Saturday, August 27, 2005

Magick in the attic

We sit there, around the table, our faces lit by candles, by the flickering fire. It’s twilight, and Night and the Wild are coming to us. The Twilight Storm awakens in our hearts, inside us, as it awakens outside. We dance, as we sit there, mumbling and chanting our half edible words, as half forgotten syllables and understanding float into the air, float like we do, into the charcoal night.

It’s Witchnight tonight, the ancient night we know intimately at the tip of our tongue. At this night we break through the boundaries of our mind, we smash the velvet walls to that fluttering true Other World of our Dreams. Fire burns our wings and makes them true. Fire turns to ashes, turns to shadows, to the strongest of feathers. Yes, we know this night intimately. We have celebrated it for millennia, celebrated this night of gossamer and truth.

I cast this spell, we choir, to forever banish our limitations, our fear of succeeding. We hold hands. We form a circle around the soundlessly shaking table, the flickering lights, the shadows that has become our faces. I am The Storm, we choir. I am the coming twilight, the Earth and sky, day and Night. The Witch brings out what is inside and we are witches. We are the whisper echoing in eternity. This is the world. Feel it! Sense what is misplaced and bring it forth once more. Pull it from the deepest recesses of the furnace that is the Human Being, and burn like the Night.

The windows are open. We see them and sense and feel the wind. It’s there, right at our fingertips, ever untouchable, ephemeral and tangible simultaneously. The gates open up to the Other World. There are flashes, of memory, of the world, and other memories as well. We can’t stop them from coming, and we don’t want to. A burning circle formed once in the distant past, the distant future, the distant now, and it never stops burning. As our bodies catch fire, as shadows and dark fire surround our form, we know. In fleeting moments, lasting forever, we know the truth.

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