Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This is, incidentally and very fitting my blog post number one hundred on Midnight Fire...

Today’s tyrannical society and systems have a lot of watchdogs, or sentinels, if you will, placed on strategic places. Such snarling watchdogs are mostly present in the police, army and media, and among politicians, naturally. They are the first and last line of defense in case something goes terribly wrong, and their lies and raw brutality towards those thinking and acting differently are exposed for what it is. But every single profession is fairly well represented in this myriad of tyranny’s eager collaborators.

But the most important watchdogs are those we call the «ordinary men and women». They are the foot soldiers in the war, those fighting in the gray daily life to suppress free thought and action. In every little conversation they defend what at any time is the average, run of the mill view… whatever it might be. And if anyone dare to question their narrow perception of reality? Then they go to war for their mindless «thoughts», «attitudes» and «beliefs».

Like when we rebels and independent human beings defend the protesters beaten up by the police in the recent riots in Copenhagen. When we speak about the entire, current «human» society as inherently flawed, as an inhuman horror of the first grade. When we expose the mindless tape recorders for what they are. They react instinctively with anger and even a kind of rage, of course, because they know, at least deep down that we are telling the truth.

The «terrorist» debate illustrates this excellently. Those stating an ever more obvious truth - that most of the attacks on the western world are staged by western leaders - are attacked in familiar ways, by the frequent use of the old classic «the conspiracy theorist», a group of people that have always been quickly ridiculed, no matter how sensible their claims are. Everybody knows, beyond knowing, of course that western democracies don’t terrorize and kill their own citizens, and subsequently blame the currently most fitting enemy. There HAS to be something wrong with people daring to claim that our so-called leaders are a bunch of sick tyrants doing anything to stay in power.

And the bloggers, as much as the ordinary men and women, generally speaking being the ordinary man and woman are also barking against the «conspiracy theorists». Of course they are. Blogging is just a tool, like many similar tools, and the defenders of status quo are in a vast majority among them, like they are in society as a whole. Many refuse to even acknowledge the websites claiming that the official truth about the War on Terror is inherently false.

In case you’re interested: It took four years before I was fairly convinced that the attacks on World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon in Washington DC were staged by the United States’ government, and the forces behind it, both domestically and internationally. I was skeptical for a long time, but as the evidence piled up I slowly changed my mind. Only fools and the dead never change their minds, in my opinion.

The case has yet to break, to truly break in the media, the way I see it. It has been fairly covered in a few obscure and undercover media, and in some minor countries, but that’s just about it. The day CNN, BBC World and other mass broadcasters cover the case for days and days in a row it will have broken through the veil obscuring 9/11 and countless other horrible truths.

In the mean time those of us sticking our heads out must expect the watchdogs to attempt to bite it off.

Bring them on. I, for one prefer to live my life as a Human Being, not a tape recorder returning nothing except what it has recorded, nothing except what it has passively and dully been fed.

– «The term «Conspiracy Theory» must also be understood as a strategy of the mass media and individuals within the power elite to sew seeds of doubt about this kind of information.»

Les Jamieson when he was asked if he wasn’t being afraid of being labeled a «conspiracy theorist».

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Riots in Copenhagen: The truth victimized yet again

It is said that during wartime truth is the first casualty. And protesters, rebels around the world, people at war with the establishment, with the current worldwide tyranny know that very well. We have all seen our actions and motives distorted by media. We have seen it many times. It’s one story for those present in the streets, getting their heads bashed in by the government’s uniformed thugs (the police), and a completely different story presented in the news later that night and in the upcoming days.

I wasn’t in Copenhagen yesterday, when autonomous forces defended their Youth House, but I have been present at many similar places and situations, and it’s always the same. Witnesses confirm this, at this very moment. The police break up a demonstration, a protest, and the protesters get the blame. And the gullible, extremely gullible general population buys it every time. Especially when protesters come prepared to a protest, because experience has taught us what to expect, ready to fight back against the brutal, uniformed thugs, the lackeys of tyranny.

- «Why are you fighting?» one of the protesters was asked.

- «I'm fighting for my right to be who I am. The Danish state has attacked all experimental or alternative cultural places, schools and theatres. This is about more than just a house. I'm fighting for my right to be different in Denmark!»

And here, in my unhumble opinion, we are at the core of the matter.

These are people that have seen through the illusion ruling the modern society. They know the truth, and they share it with others. Therefore it’s becoming especially important, even paramount for the Danish state, for any state to cast doubt on their motives, on their stance.

So, when thousands of angry people protest, peacefully, I may add, and don’t smile while doing so, don’t play along with the illusion, they are told in no uncertain terms by the government and their thugs, strike by strike, kick by kick, that it won’t be pleasant.

The Copenhagen police have a long, sordid history of excessive treatment of protesters. During several other protests they have fired directly into the crowd and wounded people. And they have never been held accountable.

Of course not.

People are being arrested in droves for being beaten up, for standing up for themselves… again.

It’s nothing new, but that makes it worse, not better (for those thick in the head).

Closed in by Black Marys, breathing in their poisonous fumes, corralled by people in armor striking you with clubs and everything else under the sun, Human Beings fight back.

Wouldn’t you?


Looking around
Wherever I look
Bile rises in my throat
I want to throw up
But I can’t
Bile sticks in my throat
I can’t get rid of it
No matter how hard I try

Stink all over
Wherever I go
I’m squeezing my nostrils shut
Doesn’t help
Truth is crushed
Wherever I look
I open my eyes wide
I see
I see the truth we all know
We and the planet are one
How many times
have the truth
Been crushed
How many times
Have I cried
Truth crushed to earth
Shall rise again

Amos Keppler 1993

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Time of Change

I stand nude on the balcony, staring at the soft December rain.

The hundred and fifty years wind, the Twilight Storm has begun…

The Time of Change is here. I know that. It is like Hide and Seek. The Earth cries out, loud and clear to humanity: Ready or not: here I come.

The Earth is not committing suicide. We are. The Earth will prevail, long after we are mud. At the very least if we don’t stand up for ourselves.

Change is a constant in our lives, in all our lives, whether we wish it or not. But sometimes when a society and its majority of people have become so stale, so locked up in themselves that they hardly know how to dress themselves in the morning… change has to be imposed.

This is one of those times. Humanity is standing at such a crossroad right now.

The Roman Empire crumbled and collapsed under its own weight. So did a number of other societies throughout history. Now… it’s happening all over the world. Civilization itself is going down.

Good riddance.

This is no doomsday prophecy, like in religious texts. These are simple observations of our surroundings, telling one, inevitable conclusion.

We have Global Warming, with its many facets, the melting of ice on a global scale, causing the approximately 70 meters rise in sea levels, the increasingly powerful storms, desertification and similar effects, drawing moisture from the very ground.

But the Global Warming does more than affect the weather: It’s putting added stress on systems, both ecological and human made. It’s making it even harder to feed the world’s human population. It causes social economical relations to come even closer to its breaking point. And it makes the upcoming worldwide, devastating pandemonium even more likely.

Currently, when a storm ravages a country other countries rush in to help, to help cleaning up the ruins and in the painful and hard rebuilding process. But what happens when this is happening on the entire continent or all over the world simultaneously, when there is no one left to help?

We are reaching that threshold right now.

The ice on Greenland, in the Arctic and in Antarctica is melting faster than anyone or very few have predicted. The melting of the sea based Arctic ice won’t make the sea levels rise. The melting of the Greenland and Antarctica ice will. According to the scientists quoted by Al Gore merely the melting of half of the ice on Greenland and half of the West Antarctica Ice Shelf will cause the sea levels to rise 14 meters. The melting of the enormous ice masses of inland Antarctica will cause the sea to rise four or five times that. Eighty-four percent of the world’s population lives by the coast, and most of them in cities. It’s all pretty much self-explanatory, really, and there should be no need or draw a picture. Unfortunately there is.

