Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas is Finally Over

This tradition started as a part of my mailing list, a long and proud and controversial one.

There are quite a few new members on that list this year that have never had the pleasure of receiving this special christmas treatment.

It's the first of three...

Christmas is over
Now we can laugh again
Christmas is over
Now we can live again
We that try to celebrate every day
the rest of the year
All this for a birth of one man
that probably never has been born
a son of a god that doesn't exist
Oh, how he would have laughed
at worshippers of this sadistic god
A god cruel among cruel gods
Who's really the fool, cries the jester
Who's putting their faith in an insane mirage
All this for the life of greedy men
that probably laugh their false hearts out
They cheat people the whole year around
How demented they must laugh
at worshippers of the mammon god
A god cruel among cruel gods
Who's really the fool, cries the jester
Who's putting their faith in an insane venture
Yes, call it opium for the masses
But for you that don't appreciate irony
I'll call it bullshit, call a spade a spade
Christmas is over, thank God
Or... I should perhaps thank the devil
God probably wants it to last the whole year
Loving his subjects deaf, mute and blind
Christmas is finally over
My friend, you smiled with all the gifts
under the tree, inside your warm house
Why don't you anymore, my friend?
Is there now a season for smiling, too
Or do you dislike my smile
Who's really the fool, cries the jester
Who's putting all their faith in this world's glitter
Civilization is over
No more belief in saviors outside ourselves
No more denial of our inner, unique self
Both our strength and weakness are our own
No power from the devil, no submission before any god
One more mile beyond the next mountain
We're sitting next to the fire
Each new day is a celebration
Now we can laugh again...
Now we can live again...
Amos Keppler
24 - 25/12 - 1993

I wrote this in exactly the same mood I'm in right now, in a fit of inspiration and perfect christmas spirit. It's refreshing to know that even the most stupid and depressing of moments can be used to something useful and totally inspiring.
As long as there is life there is hope, I always say (without saying it out loud most of the time, that is).


Sara said...

I'd say you're right -- perfect christmas spirit.

Unknown said...

Hey Amos-

Merry Christmas, ha,ha! Great stuff these poems & truth..yet one cannot help but celebrate..the Solstice, return of the sun..& join in the merriment, however misdirected!

Happy New Gregorian Year!

Amos Keppler said...

We celebrated the Solstice, of course, since the context is completely different. It was indeed a wild one, a true celebration of Life.

The 24 & 31. no way!


Great post