Monday, November 14, 2005

The Cars That Burned Paris

When I listen to and watch the reports from French cities the last few weeks, I wonder why this isn’t happening more often, happening everywhere. It’s great to watch a rebellion in progress, to see the downtrodden actually fight back against the pervasive injustice of the world for once.

People are herded, of course, and it takes a lot to overcome that in a given population, takes a lot for a group of people to reach the breaking point, to overcome the brainwashing we are submitted to from the cradle. Individuals may want to rebel, but it takes special circumstances for it to happen the way it happens in France these days.

It’s a great thing to watch and even greater to experience. People that have been told they’re worthless their entire life, are showing themselves and others that they aren’t. They are empowering themselves, showing the world that they won’t take it anymore.

It’s about time, and it should have happened everywhere.

The supporters of tyranny and the whiners pretending to belong to its opposition speak about policemen being killed. So what? They’ve had it coming for so long, now. It’s poetic justice. Tiny bits of what they, the eager servants, the bullies of Tyranny have visited upon people for eons, are now revisited on them.

Cars are set on fire and blown up. Policemen and troops are being fired at and shot. Stores are robbed and buildings demolished. And it’s all good.

And there are signs that it’s spreading. Sympathetic actions are taken in Greece. Perhaps this won’t be yet another rebellion that will quickly fizzle and die. Perhaps, at least, even though it will fizzle and die, it will be the vanguard of something even more explosive that will come someday, to vanquish the tyranny the tyrants and both their eager and reluctant supporters call democracy.

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