The hundred and fifty years wind is blowing… And it will blow that long because the warming already in the system will linger that long, no matter what we do or don’t do. If we stopped all releases of greenhouse gases tomorrow the hundred and fifty years wind would still blow. And long before it has stopped raging, all major human settlements will be Gone.

And since we are not stopping our releases of greenhouse gases at all, but on the contrary are increasing them, it will blow even longer, and stronger, of course.

Some people claim that civilization will return, even after such an all-encompassing event, but I’m confident that it won’t. All the minerals, all the ways that led to civilization are exhausted by now, and an eventual alternative return to a technological based society will have to be just that.

Good riddance.

The Unabomber has been mentioned several times in the attacks on me, even with provided link, in a pitiful attempt to make the attack less pitiful. Well, to clear that up right now, I can confirm that I am basically agreeing with the Unabomber, both with his observations and his conclusions: If Civilization should prevail it will be the greatest tragedy of all.

Civilization is a tailspin suicide run, destroying everything making life worth living, and will always be that, a spiritual bankrupt society without much humanity and far removed from our natural, fabulous state. And before you say it: There is no «noble savage», and no perfect society, but while civilization encourages all the worst parts of humanity, tribal, nomadic societies encourage the best in us. We are, after all, natural nomads, born to be wild and free, to a life in a land without borders, to a life without limitations and limits. The Neanderthals faded from the Earth when they stopped being nomads, and we have been repeating, emulating their mistake for some time, now, existing (not living) through ten thousand years of misery, degradation and spiritual death.

A land without nomads is a land without freedom.

And today we are stuck, both in mind and body. It has to stop, one way or another.

There seems to be a kind of self-correcting mechanism in nature. If a population grows too big, too full of itself, to the point of threatening the ecosystem, that mechanism takes care of such minor and insignificant pleasantries like cities, factories and overpopulation. The numerous human-created poisons, the spiritual death, the devastating social-political circumstances, they are destroying us. But the galloping greenhouse effect… sorely needed… is humanity’s salvation, the salvation of all life on Earth.

I'm an optimist. I believe it will happen.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The horrible life and welcomed death of General Augusto Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet died today. The only regret following that news is the certainty that his suffering didn't even approach that of his countless victims. How many people that were killed and tortured during and after the coup d'état in Chile September 11. 1973 will probably never be known, but they were many. History (and Wikipedia) and some people, particularly unfeeling right-wingers, has been far too kind to this man. There is no justification, except the hunger for Power (and him being the puppet of the United States government) for what he and his helpers did. He destroyed something that was good, and supplanted it with a reign of horror lacking precedence in history. Chile under the elected President, Salvador Allende had its problems, sure, inevitably (mostly because remains of the old, capitalistic regime kept sabotaging everything), but it was a place of true growth and creativity. Artists and freethinkers from all over the world came there to take part in its wild freedom.

So, cheers, good people, let's drink to the death of Augusto Pinochet, and to the hope that his new life won't exactly be painless.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fifty bullets

«proud to serve»...

Yet another brutal police attack was carried out in the city of New York recently. A hail of bullets hit Sean Bell and two friends. Sean died and the other two are at the hospital. All three were unarmed. What happened will probably never be clear, but at the very least they visited the wrong strip joint. And police officers were present, of course…

This is yet another case of police brutality and maiming and killing, of what is a general and ongoing police infringement on people. Take any country in the world, and you’ll see the same pattern of abuse and terror wrought by the tyranny’s bullies. I don’t think the United States is that much worse than other countries in this respect. It just gets a bit more public there, partly because of the traditionally strong civil rights’ movements.

But the same story keeps repeating itself: Armed people in uniform commit murder and get away with it.

The same excuses are always offered, the same lies. The dead guy threatened the poor officers. He made a wrong move and stuff. They have a long list to pick from. One proven to be effective in making people believe, shrug and forget. If a miracle happens and the crime, true crime goes to trial the officers are always acquitted. The only time police officers are convicted is when they commit a sin against their masters (steal from them and such).

Countless victims across the world suffer in silence after a beating by the thugs in uniform. Too many to be counted end up in a coffin. This is yet another sinister truth behind the propaganda, the illusion of modern life.

It’s usually the school’s bullies that become police officers, people either seeking power or people eager to submit to it. They are a useful, very useful part of the current modern tyranny surrounding us all. The school’s bully grows up to become a peace officer…

It’s nothing they won’t do, of murder, intimidation, bodily and mental harm, and they have a green card to do it. As long as they don’t step out of line, don’t break the unwritten rules, they, like clergies, secret service agents and other essential society personnel, they can do whatever they please.

Fear is a necessary and mandatory and essential component of modern life.

Fear is the key.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A taste of another world

We were a diverse bunch dining out at a Chinese restaurant, enough to fill several rows of tables. A few of us had traditional domestic, christmas meals, but most of us actually felt that the reason for dining at a Chinese restaurant… was to eat Chinese.

And we didn’t regret it. I can speak of some authority on Chinese food, having eaten literally hundreds of dishes during my life, and this was one of the best I’ve had. From the very first bite it felt like a taste of another world.

I used to feel food was fairly unimportant, something of a duty, something we all needed to do to not starve to death, but that changed the first couple of years I spent in London. I learned there that a meal, particularly dinner could be an experience. Now, I never feel I’ve actually arrived at a given place before having completed my first dinner. You taste the spices, the spices of life, the sounds and sights of a distant land.

That’s one reason why I prefer exotic food, I guess, exotic anything, really.

Yesterday, what was set to be quite a mundane night became something extraordinary, because the food stimulated more than our buds and stomach. It stimulated our minds and even our soul. We grew during that dinner, and became something more compared to what we had been.

And those choosing the boring, mundane cuisine? They actually turned angry when we told them about our feelings afterwards. They saw in the shadows of our deep, shining eyes, undeniably, that we spoke the truth.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

more bullshit from Teflon Tony and loyal sheep

Yet another well-prepared attack on Freedom was initiated by the chief of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller recently, backed by Tony Blair (of course) only hours later, not long after the US-election, one might add. United Kingdom continues its downward spiral towards fascism, tyranny and a society even worse than what George Orwell described in his great work «1984».

Sweet Eliza claims, straight-faced that no less than 30 terrorist plots threaten United Kingdom. This is such an incredible and horrible statement, such a bold faced lie that one is forced to wonder what will be next.

It has sent shockwaves through a thoroughly gullible population. Most people believe it. No one or very few raise the obvious questions.

Great Britain has 4.2 million surveillance cameras already, one for every 14 citizen. According to Eliza (claiming MI5 is understaffed) MI5 has 1600 people under surveillance. What's next???

Martial Law or something even worse seems imminent. Perhaps this will be Tony's final- and permanent bid at power. It sure looks that way.

The «War on Terror» has become that War on Freedom Tony, George and those running them and the puppet show in general behind the scenes, envisioned. Clearly a beyond successful campaign.

I have stated and restated this before. Don't believe them. Don't believe in them!!! Resist them with every breath of your being.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NATO’s true face

General James Jones has apologized for yet another episode of trigger-happy NATO-soldiers making their mark on the Southern Kandahar in Afghanistan on Thursday, for yet another case of NATO’s killing of civilians. We witnessed a very strange séance at his press conference.

You see, he isn’t really apologizing, not on behalf of himself and not on behalf of NATO (or «ISAF»). His claim is that it wasn’t really NATO’s fault this time either, but… (drum roll, please) Taliban???

Taliban (bless their rotten souls) is responsible, because they’re seemingly using civilians as living shields. General Jones is claiming this with a straight face, like the excellent actor he is (you deserve your newest medal, Jimmy, that one, too). Taliban is responsible. The fact that NATO, incredibly enough (this yet again according to Jones) in fact fired the actual bullets seems totally subsidiary here. This is the usual tactic used by NATO and United States (and Israel) to retain western public support. Another matter is that survivors after the attack have a totally different story to tell. There were no Taliban soldiers nearby, not a single one, not even absent-without-leave young soldiers from these turban-wearing assholes.

