Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another Life

They tell us from when we are very young that this is the only possible society, that the nation we’re born into is always right, at last on all important issues.

Disturbed and beyond uneasy we look at the world, and most of us join society, give in, without that much of a fight. A few years of rebellion, just a few bursts of fire, and we’re done. In a system discouraging independent thought and variety, most of us fall asleep, never to awaken again.

But a few of us keep wondering. We keep asking ourselves: Is there Life out here, beyond the mundane horror of modern existence? And after many years of searching we find what we’re looking for. We find what have eluded us, and we leave behind a place that was never our home. We may touch the society we abhor once in a while, but we Live on its edges and beyond its corners.

Yes, there is another life out there, and it’s not hard to find at all. It may take time, but it’s not hard. The search is its own reward. By searching you remove yourself from the tyranny of both mind and body the tyranny has imposed on us from birth, and gain at least a modicum of independence. And the best part of it is that that independence grows the longer you stay out there… on the Freedom Road.

The tyrants, the eager servants of the tyranny dominating today’s world, don’t want you to hear about that other life, that other world. They want you to stay in your (their) sandbox, and remain a mule your entire life. Their methods are so sneaky, so insidious that you may never even discover that you are a mule. But take that one or two or three crucial steps away from them and the collar they’ve placed around your neck dissolves, the shackle they hold you by breaks.

The world is so much more than we are told. Disregard the lies, and embrace the truth, the world, and you see it as it is… Infinite.

And Infinity can’t be collared, can’t be labeled and can’t be kept.

Aleister Crowley said that every man and woman is a star. And stars burn through any confinement.

You await you… out there… in Another Life.

And Life can’t be contained, can’t be groomed, can’t be shepherded.

And you are Life, unbridled and rampant and savage, anathema to the lifelessness that is today’s society, that is civilization itself.

Remember that, both in your darkest and brightest hour, and you will never kneel before any master, anyone or anything attempting to dominate and enslave you.

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