Friday, July 08, 2005


Bob Geldof - Sir Bob - firmly sided with the establishment Wednesday, attacking the active protesters at Gleneagles. He spoke about «human decency» and how little the protesters, being beaten up by the brutal police force, adhere to his measure, his idea of what «human decency» is.

Police brutality at the G8-summit
in Gleneagles, Scotland

I think he should think more - a lot more - about whom he is aligning himself with.

What forces are you supporting, Bob, now, when you firmly and clearly are joining the side of the tyrants? What human decency are you speaking about? The policemen beating the shit out of brave protesters, the true protesters not obeying the tyrants’ orders like the other good dogs? The men and women bombing entire countries, until nothing but ruins are left? The forces destroying the world and all life on it?

Some people like what you’ve done with Live8. I certainly don’t. I think you’ve just turned into a scared old man not daring to take a true stand against tyranny. Humanity is committing slow suicide, and you’re sitting on your high horse and condemning the few that are actually taking a true stand against the masters of the world. You’re a true liberal, man, one sitting in your ivory tower, while the world is being destroyed around you.

And the eight men at Gleneagles and their lapdogs, even though they are only janitors, only representatives of the true masters of the world, the forces behind the throne, are men who have long since forgotten, like you have, Bob, what true decency is. They don’t mind when people smile, when they sing and dance and march peacefully miles from where they, the Eight sit. They love it when professed rebels play their game, and idiots like you call them decent, and claim you can appeal to their humanity.

I can’t decide whether or not you’re insane or just another lapdog. Probably a bit of both.

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