So, what are we talking about here? What are NATO and United States’ motives? What can they be? Do they truly wish to bomb innocent civilians? Is it their intention to blow villages to pieces, and leave heaps of torn-apart bodies? The answer to that question will have to be a resounding yes. This is a deliberate tactic on their part. Clearly. This isn’t about mind-blowing incompetence, but about a strategy developed and refined through decades. We’re not talking about trinkets here, about coincidence and individuals going too far in their zeal «to do the job». Not in Afghanistan, not in Iraq, or in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo or the World Trade Center or other Pax Americana operations around the world.

We’re talking about Terror.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth - an excited review

«You look at that river, gently flowing by, you notice the leaves, rustling with the wind, you hear the birds, you hear the tree-frogs, in the distance you hear a cow, you feel the grass, the mud gives a little bit on the river bank, its quiet, its peaceful, and all of a sudden, its a gear-shift inside you, and its like taking a deep breath and going... oh yeah - I forgot about this.»

From the very first view of the river and Al Gore’s voice the clarity and passion rise in us, and don’t let go.

An Inconvenient Truth is on the surface about Global Warming, but to me it’s just as much about waking up, and stay awake, taking a good, hard look around you, and smell the stinking coffee.

We experience one man’s passion juxtaposed with the no longer so cold chill from the Artic and Antarctica. This is the man once described as «wooden». But the change is more than skin deep. It is as if he has found his true calling, somewhat free from Washington DC’s dank corridors.

This is a systematic, thorough investigation of Global Warming, leaving far fewer unturned stones than any other before it. This is a great movie. The important theme makes that fact no less, no more true. The man is cautious, in a way, speaking in a somewhat low voice. In a way his voice is low-keyed, and so is the film, and its truth is still shouted like thunder across the world, across every corner of current human society.

We see India, the San Francisco Bay, Ground Zero, the Netherlands and several other coastal areas drown in the rising sea. Al Gore, the great man is making his case, An Inconvenient Truth, the great film is making its case. I knew most of the facts before I watched the film, but it still moved me. Like a soft glove in the face, like a hammer to the head, making my heart beat faster, making my breath quicken. I felt the Quickening, the fire of the human soul ignited.

We experience how Al’s basically optimistic view of the world is challenged, by indifferent politicians, by an unmoved and shrugging world. How baffled and downright stunned he is by this, and other insane workings of current human society. Al is still a believer in current mankind, how common sense will prevail against horrible odds. And we believe that, too, at least while watching the movie.

This is by far the best documentary that is ever made. It’s not instantly apparent why this is so, but it grabs hold of us from the very first moment and never let go. One hundred minutes vanished like the snapping of fingers, and we wanted more.

Every man, woman and child on this Earth should be forced to watch this movie repeatedly for at least twenty-four hours uninterrupted, and they shouldn’t be allowed sustenance while doing so. Fasting is good for the soul, they say.

After that they should be forced at gunpoint back into the theater…

I can’t praise it enough, really. It begins slowly, and builds from there, into a crescendo of mind and thought and soul. As stated, I don’t agree with everything Al says. I agree with his facts, his observations, but not with his philosophy or conclusions, not even with his basic, fundamental principle that civilization should be saved. In other words: I don’t think he goes far enough. But I still admire and respect him. In the most cynical parts of our hearts, he continues to speak to the hope in us all. I’m not certain that is a good thing, at least not completely. But I listen to his passion, and his fire, and that is Human, that is Life.

And fire and shadow both are yet again rekindled in my gut.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cutting the pain

An increasing number of Danish girls cut themselves as a response to an ever-stronger social pressure. According to Jyllands-Posten «Cutting», or self-mutilation has now reached the same levels as anorexia among teenage girls. Knives, broken glass, razorblades or whatever doing the job, are used. The girls cutting themselves, unable or unwilling to keep up with the demands society put on them, wear long sleeves or walk around with sweatbands around the wrists and a haunted look in their eyes, but very few notice, as usual.

This is merely yet another sign of the ruthlessness of modern society, the callous social pressure to make it and be successful both in school and society as a whole.

Western society has yet to reach Japanese levels (where super capitalism and the super school are long since established and the suicide rate among men is the highest in the world), but we’re getting there.

  Self-harm cases increasing

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Early October northern Europe, sixty degrees north…

Grass and leaves are still green, at a time where the first snow used to come twenty years ago. Some leaves have just started to wither, but most of them are still green and even fresh. Days are hot. Nights are colder, but not much more so than a chilly summer evening could be twenty years ago. I still walk around in t-shirts, and I’m comfortable. It doesn’t take that much walking before I start sweating.

The last true winter in these parts was twenty years ago. There have been minor bouts of cold and snow since then, but increasingly less of it. Seasons are fading into something new and totally unpredictable.

The future isn’t coming, isn’t some obscure point somewhere ahead. It’s been here for a long time already. The future is now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


They stole my deodorant, my bar of soap and my toothpaste, the officials at Stanstead airport did…

This is the latest scheme by the government, reminding us who’s in charge. You can’t even bring this with you onboard as hand luggage from British airports anymore. I don’t know about you, but I find that highly offensive. I would, even if the terrorist scare was real, and it isn’t. All this we have seen exemplified, even more than usual, the last five years, is about Control, about showing us who’s in charge. This is the one and only lesson about 9/11 and 7/7, and similar.

Most people seemed to take it with a shrug. These are merely minor government offenses, they think, compared to the threat we face, the threat those watching over us are protecting us from.

I used to be an amateur chemist as a teenager, experimenting with absolutely everything, and I can tell you right off the bat that the list of banned chemicals makes no sense what so ever… except connected to the control issue mentioned before. It works as yet another diversion, masking the true intensions of those behind the ban.

Yes, there are banned items that in extreme circumstances can and may be used as explosives or be used to «disrupt» flights. The deodorant, for instance is highly flammable. But as stated that isn’t the issue at all, but a pretext to end all pretexts.

Picture this, if you will, a crazed terrorist or anarchist or whatever attempting to blow up a plane with a tiny bottle of flammable gas and a lighter. I don’t know about you, but that image makes me smile. Really.

Lately we’ve seen people getting arrested in one country after another. It looks like every country needs to have its own, homegrown terrorists not to be left behind in the good club of vigilant democrazzzies. A few, innocent remarks in a pub (or not), for instance are sufficient to getting you arrested and detained… indefinitely.

Yes, fear is the key. Behind the shrug, behind the good-humored reactions among the public to all this is the fear. Not fear of any or would be freelance terrorists, because they know that is bogus, is a sinister fraud. Most people aren’t stupid. They are just hiding from the world’s reality, from all the stark and inconvenient truths inside their own, personal bubble. No, it’s fear of the «public» officials, of the uniforms and surveyors, of the tyrants’ bullies. They glance at the guards at the airports, the sentries in the streets, those both with and without guns, with terror in their eyes, because they know they might be next.

It’s about time we stopped this bullshit. Everybody opposing this (and the countless other injustices of the world) should be very vocal about it. Speak out! Go public with your views, all your views. No opinion is worth the toilet paper it’s written on if you don’t dare expressing it in public, in full view of the world. Elections are a fraud, a sham as well (be very aware and continue to be very aware of that fact), but we should still put whatever pressure we can on «our elected officials» on all upcoming elections. Tell them you won’t vote for them, for them personally, if they don’t wise up. Anyone speaking about introducing or keeping «laws against terror» and for wire- and phone-tapping and general surveillance, should be kicked out from any parliament, any office of influence, and be forced to live in Antarctica for the rest of their remaining lives. Write blogs or homepages. Write to the papers. Go on television. Speak loudly about the offenses the various governments put us through. Not because they think of our well-being, but because they don’t.

We are not children or sheep in need of herding and protection. At least we shouldn’t be.


