing desperate. What to do, what to do. The velvet glove is off, that much is certain. Old methods or old approaches to tyranny are no longer working or working as great as it used to. You sit down with your advisers and co-conspirators. Your masters in the shadows bring forward a bold scenario, one they have yearned to put in motion for quite some time, and they have waited a long time for a willing tool such as yourself.

5: Invent a world wide terrorist organization. Blow up a lot of people in several countries and blame it on imaginary enemies.

6: Now, you are cooking. You are now able to change laws at will, with the support of a mostly clueless mainstream population. The laws have always worked in your favor, have always been made by tyrants to benefit tyrants, but now you take it all a step further.

7: Your plan works better than you could dream of. You invade blameless countries. You bomb and kill children by the thousands. You pick up people from all kinds of places and incarcerate them without any kind of official process. And very few people react much to your tyrannical ways. Very few are protesting much at all, and you are styling, rolling over any dissent. You pick from a number of non-fiction and fiction regimes throughout history to make your own cocktail of tyranny and oppression. Dissenters can now be totally silenced without much added effort on your part. Any critical voice is either a terrorist or abetting terrorists and other vile enemies of the state. In a society dominated by fear you get your will across.

8: Congratulations. You're now ready to go to the next level. The control of the entire world, of every big and small working of modern society seems to be within your grasp. Your dream of being king of everything you survey is now very close. You can taste its reward in the saliva flooding your mouth.