Sunday, December 11, 2005

Feverish Earth - The North Atlantic Hurricane Season 2005


Or if we count Epsilon (named in December), 26. That’s the number of named North Atlantic storms this season. It’s the highest number on record. No previous year even come close. Wilma became the strongest Atlantic Basin hurricane on record, with a pressure of 882 mb. There were three category five hurricanes. Records have fallen like dominoes this year. The season began early and «ended» late. They actually had to use the Greek alphabet to name the last four hurricanes, for the very first time. New ground has been forged in terms of hurricane behavior and nothing is as it was.

Katrina flooded New Orleans, causing strife and upheaval and death tolls and conditions virtually unheard of in modern times, and made its inhabitants flee to Texas. Rita followed them there, like a conscious entity, still haunting New Orleans.

So what does it all mean? What lesson should humanity learn from the «Acts of Retribution» nature has thrown at us in the year of our lord 2005…?

It’s easy, really: What we should have learned long ago, what we always have known: We and nature are one. No life form can even attempt to put itself outside nature and expect it to work. Not even in the most basic understanding of the word.

And it doesn’t. We’ve witnessed, the last twenty years or so, the result of tampering with forces far outside our current limited understanding. And our lack of such understanding isn’t lack of technical information. There is an abundance of that. No, it concerns our lack of knowledge of the most basic principles of the Universe, a crucial wisdom even a two-year-old child in a primitive tribe knows by heart.

This isn’t about release of Carbon Dioxide or Methane or pollution in general, about merely cleaning up our act, about ratifying or not that stupid «Kyoto-Protocol» or anything similar, or anything progressing along similar lines. All such things and pretence of solutions are merely the symptoms of the disease, a few of the countless caused by the current dominant system of civilization. This is more of a spiritual matter, really. We exist in a world, a world encompassing society never addressing the root of any problem. It’s a superficial, stale place never going deep in any way that matters, a place where cleverly placed mirrors of both religion and science are used to obscure the truth.

And that makes sense, in a twisted, backward kind of way, because the dominant forces of civilization, the most eager of its servants, hiding behind their heavy curtains and cloaked places of power, don’t want the truth to be known.

The disease is civilization itself.

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