Melissa Etheridge - I Need to Wake Up

Have I been sleeping?
I’ve been so still
Afraid of crumbling
Have I been careless?
Dismissing all the distant rumblings
Take me where I am supposed to be
To comprehend the things that I can’t see

Cause I need to move
I need to wake up
I need to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

And as a child
I danced like it was 1999
My dreams were wild
But the promise of this new world
Would be mine
Now I am throwing off the carelessness relief
To listen to an inconvenient truth

Well I need to move
I need to wake up
I need to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

I am not an island
I am not alone
I am my intentions
Trapped here in this flesh and bone

And I need to move
I need to wake up
I need to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

I want to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hubris times Hubris

Boy, do I have a doomsday scenario for you.

A major event in the history of human hubris is coming up when the world’s most powerful particle accelerator comes online in Switzerland in 2007. This is yet another possible threat to humanity that everyone that is even remotely critical to science and technology has dreaded for years.

It’s described as a potential «black hole factory», and even the scientists behind the project admit, «there is a slim chance that those black holes, either one or in tandem could swallow the Earth».

This is more of the same, really to those of us feeling that technology has grown far too essential, dominant in human life. This is just one more logical extension of the atom bomb and other advanced technological inventions, exclusively or collectively, threatening all life on Earth.

Before the first atom bomb exploded in New Mexico in 1944 concerned scientists warned that the explosion might create a firestorm that might grow and ignite the atmosphere. The threat was true. The fact that it didn’t happen doesn’t change that. It was playing dice with the fundamental forces of existence. And when this «tool», this newest toy becomes operational, the dice will be thrown again.

Black holes might not be real. It’s just yet another unproven scientific theory, after all. But if the theory has even a shred of truth to it, we should all be worried, very worried.

As I understand it small black holes such as these will shed mass instead of picking up more like the hungry wolf their bigger siblings are usually described as being. But what if the people doing the calculations are… wrong? To err is human, after all, even though no one in authority seems to subscribe to that evident fact anymore. The holes may band together and grow, for some unknown reason. The Earth could be swallowed whole, devoured in the blink of an eye, or it could happen more slowly, but once the process has begun, there is no way of halting its beyond destructive power. There will be no second chance, no way of stopping the flow of blood from our wrist. I’ve stated for quite some time that the dominant force in the current human society is suicidal, and this proves it yet again, beyond as it is, of anything we’ve seen of hubris so far (and we’ve seen a lot).

Even if we should be lucky again, and we survive our own insanity… again, such a lucky strike shouldn’t be taken as a carte blanche to keep screwing with the building blocks of the Universe, but I fear it will be. Technology has long since proven itself inherently wrong and detrimental to long term human survival, but that doesn’t stay the Scientist’s hand. The call of flawed curiosity must be answered, come what may. There are quite a few possible variations on a future scenario where advanced technology continues to play a part in our life, but, one way or another, the end result is pretty much guaranteed.

Summer Trip in the High North

For the very first time (in about four million years or so) there is observed an ice-free ocean passage all the way from the Norwegian island of Spitzbergen or Northern Siberia, and to the North Pole. Satellite images show that ships very probable could have sailed unhampered to the North Pole during the last week of August.

- This situation is unlike anything observed in previous record low ice seasons, Mark Drinkwater at the European Space agency (ESA) states.

This is a scenario scientists envisioned twenty to thirty years into the future, but as always nature surprises us all. The running away temperature increase of human created enhanced Global Warming is here, people, and it’s time we start preparing in earnest for the much worse to come.

Two ESA satellites photographed the images on the twenty-third and twenty-fifth of August.

Friday, September 15, 2006


The Londoners know what Global Warming is. At least more than a few of them face the truth, inevitable. It's hitting them in the face. It's September, and the air is almost too hot to breathe.

September used to be wet and fairly cold. Now, it's pretty much like July used to be.

Posters are decorating the walls all over the vast town. People are being told to be cautious while going outside in the heat, and to always carry a bottle of water... like people in Las Vegas. London in September used to be autumn, and not merely its first telltale signs either. Now, it's a desert.

There have been showers, and thunderstorms and flooded streets at night, but the next morning the air is just as hot and arid and difficult to breathe.

The summer of '06 is unending...

No Pieces of My Painting

Diary of a Traveling Man...

You can't hide from yourself out here. There's just no way!

All your limitations and shortcomings are exposed. That's probably why most people today don't care much for traveling. Most civilized people don't dare face themselves in the mirror, and certainly not in a cracked reflection. They see themselves, and they don't like what they see.

Me? I see the potential, the unlimited probabilities as well. I embrace it all, embrace myself, and thereby the world.

I cut no pieces of my painting.

I remember the first time I realized that, how beyond great it felt, how beyond great it will always feel.

If anything truly sustains me through all the horrors of civilization, of a world gone insane, it's this. This is confidence true and great, fairly independent of surroundings.

The horror gets to me. It even touches my innermost being. But it doesn't truly corrupt it. Not more than a few drops of rain wetting the ground a hot and sunny summer day.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

These Dusty Streets

Diary of a Traveling Man...

London is, among many things a city for travelers, poets and rebels.

The slow and fast boiling is rising within me, virtually visible in the air surrounding me. I needed this. I I need this. A relief, a respite, but more importantly, far more importantly, a burning joy, a bathing, drowning in the spice of life. London has always felt like a forest to me, lush and deep and shadow, a distinct contradiction in the modern world. Yes, civilization, all its bad moments are present here as well, but muted, not so horrible.

I walk these familiar streets, and they’re not familiar at all, but alien, tangible tales of mystery and imagination, from the earth of our birth. I come here to live, as I do in the vast forest, in the darkest, most beautiful night. I’ve come here many times and also lived here for years, but it’s still new to me. A waterfall of inspiration is hitting me, and I have a hard time digesting it all. It is the river of inspiration coming to me from inside, from my vast well of mind and fire, flooding all lands.

It’s indescribable. Words, at least cannot properly describe it or do it justice. The traveler, the nomad is welcome here. The men in black, in uniform is just as disgusting here as everywhere else, but their power seems less, somehow. I can’t explain it, no matter how hard I try, so I don’t. I focus on experience, on life not devalued. And I don’t even have to try.

Here, where I experience sounds and visions from alien worlds.

It's stressful at first, it always is, before you find a place to settle down, before you settle down a bit, sort of adjusting to your new surroundings and circumstances.

Then... it begins.

It begin sinking in.

The smells, the sounds, the sights, the taste of a different world. You have your first meal on this world, and you feel every grain of spice on your tongue. You notice its potency, as it spreads to every piece of your body, your awakening mind. You observe the street outside, and the smallest detail is etched onto your memory.

Everything is so very, very dynamic, and what I sense, what I experience got nothing to do with big city life, with the «fast lane» at all, but is indeed primal to the core.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The empire of technology

Speaking in a cell phone gives me a killer headache. I restrain my use to send SMS and on rare and brief occasions have a conversation. It still hurts.

As I predicted ten years ago the cell has become pretty much a necessity, unless you live in a cave or something. That has never been an option for me, even though I’m always tempted, and try to get away as often as possible. As long as civilization exist there is no use attempting to escape it. It will always catch you, even in the most remote areas of the current Earth. Settle in the deep Canadian forests. A developer or hundred will come and ravage your home. The poison of civilization will reach you anywhere. Settle in Antarctica. It’s just a matter of time before the servants of destruction reach you even there.

A cell phone is harmful and dangerous, like all advanced technology. Its inventors and developers knew that early on, and they still developed it, and produced it in ever-greater numbers. Of course they did. They made a killing, as usual. Many people, also former employees of the emperors of technology came forward to warn us of the dangers. But the emperors made sure their message of glory and beneficial mass production won.

It’s always thus.

You see, a cell phone is merely one of the countless lethal products of modern society, one more glorious illustration of progress.

Thousands of poisonous, artificial chemicals are each year added to the millions already existing. We’re living through a dangerous chemical experiment, and nothing of consequence is done to stop it.

In area-by-area of modern life we’re faced with conditions detrimental to life, and we’re told its good for us, or at least that it’s preferable to the alternative. Workers are told they need jobs, even if it kills them. We are told that poisonous factories and chemicals shouldn’t be removed from our lives, even if it kills us. Yeah, civilization is organized insanity, all right. Even a selection of people claiming to be environmentalists claim that technology, the very horror that is killing us, should be employed to save us. How insane is that?

