Friday, February 17, 2006

Murderers of children, men and mice and destroyers of the human spirit win again

They lie, lies big and small. Their lies should be and are exposed. They murder and destroy. It’s all out there in the open, for all to see, all that truly want to.

Do you sleep well at night, Tony? God, I hope not! You certainly shouldn’t. How many children have you murdered, or caused, ordered to be murdered, directly and indirectly the last decade?

Tony Blair and his cabinet of horror won yet another victory in the British parliament Wednesday. Aided by their fake «war on terror» they have, with their United States’ counterparts and in other countries, among them Denmark, triumphed through a series of oppressive laws in recent years, even more so than what was there before, tightening the noose further. Among the additions this time is a law outlawing the «glorification of terror». Tony Blair, «Teflon Tony» appears in public as a seemingly caring and passionate individual while he is in truth an insidious and wily tyrant, one of the cleverest of several equals in this current world of abundant deceit and willing enslavement. He’s an excellent representative for the new type of politicians, the breed caring even less about others than those before him. And what’s worse; when he steps down a long queue of his associates stands ready to follow in his slimy footsteps. Tony is just yet another eager man serving an oppressive system, even though he has clearly done more than his share of propagating it.

Whether Tony and George and the powers behind them, the true masters of the current world, executed the 9/11, 7/7 events and others, or merely took advantage of them, are still open to debate. In the larger scheme of things it matters little. Those forces are responsible for so many other horrors the last decades and centuries that one or two or three more hardly add significantly to the total.

A series of questions keep reappearing for the independent thinker and spirited person in this and similar matters.

What is the War on Terror exactly? What is glorifying terror?

Well, all that is easy to answer, really. The war is a subtext to crack down on any true opposition. The glorification of terror is any statement giving voice to in their mind dangerous ideas, any expression of Freedom, threatening their supremacy.

Using their own definitions, their public statements and actions, they should be charged for glorifying and executing terror, really, but I kinda doubt they will allow that…

The war they wage is basically against people domestically, against freedom everywhere. That is their agenda. The «War on Terror» is merely another lie, yet another convenient excuse on a very long list in order to achieve that hideous objective. Their desire is to silence all voicing of critical thought, and with the aid of the beyond gullible majority they’re doing just that.

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