Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Technological Glorification of Technology

In various science shows on television we are constantly and without exception presented with an enthusiastic and engaging glorification of technology without peer. No critical questions are asked. Science, as perfect truth seeker and perfect Truth are presented with a sick glee that in fact support the thought of Science as a new religion.

The view of Isaac Newton, the idea that everything can be measured and catalogued, labeled, dominates the present day world. It’s present on all levels, on all areas of expertise. Only what can be measured in a laboratory has a quantifiable existence.

One show teaches children and youth the jargon, the gospel of technology and civilization. Another segments it, and shows its «usefulness» to modern people. Everything is narrowed and systemized, adapted to the ruling reality.

Today’s society would like to show us only a small wave, and ignore the boiling sea. Science is an excellent tool in that regard. Like visible light only reveals only a tiny part of the spectrum, society and its tools show us only flickers of reality. In this regard, as in others, we keep returning to media, to the fourth estate. Media is eagerly presenting the accepted reality, blatantly ignoring close to all other alternatives, echoing, as always, what we’re force fed in kindergarten, at school, at work, and in society as a whole. Perception is reality, and those ruling today’s world have realized this, and are integrating it in their propaganda.

By narrowing our perception of reality, we become easier to rule, a very important reason why it’s being done.

Another, just as important side of this, is the single right to the truth today’s rulers claim to have. By filtering reality, steer it into a rail subjected to society’s rules and norms, civilization blossoms, the dictatorship blossoms.

It’s an undeniable fact that today’s overwhelming problems are created by technology, but its priests and priestesses keep singing its praise. They claim that the problems can be solved with more of the same, so to speak. What will guide us out of the trouble created by technology is more technology.

And this is supposed to be the temple of rationality, the pillar of reason? Keep trying to wrap your mind around that one, and see where it gets you.

And this - glorified as the path and the goal, as the hymn we all must sing, leading us right into humanity’s collective suicide, towards an already very present level of a never before seen destruction of nature and life on Earth - is the course mankind walks.


Darla said...

I remember being a teen and being of the mindset that technology was going to be man's undoing, it was cold, evil and unnatural. I spent most of my time with a group of friends out in the open plains and the Wichita mountain range. I wanted to live off the grid. I didn't want children to be born into this crazy place for me to be responsible for.
I ended up on the grid, with two children. Without technology they'd have been stillborn because of umbilical problems. I didn't praise technology, but for the first time I understood the worth of knowing.

Technology has worth, to a point, but it doesn't have a conscience, therefore it is up to the people that have one to use it.
And therein lies the danger that I still have no love for.

Amos Keppler said...

I know of healers and shamans and midwives that have loosened/straightened umbilical cords inside the womb. I was also turned the right way by someone reaching into the womb. I wanted to come out with my butt first, silly me.

The problem these days is that the old knowledge is vanishing. With the old knowledge advanced technology IS unnecessary. The old knowledge can do everything necessary technology can do and more.