Life on Earth is fading, and even what is deemed progressive forces, even in radical circles, tell us to keep doing what we’re doing, to continue on our current insane path.

There is a list long as a bad year of bad things in civilization. Remove one, remove a thousand. Civilization is still there. And as long as civilization is there, is here, the list will grow and multiply. The emperors of technology tell us this is the right life for us, and we listen, every fucking time. And if some of us should protest, should voice our displeasure, it will, as always drown in the buzzwords of technology. The language of the oppressors and poisoners surrounds us. We use it, and we believe its basic tenet: technology is good for us, even though it’s clearly killing us.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


«Travel is victory.»
- Bedouin proverb.

Diary of a Traveling Man September 2006 (prescript):

A friend of mine is traveling abroad these days, for the first time in nine years. His excitement and inspiration are so very evident in his voice and words.

I understand perfectly. Human beings are born to be travelers, to be nomads. Out there, at the way stations and crossroads, I hear foreign tongues speak about the wonders of the world. I see the fire in the travelers’ eyes. Everything works so much better. The senses are wide open. My perception is extended to an uncanny degree. My mind is ablaze with experience. Inspiration rides me like thunder. It hammers in my chest.

The City of Cities is once again awaiting my joy. I live out there, on the endless path, in the fireworks of mankind.

Out there, where I experience sounds and visions from alien worlds.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Trouble Children

Behavioral scientists eager to support established society have for years claimed that «anti-social» children need to be treated for their «ailment» as early as possible to be cured of their so-called dangerous tendencies, when the child is as young as three or even two years old. The signs are clear, they say. Anti-social behavior is basically manifesting in three ways: Distrust of authorities, a dislike of rules and regulations and general disobedience. While the more freedom-inclined of us may take these as very healthy and promising signs of emerging, truly independent individuals, the people supporting the tyranny that is civilization want to eradicate such behavior from human life altogether.

Of course they would.

Tony Blair, the fabled British Prime Minister has now taken this even a bit further, taken it to its logical conclusion: «Tomorrow’s potential troublemakers» can be identified even before they are born, Teflon Tony states. He said that it was possible to spot the families whose circumstances made it likely their children would grow up to become a menace to society. He said that teenage mums and problem families could be forced to seek help to head off difficulties, and that the government had to intervene much earlier to prevent problems developing when children were older.

It’s not strange that he thinks that, not strange at all. It’s logical, yet another logical extension of everything he has been doing for a very long time.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Quiet Before the Storm

I want humanity to drown in blood.
I want those clinging to their slavery to choke on their own filth.
I want those shocked by my words to be rocked to their core.
I want to experience a life cleansed of poison.
I want to know power without guilt.
I want to tell absolutely all slaves what they are,
and I want to see the truth in their eyes.
I see it every day.
I want to see endless fire rekindle dead eyes.
I see it every day.
I want to see houses of cards crumble.
I see it everywhere.
I see how Death has become a joke.
How Life itself has turned into a bad punch line.
I see an endless supply of puppets on a string.
I hear people call that a life.
And I see them turn deaf ears and blind eyes
to the embers in their midst.
I see water flood every street.
The wind is blowing.
I can hear its whisper in the quietest of places.
I hear it everywhere.
I awake every morning to a semblance of a life.
We all do.
Paper-dry sock puppets of tyranny.
I want upheaval.
I want the final days to come.
I want to return to the quiet darkness, the silent roar of the Night.
I want to drown in the spice of life,
not merely taste it at the tip of my tongue.
I want conformity to return to the non-existence it is.
I want complacency and any mundane existence to end up
On the garbage heap where it belongs.
I know no mercy, no pity.
I know only the pitiless wave.
And I drink from its well.
This is life.
This truth and joy beyond sensibility.
Civilized man
Go chop your head off.
I don’t want much.
I just want everything.

Amos Keppler 2006-08-25

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Long Walk

I am a Walker. I see the path, even when it is not there. I can feel it inside, a glowing trail in my veins.

When I first learned Magick, I found it immensely interesting, but strangely unsatisfying. So I rejected it all, rejected everything that had come before, except what had put me on the path, the burning flame inside. I set out to carve my own path, to learn my own way, and then… then, I learned Magick.

All paths, all labels are truly meaningless. Only experience is real. And we all experience life our own way, and should experience it on our own terms. Worship of gods, of humans, of anyone or anything isn’t just distractions, but even worse a drain on your spirit and Magick within. Yes, humans have a connection with the Earth, with nature, with everything surrounding us, but ultimately the Magick is inside us. We are the strongest creative force in existence. We, or rather our Shadow, the collected consciousness of everything we have been, are and will ever be or can be, our eternal Self, are immense beings, constantly creating and recreating the Universe. The Shadow is what some interpret as gods, some as fairie, some as demons, spirits, or some other denomination. Meeting/facing It can be an awesome experience, and not everybody can handle that. It is every life we have ever lived, an accumulation of every thought, every action, every dream, every angle we have ever experienced. But all that, power and all, are also residing inside our current body. We are the gods, we are the fairie, the demons, the spirits and everything else. The walker, the human being embraces all this, leaving nothing out, denying nothing, of his or her personality. Our current world, where the notion of duality is dominating our perception, is meaningless, is an illusion, not in the sense it doesn’t exist, but in its importance. Dark and light, right and wrong, it’s all just pegs, crannies in which to hang a dusty, moth-infected old coat. You don’t remove a piece of a painting and claim it is the same painting. If we deny a part of ourselves, we deny our very Self.

If we are here for anything it is to learn. And it is an ongoing, unending, often repetitive process. What we have learned once we may have to learn again and again. Information isn’t knowledge. Knowledge isn’t wisdom. Wisdom not understanding. Understanding is slippery and will always elude us. There is no truth. The only truth is that there is no truth. Magick is the Walk, the path, not the destination, because there is no destination, no end, nothing rewarding us or condemning us, at the end of the Journey, because the Journey is infinite, never ending. So you can delude yourself, limit yourself, by believing there are beings bigger or smaller than you, beings who can dictate rules to you, or beings you can dictate rules to… or you can enjoy life in all its shades, embrace it with everything you are. The Walk began long ago, when you reached back into the past, into the void, and created yourself out of nothing. There might be interruptions, pauses or dams in your path, but it’s all just temporary.

The flow, The Long Walk continues.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Most people spend their lives in a bubble of their making, one carefully crafted, isolating them from life, from the bad, the good, and the ugly. Life is good, they claim. I’ve made a life for myself. As long as no one bother me, I won’t bother anyone. It’s a fair trade.

In truth, no matter the placid mask they use to hide their true selves and emotions, they live their pallid existence in a quiet desperation, screaming at the world.

The current world and the situation we all find ourselves in aren’t just bad. It’s horrible, in a thousand smaller and bigger ways, on all levels of society. And the bubble-people know that. They know it in their hearts of hearts still beating somewhere, outside the bubble, the soft cell they’ve made for themselves. The strain increases every day, but still most people pretend everything is peachy.

There is life left in the world. There is still fire deep in the night. But this is in spite of, not because of the thousand pinpricks of pain and open wounds of a world we exist in today. It’s a testament to humanity that there is still anything even remotely similar to passion and freedom remaining among us. There is hope. There always will be, as long as there is a tiny spark left of the fire we once was, the fire we still are. But that pleasant fact can also be a danger, a reason to not act, not be what you should be. People not hampered and pampered by hope can be very dangerous, and dangerous is exactly what we all need right now.

Because people closing themselves off in their bubble pretend the world is all right, pretend they have a semblance of a life, no matter what. They are the greatest pretenders in history (and there have been a few).

Suffering surrounds us on all sides, and has done so for so long, for five hundred generations, and during that time humanity has been chopped into pieces repeatedly, been devoured and spit back out endlessly.

