Sunday, February 19, 2006

Truth revealed

A slight paraphrasing of a famous speech made a few years back...

"My fellow citizens, at this hour american and slave state forces are in the early stages of robbing another country of its natural resources. We have already killed a lot of its children, and we look forward to blow up a few more. The grave danger to our tyranny must not prevail. The idiots that elected us will keep closing their eyes to our very profitable scam and enterprise".

Paraphrased by Amos, sometimes during anna domini 2005

George W. Bush

Murderer of children men and mice,
destroyer of the human spirit

It's a derailing, a distraction to compare the current United States with Nazi Germany and George W. Bush with Adolph Hitler, of course. The situation isn't the same, and the persons in question aren't the same, and it takes the attention away from the truly important matters.

But it's inevitable, really, because it is so obvious.

Students in Norway, a country suffering quite heavily from Hitler and Germany's machination during World War 2, heard a list of statements from their professor and were convinced Hitler had stated them, but it was George W. Bush. They were similar to, and sounded like Hitler's.

"We want peace, not war".

"We have no territorial claim on the world".

The lawyers devising immunity laws from war crimes evoked the Nurnberg defense.

"We have taken new measures to protect our homeland".

"God told me to strike at Al-Quaida, and I struck them".

"And then he instructed me to strike at Saddam Hussain, and I did".

To mention a few.

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