Friday, December 23, 2005

The Home in the Trenches

From BBC News Text-TV 2005-12-22:


A pensioner has refused to sell her 125-year-old family cottage to make way for a multi-million pound development in Bristol. The £77m project of 459 residential flats is now being built around Jean Taylor’s Bedminster home. Mrs. Taylor has resisted all offers from the developers to sell the house where she was born 83 years ago. She said: «I’m determined to stay. I might only live a few more years. Why should I pull everything out, now?»

This touches upon many things of what’s wrong, horribly wrong with today’s world.

This is big capital against the little woman.

This is big capital against the world.

This is civilization itself against humanity.

This is all the aye-sayers against (un)common sense.

This is the world of today.

What we see here is the bulldozer, the all-purpose tool of civilization at work.

It’s not just that small thing of metal, driven by small men. It’s far more than that. What we see here is a spiritual or anti-spiritual force (if you will) at work, a Machine destroying human spirit wholesale. The bulldozer is one and many, representing civilization itself.

This is a typical case, make no mistake about that. Usually the protester in question is squashed, though, railroaded, without much change of success. But I guess it would have been very bad publicity to go through with this. That hasn’t stopped «developers» before, though.

It's certainly not very pleasant for her with all the ongoing construction work in her neighborhood. The terrorizing continues.

In this case, this visible proof of the undying human spirit will last until she dies, and then, in a puff of smoke, it will be gone.

I found nothing about this on the Internet at the moment of publishing, not even on the BBC News website. How strange is that?

The links to the case-in-point articles were added today 2005-12-23

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