And that is a danger, too. We’ve become used to suffering, to continuous torment, to the point of becoming numb, becoming living dead. But there is hope, even though there is little reason for it. Humans are powerful beings. Our potential hardly diminished after ten thousand years of diminishing. And we are angry. And there’s good reason for it. And there is rage. And there are a million good reasons for that. Suffering has exploded today in this bubble, this torture chamber called civilization. A choir of beyond angry voices is rising from the pits, the abysses of the current world.

There is hope.

The bubble is about to burst.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Doing it with Mirrors

The British Home Secretary John Reid holds a crucial speech about the need for «extreme action against terror», about the need to temporarily giving up «our freedom», to «fight this evil» and protect us from «those who will destroy our way of life». «Terror may force freedom curbs», he said. Hardly more than a day later a professed eight-month plot to blow up planes on their way from London to United States is unveiled. How believable is that? In the light of that fact that both British and United States’ politicians and officials are repeatedly exposed as liars and murderers, it’s not believable at all. Don’t believe it. Don’t believe it for a moment!

John Reid has been struggling lately. Tony Blair and the entire current British cabinet of terror and George Bush («this nation is at war with Islamic fascists that will use any means to harm us who love freedom») and bunch as well, with the slaughter their friends in Israel has recently put in motion, and also with implementing, as they see it, necessary laws, and thereby removing edible and crucial rights from our lives. What’s left of them. It stinks at the top these days, even more so than usual.

The truth about 9/11 and 7/7, and countless other recent and not so recent brutal government operations, and false ops are increasingly exposed these days. The various Gatekeepers and eager servants are coming out in force to protect the lie that has kept their masters in power for so long. The tyrants are growing desperate.

They say the truth is paranoid delusions, «conspiracy theories». That clever ruse has kept most people from speaking out for so very long, now.

They say people fighting the implementing of «anti-terrorist laws» are either deluded or that «they don’t understand the threat». But in fact they do. The real threat that is.

Keep society, keep the world in crisis, a perpetual state of war, and everything is possible. Fear is the key.

The velvet tyrants have kept us all in the dark for so long, and murdered and terrorized thousands, millions of people on «our behalf», to protect us from a threat concocted by them, implemented by them, behind their heavy curtains and in their sick, power-hungry minds.

Stop believe them.

And even more important: stop believe in them.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Meaning of Life

Diary of a Traveling Man Revisited (Sep. 1991).

After a brief return to a mundane life that almost drained me dry, brought me lower than I had been in a long time, I returned to my travels, my life as a Nomad. I traveled through Europe for months during that critical time of my life, and I came alive again, felt life return to me out there in the world, as I practically lived on the European railways. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, and a moody old castle turned inexpensive hotel outside Bonn, until I arrived in, until I returned to one of the cities of my dreams.

I walked through the exciting Amsterdam streets a hot autumn night, through a new and strange world brimming with Life and Shadow, and I had an epiphany far more worthy than any religious text. This is basically what I wrote (in my paper notebook):

«Everything you do is ultimately meaningless. There is no meaning to anything, anything at all. The only meaning is that there is no meaning... It’s when you realize this, you see the meaning of everything, and it’s good...»

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Living in the Wild

Robin Dood made this interview with me a couple of years ago...

Robin: Tell us about living in the wild, Amos!

Amos: It’s awkward at first, but after that you feel like you’re slowly awakening from a bad dream. You stumble a lot in roots and such the first few days, but then your feet remember, more and more what your conscious mind has forgotten. And it’s slowly becoming second nature. The ability to live in the wild is in all of us.

Robin: And how did you provide food & cooking?

Amos: I didn’t usually cook. The fire was mostly for heat on cold nights. I was never totally self-sufficient, even though that was the goal, but I didn’t need to go and fetch civilized food often, and during the summer and autumn hardly at all. I experimented a lot and was lucky, I guess that didn’t catch more bad stuff. I was sick a few days now and then by ingesting inedible stuff. I learned a bit more as time went by, though I’ll say I’m still not skilled enough to survive for years. You get rusty again quickly, too, after having returned to civilization.

Robin: It must have been cold sometimes, and wet too. How did you keep warm?

Amos: I hardly got wet, and when I wanted a fire I made it by picking the bark of willow, scraping off its wet, inner «skin». What is beneath is dry as desert sand, and fairly easy to make a fire with. And to add to that I tap Resin from pines. It contains turpentine. I also make healing tea from the willow bark. There was a kind of cave, slight overheads where I could avoid the rain. I did wander a lot, though, and didn’t carry anything more than I could carry. That’s what any Nomad must learn. We must all learn not to gather more than we can carry.

And you toughen up after a while. Temperatures bothering you initially won’t, after a while.

I also try to absorb as much knowledge as possible of natural medicine and herbs, and recognize it in nature. That isn’t easy either. You can’t learn life only from books. They can’t be more than a supplement in the learning process. Experience is the milk and the key.

Robin: What were the first things you missed from civilization?

Amos: I didn’t really miss anything, and I did find that strange. I brought a laptop the first year, and a lot of batteries because a paper notebook isn’t really feasible when you have a lot of writing to do, and one of my reasons for learning to live and survive in nature was to write a book called Thunder Road Book One: Ice and Fire, about the and of civilization that will be published next year or the year after that. I also wrote a lot of poems. The thing about being a Storyteller, though, I can do in a tribe, too, after civilization is gone. Easily. There will always be a need for a Storyteller around the campfire. Oral tradition is mankind’s natural way of telling stories. A wild tribe encourages diversity. It has to, to evolve and grow and becoming better suited to survive, both as a group and as individuals.

The second year I didn’t bring any advanced technology at all, except for a brief trip to the far, very far Norwegian mountains and «national parks», where I did drive. And kept «writing» in my head by memorizing everything, and I learned to contain it in my head. I can honestly say I hardly forgot more than a few words. It felt amazing. That, too.

The other reason is simple: Civilization will end soon, and we should help bring it about. It’s destroying everything making life worth living. I wanted to learn to survive for the case of survival itself. I’m convinced civilization will collapse totally in the near future, because of Global Warming, the coming pandemonium and social political breakdown hitting us fairly simultaneously. Each and every one of them cataclysmic events in itself, but joined they’ll be absolutely devastating to a system denying nature, and its vast power. And I want to be ready. I’m not yet, but I am working on it.

Robin: What made you go back? (to civilization)

Amos: Winter, I guess, and convenience and habit and all the strains and shit of the web pulling us back to our chains. And you can’t really escape civilization, not as long as it is There, as long as it exists anywhere. It will exist inside us, until we rid ourselves of it, totally, like disregarding rotten food, and avoid festering still ponds.

Btw I wasn’t really sick a day out there, but the first day I got back in I got a cold…

Robin: Will you go back again?

Amos: I do go back all the time. I haven’t spent months outside in a couple of years, now, though. But I’m constantly prodding, probing, both mentally and physically the true life of the Human Being. That btw is the most enduring and prevalent realization you get out there: We belong there. It’s our home. The cities, this current walking dead life isn’t.

Robin: Thank you very much! Maybe we’ll bump into each other someday out in the Wild!

Amos: Paths that cross will always cross again.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel’s Wanton Killing of Children Continues

Click on the image for a white background

Sabra and Shatila, Jenin, Qana, Gaza and the West Bank in general, and now Qana again. At least 54 people were killed during the recent Israeli airstrike on Qana, southern Lebanon, over half of them children. This is nothing new. The Israeli army has been killing children for years and years. They’ve shot children at close range, and bombed houses where they knew there were children, even small babies.

Israel apologizes and appears to be sorry, but they say they will keep doing what they’re doing. Their words are clearly dishonest and their apology not worth shit. Their record exposes them ruthlessly. So, what’s new this time?

Well, one thing is that the world seems totally fed up with them and their actions this time. Usually representatives for the Israeli government are allowed to speak their lies, their veiled propaganda virtually unopposed, but now the outrage is mounting, and journalists are finally conducting aggressive interviews, and those very representatives seem totally baffled that at least the media is finally asking the hard questions, is holding them to account, at least to a point. Is this how it always will be, that the blood of the innocent is the price needed for people to see the truth?

