Sunday, August 21, 2005

The usual lies and deceit

The London police told the public and Jean Charles de Menezes’ family that he was a terrorist.

They lied.

They said he was fleeing from the police and dodging the Underground fare (yes, that too, terrible isn’t it…)

They lied.

They claimed he was wearing a wide and thick jacket, well suited for hiding explosives, «well known» as the typical suicide bomber haute couture.

They lied through their teeth.

First they claimed he was a terrorist. Then they said he looked like one and acted like one, in an attempt to justify their regime of tyranny and intimidation and fear.

And as usual very few people are asking the right questions after such a horrible event. It seems to be perfectly all right (as usual) for the police to kill a human being. It was a mistake, people say. Very few are questioning the uniformed thugs’ right, a right given them by the tyrants and a clueless population, to do such a thing.

No one is arrested. The person that leaked the truth to the press has been suspended. He has not been praised. He has not been given a medal, to honor his brave acts. No, he has been punished for his transgression against the system and its eager servants, those getting away with murder time and time again.

A whistle blower is not popular in certain circuits, that’s for sure.

And once again, very few are asking the right questions:

Why did Jean Charles de Menezes have to die?

Was he a patsy? If so, was he a randomly chosen victim or is something even more sinister being hidden from public view? If so it will certainly not be the first time.

Tapes from four CCTV cameras have disappeared into thin air, and no one seems to know where they have disappeared to...

Most patsies know too much. History has taught us that.

Why isn’t there a public outcry against the murder?

Something went seriously wrong this time, also seen from the tyrants’ point of view. They failed on several counts this time around. They couldn’t make even the dumbest citizen believe Jean Charles de Menezes was a terrorist. They couldn’t even make the cover up stick, at least not the most obvious.

And still most people stay loyal to, stay supportive of the oppressive regime dominating today’s human society. There is opposition to the tyrants’ desire to tighten the noose, to develop the tyranny further, but it is so weak, so very weak. They rule all important parts of society, from top to bottom in the rotten hierarchy, controlling the vertical, the horizontal and its adjacent three-dimensional space, the x, y and z of modern life.

They lie completely openly, without consequences, and their vile acts, murders and torture on assembly lines and worse, go practically unopposed.

The murder of Jean Charles de Menezes is not the exception, but the norm.

This is the world «we the people» get by accepting tyranny, accepting murder and the countless inhuman acts in the name of democracy and freedom and safety. The tyrants do all these things in our name and we do nothing. We, by proxy, killed Jean Charles de Menezes and countless, countless others.


How do we get rid of the tyrants, of the tyranny?

That one is easy. By removing their/its power base. It is really that easy.

But there is a problem, one major, seemingly insurmountable problem.

We the people are their, its power base.

And we do nothing.

«People shouldn't be afraid of their governments.
The government should be afraid of their people».

V for Vendetta

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