Thursday, August 25, 2005

Feverish Earth - More additions

Katrina - the eleventh Atlantic storm this season - is ravaging Florida and the Caribbean.

Fires and drought continue to ravage Portugal, Spain and France. Firefighters from large parts of the EU are attempting to help out, in vain.

Floods are drowning Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Rumania in another «the worse in living memory» rainfall. Here it is the water that is killing and maiming people, like the fire does in the southern parts of Europe.

The New Zealand snow is vanishing in early spring. Alpinists from United States and Europe, going down there to find snow… don’t find any. Winter sports are becoming an increasingly threatened activity.

In Japan, threatened by yet another Typhoon, one disrupting the preparations to the World Rowing Championships, summer sports are revealed to be an endangered species as well.

Yes, the fever leaves no area or activity alone.

It leaves no one alone.

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velvetbabe said...

you are correct!

you really know what you are talking about & this is it--
the ice is melting & the whole thing is shifting.

I'm a writer too--just different stuff


keep up the good work!
bookmarking you & will link you too!