The Israel apologists are still around, though. There’s no lack of them, anywhere, with the most insane attempts at obscuring the issue. In my eyes they are no better than the child murderers and molesters themselves, and should be confronted at every turn. Yes, that includes jews outside Israel, defending the Israeli government and its criminal, horrible actions.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Modern Gladiators

Sports are the current equivalent of the games in old Rome, the bread and circus of our time. While a given population is watching sports they get relief from their pent up aggression and numerous grievances, and turn more pliable, easier to handle for any given dictatorship. While people sit there, in their seat or chair, at the arena or in front of the television set, crying for their team, their guy or gal to win, they get a brief respite from their own sorry lives. By living their lives through others, they are less likely to get a life of their own. When they cry for blood it is as if they, themselves are killing the enemy out there on the field, and they will be less prone to let their dissatisfaction with the government be heard or felt. Sports also serves to confirm people’s perceived sense of nationalism and belonging to the country of their birth. These factors are why sports are so crucial to the management of today’s worldwide tyranny. This is its purpose and sole purpose.

Everything else you hear, about «honorable competition» is just bullshit of the first order. Even the vast amounts of money generated by sports are incidental to the ultimate goal. Government is done with mirrors, with distractions and illusions, and this is one of several great tools to that effect.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Store of the Free and the Just

Walmart is the world’s biggest company in retail sales. I've followed their continued rise for a while, now, and it's not pretty.

Their advertising, propaganda says it’s a highly moral company, one upholding the highest of moral standards.

I will do two approaches to this obviously dubious claim.

It prides itself of its «family friendly» stores. What this basically translates to, is the christian right wing view currently so popular in the United States, also in the highest public office. They refuse to sell anything fitting their perception of «offensive material» (whatever that is), for instance CD’s with parental guidance. They boycotted Sheryl Crow for criticizing them for selling handguns, and stopped that practice just after she got a lot of popular support. They don’t sell Marilyn Manson (of course). Their power reaches greedy record companies and artists, making them release two versions of the same CD or book or release, the Walmart version having a lot of beeps when "profanity" and stuff appears. They ban musicians, authors, comedians and anything and anyone, really, not complying with their standards. The list is long and bad, an eyesore for anyone caring about free speech and expression. They use their market dominance, their «wealth» to ruthlessly promote their political and moral view. In many places they even have monopoly on selling popular art.

My second approach is exposing them for their even more obvious hypocrisy. They refuse to allow workers to organize, denying them health care and generally treating them in ways most people believe are a thing of the past. «Even» human rights are easily bypassed by Walmart’s highly moral business practices. In both production facilities and stores in large parts of the world they impose their will on rich and poor. Again, this isn’t one or two cases, but clearly revealing that they’re serving both God and Mammon, and both in equally horrible ways.

And they got powerful supporters and defenders. When the Norwegian Petroleum Fund pulled the fund's Walmart investments from its portfolio because of the store chain's extremely unethical practices, this created sharp reactions from United States officials, among them the United States ambassador to Norway, Benson K. Whitney, threatening with «consequences».

- Walmart isn’t unethical, he said. – These are very serious allegations against a company creating thousands of jobs all over the world. Investments shouldn’t be governed by politics, but by commercial interests.

The Ethical Council advising the Norwegian government had this recommendation November 15, 2005:

«There is extensive material making it clear that Walmart thoroughly and systematically uses minors as part of their work force, contradicting international rules regulating labor, that many of their production facilities are dangerous to health and lives, that workers are forced to work overtime without compensation, that the company systematically discriminates women concerning pay, that all attempts at organization among the company’s employees are stopped, that there in some cases are used punishment and imprisonment of workers, with a lot of other related cases.»

The council’s remarks concern Walmart’s facilities and stores in United States, Canada, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Malawi, Madagascar, Swaziland, Bangladesh, China and Indonesia.

Walmart isn’t everywhere yet, but they are growing, even from their already dominating position. Attempts at stopping them seem inadequate and meager, at best. And they are just one of many multinational corporations making their presence known across the world.

So, this is the future, then? This is the direction the world and mankind is headed?

It sure seems that way. Money and censorship have always worked hand in hand, and these days they do so more than ever.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A cry for Jean Charles de Menezes

People gathered today outside the tube station where Jean Charles de Menezes was murdered, marking the anniversary for his death at the hands of British police officers. His family gathered in Stockwell for a quiet vigil, and laying of flowers.

There has been no comments from government officials so far. On Monday persecutors stated that no officers would be charged over the shooting.

Jean Charles was just yet another unfortunate man murdered by peace officers.

The list over such «occurences», all over over the civilized world, has long since become endless. This kind of assassin-style publicly approved executions is done mainly against colored people, but they happen to people of all colors. Tyrannies and their eager bullies/servants are colorblind, really.

American Skin (41 shots) by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce wrote this after an unarmed Guinean man, Amadou Diallo, living in New York was filled with lead by the usual trigger-happy gang of police officers (all acquitted in a court of law, of course). Springsteen has taken a lot of heat for the lyrics, and there has even been talk of boycotting his concerts by not standing guard and various other reactions.

41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots....
and we'll take that ride
'cross this bloody river
to the other side
41 shots... cut through the night
You're kneeling over his body in the vestibule
Praying for his life

Is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret
(It ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret
(It ain't no secret)
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in
Your American skin

41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots and
Lena gets her son ready for school
She says "on these streets, Charles
You've got to understand the rules
If an officer stops you
Promise me you'll always be polite,
that you'll never ever run away
Promise Mama you'll keep your hands in sight"

Is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret
It ain't no secret
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in
Your American skin

41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
(music bit)
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
41 shots
Is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it in your heart, is it in your eyes
It ain't no secret
(It ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret
(It ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret
(It ain't no secret)

41 shots
And we'll take that ride
Cross this bloody river
To the other side
41 shots
And my boots caked in this mud
We're baptized in these waters
(baptized in these waters)
And in each other's blood
(And in each others blood)

Is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret
It ain't no secret
(It ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret
(It ain't no secret)
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
Your American Skin

(41 shots)You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)You can get killed just for living in

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Wild Man church

It isn’t a church in any way (but a kind of an ironic approach, of course).

The first of many logos

Wild, savage, fierce, feral, untamed…

It’s «strange» how these words cause such anxiety in today’s world, but they do. They all have dominantly negative connotations in mainstream, oppressive society. We are domesticated. We are tamed. And everything pointing in the opposite direction is bad for us… apparently.

This is not a church of any religion, but rather its antithesis. We reject the building, the shrine, the place of worship and submission and kneeling and conformity and priesthood and hierarchy. We reject the pyramid, reject civilization, and all its works. We embrace the unbridled passion within us all. We have come to a point in the current, life-hostile society that even the slightest show of passion is considered an aggressive act. No more! The great mysteries of mankind are clothed in armor and poison. Magick is dormant and has become a dirty, laughable word, one left for charlatans and spiteful rationalists. No more!

The very planet itself, our home, has become hostile to a point never even imagined in the most horrific nightmare in earlier ages, and we have made it so.

No more!

The Wild Man breaking out of his or her confines is ridiculed, is persecuted, is attacked and put low. Civilization, the worst tyranny of all time, doesn’t do its battle by fighting, but by corrupting, by poisoning, by strangling.

So Wild Man, don’t be corrupted, poisoned or strangled. Pull the rusty knife from your heart. Remove the stranglehold around your neck. That’s all it takes. You’re free, free to run with the wolves, to spread your wings with the eagles, with the Phoenix, the Shadow within us all.

Current society put us in restraints, in chains soft as smoke, invisible smoke so light that you hardly notice it at all. But you are kept from running with the wolves and from spreading your wings, and feel the blood boil in your veins. You become a machine, instead of the Human Being you are born to be.

So a few of us come together in the night, in the shadows, the ultimate rebels, fighting the ultimate battle, against an enemy most people cannot even see, only faintly sense where their heart used to be or could have been.

