Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Mother of All Wars

United Kingdom’s Prime Mini$ter Tony Blair knows his bible, knows his «1984». He sits there with it in his lap, and he gains daily inspiration from it. One of the most important points the novel describes is that the most effective way to control a population «is to keep the world in a permanent state of war». It has become gospel these days.

United Kingdom has taken the lead in the fight against free expression and independence. The video surveillance of our streets began, began in earnest there. ASBO, «the law against anti-social behavior», has been working for a while there, with the introduction of curfews and similar in «places of unrest». Many claim that the United States is the point, is best in class, when it comes to destruction of our very last human rights, but perhaps United Kingdom is more deserving of that honor. No matter, it’s no coincidence that the tiny island nation is the United States’ foremost partner in this endeavor.

It’s not very productive to focus on one person or a set of persons, random janitors in the halls of power or a few nations for the increase in tyranny we see today. Change a person or a group of persons, elect or appoint another person or group of persons to the various positions within the system, and nothing changes. The system itself prevails.

That being said, Tony Blair, «Teflon Tony» and his servants have served the system in an excellent manner, in a manner «far beyond the call of duty». The system, the tyranny that began long before 11/9, long before 7/7 (or 21/7), long before even the video surveillance or databases. But it was intensified then. The Arabs have an expression: «The Mother of All Wars», about the final war, «the war to end all wars», an expression also favored among the western allies.

Keep people in the mud. Keep them in a permanent state of paralysis and fear, and they stop dreaming, stop caring, and all they hear is Big Brother or Big Sister’s voice, and they become easy to lead, easy to rule. Here and there, there and here, until they don’t know south from north, or in from out, and they don’t listen to any others, any alternative explanations to what’s happening. And thus is today.

No, the final war, if there is such a beast, isn’t soldiers fighting, machines of flesh and blood bombing small children and pregnant women and helpless people on markets with planes and large guns. It isn’t fought with physical weapons. It does so happen that blood flows and bones break, but that isn’t the main purpose. It has never been. It’s about our humanity, about our ability to think and act independently, to hold on to the fire inside, the fire that keeps us from kneeling for Tyranny, for its servants, puppets on strings such as Blair and Bush and all the rest. The fire inside keeps us from joining the army of eager servants, docile slaves, keeps us from becoming like them, becoming them.

And this is what the Tyranny more than anything wants to take away from us.

The Mother of All Wars is fought in our hearts and minds.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what will actually make people wake up, make them start smashing videocameras and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Don`t they know it`s a puppet show? Do they have to see the strings?

Amos Keppler said...

They know all right, but most don't want to admit it, and certainly not act on it.

Anonymous said...

-smiles warmly at Amos-
Long time no typing, but I haven't forgotten you, rather the opposite, but was caught up in something.
I still believe humans crave for leadership, and unfortunately those that strive to lead are most of the time driven by their own personal ambition, rarely is there one who really wishes to work for the ALL, and if there is one, he/she has to go up against a long established system and its minions who will do their outmost best to either corrupt or destroy what they see as a threat to their own interests. The majority couldn't care less, as long as they feel safe under a 'strong' leadership that seems to provide them with daily food and entertainment. The Romans called this bread and games and nothing ever changes much.
Seems to lie in the nature of humans, or else they had never arrived at this point in the first place, had they..?
-shakes head, sad as always, feeling increasingly helpless and trapped-

Amos Keppler said...

I don't agree with you, Anjana. I think most people today think that way, but that's because they've been brainwashed from birth to nurture the submissive part of their nature.

The fact that the tyranny still needs bread and circus to keep people in line is certainly one reason, sort of, for optimism.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember us not agreeing on this -nods-
I wish I'd share your optimism, but my conclusions are simply different -sighs-

Amos Keppler said...

No matter, it's great to have you back.

Anonymous said...

I will write you an email soon, but my parents are visiting at present, which is great, but limits time.
Talked to a very interesting guy who opted out 30 years ago and has since traveled with horse and card, living of the land (which surprised me that one could still live of a land like England.. my naivety, eh? -blushes-)
It's always a pleasure to read your views and info. We might not agree on all, but we agree on a lot ^__^