Sunday, July 24, 2005

Secret services strike again

Stockwell shooting was mistake, says Met

By Philippe Naughton, Times Online

The man shot dead by police at Stockwell Underground station yesterday morning had nothing to do with Thursday's abortive London bomb attacks, Scotland Yard said tonight.

According to witnesses, the man was shot five times at close range after being chased onto a Northern Line train at the South London station at around 10am. Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said later that the man was directly connected to the bungled bombings of three Tube trains and a London bus the day before.

The Met said in a statement this afternoon:

"We believe we now know the identity of the man shot at Stockwell Underground station by police on Friday 22nd July 2005, although he is still subject to formal identification. We are now satisfied that he was not connected with the incidents of Thursday 21st July 2005. For somebody to lose their life in such circumstances is a tragedy and one that the Metropolitan Police Service regrets".(...)

Amos Keppler's comments:

Jean Charles de Menezes is dead, executed by the British Secret Service.

Most people see this as a "tragic mistake", brought on by "unfortunate circumstances". I (and many others fortunately) see it as a direct result of a deliberate government policy, not just in England, but everywhere. Countless unarmed people have been killed by the police through the years. This is "merely" one more.

Added to this is the extra, deliberate paranoia brought on by the post 11/9 world, the world the masters very much desire and have worked so hard for.

"One down, three to go", The Sun wrote. I wonder what they will write now, if they will come up with anything even resembling a retraction, an apology, an attempt to find the Truth.

The important thing right now, as ever, is to say NO to the lies the government tells us.

They tell us that islamic terrorists are behind the bombings the last five years. They lie! The various governments or rather the forces behind the throne executed the bombings in an ongoing attempt to impose tyranny on a mostly clueless population.

This is one more lie, one more charade... among thousands, all incorporated into the BIG LIE that is the modern society.

And even now, with the result of the paranoia they've created seeing the light of day, unavoidable, they're allowed to continue their charade, allowed to keep building their modern tyranny.

We see now, once again, what secret services are created for, to terrorize a nation's own population.

That's their sole purpose.

The tyrants have been exposed... again, but they remain at large, remain free to keep their tyranny going, and nothing significantly is DONE to put a STOP to it!

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