Sunday, February 05, 2006


I loathe muslims. I loathe christians. I loathe hindus. I loathe buddhists. This is a long list. If your religion hasn’t made it on this list, please contact me, and I’ll take care of it. You name them. I loathe them.

Now, I should, in all fairness, mention the obvious fact that I’m speaking in general terms here. Incredible as it sounds, there are people among them, people that are okay, in spite of the vile belief they’re propagating. As long as they don’t speak about their religion or act on their beliefs, they’re okay… but unfortunately they do. They hardly pass up an opportunity to give the world more of their institutionalized insanity.

There is no reason, the way I see it, to point at muslims, and claim they’re any worse than their blood brothers and sisters in other religions. The muslims are obviously contributing heavily to make the current world even more insane, but so are their not so different siblings of other fanatical faiths.

One should, as in all other cases, call a spade a spade. In a time where the thick fog of obscuration dominates the world, there is even more important and essential to speak the truth, truth and nothing but the truth.

And the truth is this:

In all areas, all parts of modern life, these sick people are poisoning people’s minds and will: In child «care», in education, in culture and general organization of society, and much, much more. Our healthy curiosity is strangled in a thousand different ways. The Big Picture becomes murky, becomes something obscure we have to reach for in pain and misery. Most non-religious people willingly accept the presence of religion in pretty much the same way slaves accept their masters. «Humanism», for instance, willingly accept religion's contribution to our culture, as a part of «our common heritage», and unfortunately they’re correct.

Many want, in today’s situation, to support the muslims. The fact that they suffer from general persecution seems like a good reason to accept their devastating view on life. I don’t see it that way. In today’s current situation, with a strong christian war machine and a lesser muslim version of the same, there is simply no reason to support any of them, no reason to not attack them both. They’re two sides of the same coin, and deserve each other. Let them war. Let them destroy each other.

As is often the case today both sides of a conflict are equally reprehensible. They’re both eager supporters of the tyranny surrounding us all. This isn’t a clash of civilizations. This is Civilization!

Another and equally important matter, is that they shouldn’t be allowed to set the agenda, shouldn’t be allowed by passionate and aware people to dominate the world with their disgusting view on human life. That is what they have been doing for centuries, for millennia, and we see where it has brought us. Without nationalism and religion today’s dominant militarism would hardly be anything but a wet spot on the ground. It would probably not even be a word.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism have a common origin, and are still the same in all ways that count. They’ve never separated, not concerning major philosophy. There are variations, but not bigger than between gray stones in a heap of stones. So, do we believe them when they cry about how different they are, how little they have in common?

Of course not.

Either they’re worshipping a black meteor, a carpenter that has never existed, or an old, senile graybeard or a similar idiocy, they’re all an Enemy of everything that lives, everything and everyone hoping that tomorrow will come.


Cheryl F. said...

AMEN!! Beautifully written!

Amos Keppler said...

Thank you, Cheryl. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hey Amos..A minor quibble..must we include Buddhism? Tibetan..etc. ok..but that is pure, not even a religion, no god..not even any soul..spiritual seeking..And if we consider wars..crimes against humanity..whoever heard of a Buddhist terrorist?..Buddhism isn't one of the "three great religions" for a reason..non-violent..spiritual seeking within self..

Amos Keppler said...

W must most certainly include Buddhism. It's a hierarchical religion as bad as anyone. Just see how Tibet was before the Chinese invaded it, not exactly a pleasant place.

Its teaching is not pleasant either, in many ways.

Zen, too, is an isolation of human urges, of passion, a step or ten away from nature, yet another doctrine passive faced with oppression.

No thanks!

Anonymous said...

Intriguing post. I agree on all counts. There is only one religion I think I've ever encountered that almost seems tolerable to me, and that's Shinto, but I haven't looked very far into it. My relationship to Divine is personal and doesn't need an outside party to direct it. I came to read your post thinking it was going to be a slam against the Dali Lama, against whom I have no bones to pick, but was surprised to read a very fair assessment of all things religion in general.