Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reality - head on

I finally rewatched the movie Amityville Horror (1979) with the additional History Channel package and the Hans Holzer commentaries during the weekend. Very interesting. There are so many viewpoints represented in this case that it can make your head spin.

But I knew that.

That in itself makes it even more interesting. The material is so rich, in content and even form that a Storyteller can't help becoming mesmerized by it.

Holzer constantly attacked religion during his commentaries. He did so to a point that it is amazing that they let him. He rejected totally Satan and God and Heaven and Hell as existent and as a cause for the Amityville Horror (like I do). I don't agree with him in everything, but he had some pretty interesting ideas about existence in general, among other things "the soul as an independent entity" and "the other place/world". He sees that as a mirror of this world or vice versa. Which it is. He generalized it, uniformed it too much, though. Someone is making the decisions there, too, according to him, which is bullshit. You have to join a queue to be reborn, "put your name on a list" and so on. To him it is a "place" of "Order" and hierarchy, while it's clearly one of rampant energies and "Chaos".

But seeing this be presented publicly, in a "prime time dvd" is still great.

He is a paranormal investigator. He has seeen glimpses of the world through his work, even though his application of it is "flawed". But then again, we will all never see more than glimpses of reality, of the "truth".

But great stuff.

The film is as I remember it, a slow build up to the cataclysmic ending.

And too much influenced by The Excorist and its heavy emphasis on religion.

They do present it as truth, though. There is no doubt in their mind, as seen through the film, that this truly happened.

And that is what still makes it so good, so controversial.

I could write on and on about this (and I do).

It doesn't frighten me anymore, because Reality doesn't frighten me anymore, and this is reality, head on.

Reality drove George and Kathleen Lutz half around the world, until they learned to deal with it, somewhat.

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