Monday, June 06, 2005

Fear is the key

Fear does something to us. It is polished stone in our mind, ice in our gut.

Fear is apprehension, making us afraid to take one step forward, encouraging us to take ten leaps behind.

Make it so people don’t know fear, and they will always fear it.

Fear fears itself. And all is well with the world.

Fear makes the wheel go round. Fear makes the wheels move, makes all the little wheels move.

Fear makes us forget what we know.

Fear is the little voice inside, telling us to stay quiet, to keep grassing the pretty field.

The pretty field filled with nice sheep.

Fear is the milk and blood.

The oil smoothing us, turning us pliable.

The voice outside, telling us that a horrible life is a good thing.

Fear is the key.

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Tarna said...

Fear is the trigger....~Tarna