Sunday, October 09, 2005

Feverish Earth - Stan the Man and other stories

Tropical storm and Hurricane Stan has killed at least 1900 (and gaining) people in Guatemala alone, hundreds more in Central America and Mexico, and has ravaged the coastline of the entire Gulf of Mexico to the United States border. An entire wall of a volcano crumbled and fell. Torrential rain has caused landslides and floods over a vast area. I have updated the number of fatalities four (six) times since I began writing this little piece, and there seem to be no end to the death.

Tammy, the nineteenth tropical storm of the season scoured Florida on its way north to the Carolina states, bringing more heavy rainfalls and floods.

During September countless storms ravaged the world. Rita brought wind and rain and floods to Texas, making those fleeing from Katrina flee once more. The New Orleans’ levees broke yet again. The Philippines, India, China and Japan were all hit by storms, killing thousands of people and destroying homes and buildings across a vast area.

In Portugal, the fires keep returning and keep occupying thousands of firefighters.

In Norway today, close to 80 degrees North was measured a temperature of 24.5 Celsius.

In October.

The nights are hot and dry.

It is clear skies at night. Clear skies at night used to mean cold and frosty nights. It doesn’t anymore.

And this isn’t just happening one place, but everywhere.

October used to mean snow and frost. Hell, December used to mean cold and biting frost. It doesn’t anymore. This year, like all years the last ten years lilies will bloom. They used to wait until it was almost spring.

They don’t anymore.

Feverish Earth is blooming, and humanity with it.

Mike Davis says that the Age of Chaos has begun and I believe him to be right.

I’ll add this:

The age of humanity has begun. We’re on our way Home.

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