Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Fire of Creation

My body turns numb, but my mind is soaring along ancient treks…

I completed my novel «Birds Flying in the Dark» this weekend. I’ve completed ten novels in my life and this was an expansion and rewriting of a version I wrote twenty years ago. I’ve learned writing by writing, and this is clearly a much better version.

A lot has changed during those twenty years. Twenty years ago I just wrote about witches. I wasn’t one, at least not in actual fact, only in potential. This was before a lot of Growth and Change, before I participated in my first Witchnight, before I learned the true value of Freedom, before I had really begun my life as a Traveler, before many things. I hadn’t learned, realized who and what I truly was then. Now, I have. It’s still the same story, but the most recent version is filled with detail, with knowledge that just wasn’t present in the first. This is the third book in the ten-book-series of the Janus Clan, ten stories about «the wild beast in the modern world».

I published the companion book to the series, ShadowWalk, «the eleventh Janus Clan story» in 2003. The other ten will be published from 2006 to 2010.

Finishing a story is very much like giving birth, and is always a cause for celebration. So I went out celebrating with a few friends yesterday, like I will keep doing during this week and the next, culminating in the Midsummernight (Litha) celebration the 21st. And more inspiration, twice the number, so to speak comes to me, as my body turns numb, as my mind does soar along infinite heights. Alcohol, and a number of other legal and illegal substances, has always been used by artists and creative people to enhance what’s already there, to open the door to our depths, open it wide.

And it does, now, and I see more of what’s hidden, more of the tapestry revealing itself, both that of my own story and that of the Universe.

We sit here, in a somewhat inspiring establishment or in a circle around a campfire, deep into the forest, and we enlighten ourselves. We bring out what is hidden, bring to the outside what is inside. I see the Janus Clan, I watch the Shadowwalkers roam the Earth and the Universe and the infinite planes of existence.

The story began as only a glimmer in the mind of a twelve-year-old boy. Now, it’s becoming fully fledged in the mind of a full-fledged Storyteller.

There is reason to celebrate. There often is, but now there is an even better reason than usual.

I Live, and I experience the Fire of Creation within myself.

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Bravo and congrats! ~Tarna