So this is the Wild Man church, mighty witches, angry beyond angry rebels, filled with joy, passion and night, standing in the Circle of Fire, toasting the bloody demise of mankind's ultimate folly.

There are countless paths to the forest, the wilderness, to the Life we once knew by heart.

Live, and thereby make others live as well.

As one live, so do we all.

You’re free. You can do what you will. Do it.

Do thy true will…

Welcome to the Wild Man church.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


John Lennon’s song Imagine has been removed from an end of the term show at the St. Leonard Primary school in Devon, England. Head teachers and governors decided it was anti-christian.

It pleases me, somewhat, that bad ol’ John remains controversial, twenty-five years after his death.

In my opinion everything and everyone should be anti-christian, really.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Land Given Them by God

First of all. The «jews», as they define themselves, as others also define them, unfortunately so, as an ethnically homogenous group (they’re not and that shouldn’t matter anyway), have reason to be paranoid, reason to be distrustful about the motives of the world.

The question is how long the rest of us should put up with it, should allow our collective, bad conscience let the isreali government get away with anything.

Any horrible act, any atrocity, at least in intention, if not yet in scope, easily comparable to what the nazis (and the world’s silence then) did to «them».

They favor the collective punishment method, like the nazis did. When their enemies send one rocket into Israel, they return a thousand, a reign of bombs and destruction. When one single soldier is killed (god forbid) they kill thousands of men, women and even children on the other «side». When a few soldiers are kidnapped, or rather taken prisoners of war, they start yet another war, yet another campaign of terror on occupied territories and neighboring countries. The Middle East has become their playground, their sandbox, where they can turn over everything repeatedly, where they can do practically anything with impunity, without anyone doing anything about it.

This isn’t a war. This is a one-sided, single-minded massacre of perceived enemies.

«The eggs turn to lice», a united states general has been quoted as saying during the genocide of the american natives, and this is obviously how the israeli government and the forces behind it view Palestinian children. They show that by their action almost daily. Even many conservative politicians, including the former norwegian prime minister Kåre Willoch, have grown to realize and advocate the obvious truth: that israel is the occupying force in Palestine. He visited the refugee camps Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon in the eighties, and saw for himself the results of israeli occupation and general policy.

So Palestine is occupied, as defined by international law, and as such, the Palestinian people have the right and even the duty to defend themselves and do everything in their power to fight the occupier, like any occupied land and people have done throughout recorded history. But it is an uneven struggle. It often is. But in this case the term «David and Goliath» is truer than it ever was. The way things are today any Palestinian resistance can never be any more than a gnat swatted by the israeli giant swatter. Only true international pressure can sway the fourth greatest military power on the planet. Only full and complete adherence to the countless (useless) UN resolutions is acceptable.

Israel must be threatened by both economic sanctions and military blockade. Though it would be more than sufficient if the united states, their major benefactor, would withhold their aid, both economic and political. Then the horrible military machine of the Apartheid state would crumble and fade, as it should. And: Israel is, even more so than other states, an artificial construct, and should never have existed in the first place.

Yet another Palestinian child mauled by israeli soldiers

So, this is anti-semitic, you say? This, telling it as it is, is persecution of the jews?

No, it’s an attack at the israeli government and state, and the forces behind it, which appalling actions have long since ceased having any legitimacy, one they never really had in the first place. And also on a way of thinking that should have been obsolete long ago, before it ever appeared.

It’s certainly anti-zionistic, in the sense that I question, I reject, like any sane person should do, the tenets of Zionism.

I will certainly be attacked for this, by the well-oiled propaganda machine of israel and friends, as everyone pointing out the obvious about these things, is.

«A land given them by God?» Please! Such insane rhetoric should never been allowed at all, and certainly not anymore. Do the «jews» have any legitimate claim on Palestine? Does any «ethnic group», on any land? Did their ancestors live in the land of Palestine thousands of years ago? Perhaps. Perhaps not. So what? European ancestors lived in Africa long ago. Does that give them the right to return there and act as the Master Race?

Come to think of it. Everyone’s ancestors have lived practically everywhere at one point or another…

You get the picture. You should.

I don’t like Hamas, the current Palestinian administration (or what’s left of it these days). In fact I dislike them with a vengeance, since I can’t stand religious zealots. But that (my opinion) is totally incidental in this particular manner, of course. And they come off as the very incarnation of reason compared to their isreali counterparts. When Hamas is evoking their right, under international law, to defend themselves and the people electing them from an occupying force, they are not doing anything extreme, really. It is laughable (chokingly laughable) when the international community condemns them for being aggressive, when they do nothing that not any oppressed population living under a terror regime has done and would have done during similar circumstances.

I used to laugh (a lot) about the claims about «the jews ruling the world» conspiracy theory. I still don’t believe it, but I’m not laughing anymore. For that, the jews (or their elected and military representatives) get away with way too much for comfort. The new israeli prime minister has shown himself to be no better than all his predecessors, Which isn’t strange, of course, since this isn’t a matter about persons, but about inclination, about preference, about Power, about yet more insanity incarnated.

Israel is the sole aggressor these days. They weren’t always, but are now. And they should be stopped. It has gone too far and gone on way too long. It should have ended yesterday.

There is a small (tiny), dwindling peace movement in israel, but they are as useless as all the nice words spoken by various international, seemingly well-meaning «mediators».

Eighty-six percent of the israelis, according to a survey in the newspaper Yediot Aharonot, support the new invasion of Lebanon. The german nazis never had that kind of popular support.

The two pictures of victims are from this page, where you'll also find a lot of alternative information compared to the onesided coverage most people today get.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Tailspin, Suicide Run

In short: civilization is destroying everything making life worth living. This one fact is or should be sufficient to reject the technocratic Kingdom and all its works. The rest is just redundant details, really.

Civilization is making us sick.

Civilization is killing us.

First it takes the spirit, the most valuable in a human being. It’s sucking our vitality out of us, leaving nothing but a dry, withered husk. Then, with its easy final touch, it takes the last breath, from walking dead people that can hardly be said to be living at all. It takes piece by piece of what makes us Human, until there is nothing left but a shell, a machine-like, codependent creature, a mindless tape recorder unable to do anything but dully repeat the words and action of others.

That there are still human beings that have survived with their intellect and passion and Self somewhat intact, is truly a testament to the human spirit, the unending fire within us all.

I’m a fairly healthy person. In fact it can be said that most of the trouble I’ve ever had in the health department stems from my unfortunately extensive contact with civilization. I can walk and run through the wilderness for hours, days, months and years without injury, but after a few days walking in cities, on its unnatural ground, I tend to develop problems, also, occasionally, the severe kind. Human feet are not made to walk and move on this harsh ground. Mine certainly aren’t.

I have a slight touch of Asthma. Something the medical doctors have informed me would have never bothered me at all, if not for the pollution. Others are far worse off.

I’ve been struggling a bit on yet another front because my father was exposed to chemicals, among them formaldehyde, before my conception. Yet another minor detail making up the picture of civilization.

There are literally thousands of others. In a thousand small and vast ways we are infected and twisted and remade. Civilization is a thoroughly alien environment to us, anathema to all life, from the air we breathe, to the very food we eat, and the places we live. There are those claiming this is the best kind of life for mankind. Others say it can be, if we improve it a bit, brushing a bit here and there, getting rid of a few of the thousands of horrors we experience today. They’re all wrong, of course. They have to be, by looking around them, and not smell the coffee. At least their ambitions, on behalf of humanity, isn’t very high. At best, they’re deluded, and even clueless. At worst they thrive on all the poison, injustice and inhumanity we suffer.

Life will never be «fair», never be any kind of paradise. But civilization, since its less arrogant beginnings, encourages all our bad sides, alienates us from our true home and from our very Self.

Civilization is a machine, and the Machine is the true Enemy.

On all levels of modern existence we are confronted with this horrible faceless entity of our own making.

NOTE: All civilization links lead to different pages. Enjoy.