Saturday, July 30, 2005

Alternative news - feverish Earth

While bombs and bombshells dominate the news far more dramatic things are happening behind the curtain of media misdirection, media lies. In our series of alternative news we have now come to Global Warming and what it leads to.

The Hurricane Franklin recently formed north of Jamaica, the sixth Atlantic storm in three weeks. The previous, Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Dennis and Emily have all caused more or less enormous destruction in the Mexican Gulf, and at the east coast of Mexico and the United States. The National Hurricane Center in Miami uses most of the alphabet (twenty-one names) each year designating hurricanes (the hurricane season starts during the summer and ends in December). If this keeps up they’ll have to reboot with «A» for the first time in recorded history.

On Greenland the glacier Kangerdlugssuaq is shrinking by 14 kilometers a year, a completely unprecedented event. The entire Greenland icecap is melting. And that little shakeup alone will make the world’s oceans rise with eight meters. The melting in Antarctica will cause an even bigger rise. A moderate estimate says seventy meters. Another three hundred. If there are cartographers left in thirty years, they’ll have quite a job redrawing the world’s coastlines.

This summer there have been heatwaves, drought and floods of another world in the United States, Europe (Italy, Rumania), and Australia. In China, as is usually the case, it’s everything simultaneously. In India people are being killed off like flies during the worst Monsoon rain in memory. We’re growing used to stuff like this, now. It led to major news coverage fifteen years ago, but not anymore. It has gone too far, become too dangerous to report in an extensive and necessary manner.

The human created Global Warming started quite a while ago. Now it’s taking off in earnest. The deserts cover ever more of the globe. Sahara has already reached Southern Europe. The storms are increasing in number and strength. As early as in 1995 United Nations stated that the number of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and such increased with six percent a year, warning that it was a progressively increasing every year, something later shown to be very true.

Life on Earth, also harmed through other human activities like extensive poisoning of all creatures and the environment, by general destruction of and screwing with nature, is brought further towards the breaking point.

Another result of a warmer Earth, of more Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, is that plants grow faster and bigger. This the industry has used in its propaganda to not have to implement dramatic and needed changes. Robert Balling, a man bought and paid for by the industry has, among others led on in this euphoric optimism. But it’s all (as usual) shown to be a mixed blessing. It’s true that the plants grow faster and bigger, and that there will be more of them, at least in what will remain of green areas. But the amount of nutrients in these plants will fall to such a level that humans and animals surviving on the plants quite simply eventually will starve to death, the so called «hidden hunger», an effect also created by modern food production. In short we’re eating ourselves to death. Not just because of all the poison contained in modern food, but also because it’s extremely low on nutrients compared to natural food, what hunters and gatherers digested in pre-civilized societies.

So, what’s done to halt this development, all this threatening all life on the globe? Nothing or as good as nothing.

As usual.

Greenhouse gases are being poured into the atmosphere. The industry and its paid servants in politics keep anything resembling the necessary drastic measures from being implemented.

The Kyoto Accord isn’t even approaching sufficient. It doesn’t even decrease the increase, and wouldn’t have done so even if all nations had ratified it. Those believing it’s more than a fart, a piss in the ocean should reconsider as quickly as possible.

To really make a dent the amount of CO2 must return to pre-industrial level, as a necessary first step. And even if that, against all odds (dream on) should be implemented we will still, because of the inherent delay in the system have to wait hundred-and-fifty years before it starts to fall significantly.

The Earth has fever and we’re all sensing its cramps, whether we’re admitting it or not.

Real estate prices on the world’s mountains and mountain plains will surely skyrocket in the coming years.

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