Monday, July 04, 2005


I just want to express my joy over all the swearing by artists participating in the Live8 concerts. It truly warms my heart when Madonna and the others go at it.

I know, swearing is really just yet another christian thing, comprised of a number of words and expressions considered taboo and offensive by people with a narrow view on morality and life in general.

But it’s still fun to see those pious, sanctimonious idiots being offended.

I mean… is fucking offensive?

Is shit offensive?

You get my drift.

BBC got thousands of complains and like the cowards they are, BBC apologized.

Except for these funny bone incidents nothing much of interest happened.

The event itself wasn’t much of an event, except for being yet another failed attempt at solving and even addressing the world’s ills.

As should have been obvious from the start from those participating.

This is charity, no matter what the coordinators behind the projects claim, and charity has never solved anything. It has, on the contrary always made things worse. Misdirection and diversion tend to do that.

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